[EP REVIEW]: J Roy Champion – Hawaiian $hirt$ & Work

[BOSTON] Making his third appearance on NikkiSiixx.com, after his releases like his singles “Hawaiian $hirt$” & “Ashes”. This time we take a look at J Roy Champion’s Hawaiian $hirt$ & Work Mixtape. But here’s a little bit more on the Boston Artist. Growing up with family who embraced music from Blues, Reggae, Classic R&B, and even Hip-Hop. (Thanks to his Father, who was a DJ for years prior to his birth, and there after). This gave J Roy Champion an advantage of learning about music at an early age. Don’t think J Roy Champion is a new comer when already having released eight solo mixtapes to date, his focus now is on his own brand, starting fresh, and redefining himself as a fan of Hip-Hop Culture and being a creator of Hip-Hop music.

Now we have he’s latest mixtape Hawaiian $hirt$ & Work, the six track project definitely provides insightful lyrics over promising production. I’ll be reviewing my favorite tracks off the project. And they are Nazareth, Witne$$, Hawaiian Shirt$, A$hes, and Never.

[01] NAZARETH From the production to an actual visual to J Roy Champion single, I really find this track to be very powerful. “I’m God Like On My Fight To Nazareth” its like nothing can stop him on his journey to making it to the top.

[03] WITNE$$ Keeping his family close, working hard like a hustler but keeping his mind clean with the Lord on his side. Knowing who’s on his side there no doubts on J Roy Champion side. Also, the hook is extremely catchy! How can you not like this track?

template-2panel revised [Converted][04] HAWAIIAN SHIRT$ – By 2:29 there’s a switch up and I really like the approach to that snippet. It literally felt like I was jamming to another track. HAWAIIAN SHIRTS was produced by Hona Castello and co-produced by Savilion.

[05] A$HES – A$HES, features six of Boston’s Finest Emcees: J Roy Champion, Intl Show, Ken Casanova, Exec The Bright, DaGirl IzReal, and Kenny Klutch. A$HES presents us with a classic 90’s hip-hop beat which was produced by Savilion. By having all this talent on the track definitely provides a cypher theme going on. Its pretty dope he still embodies the concept after getting inspired when he discovered the underground scene through a cypher.

[06] NEVER Ends it a bit slow but still leaves you with a punch in the face. Giving you a descriptive story that it’s hard not to visualize it. J Roy Champion is a great story-teller and found a perfect flow for this type of production, produced by International Show.

Hawaiian Shirts & Work is now available for purchase at all digital retail outlets like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rhapsody, and Google Play. Mixed and Mastered by Intl Show at SOE Studios Written and Arranged by J Roy Champion (BMI). Be on the lookout for more content from Boston’s own J Roy Champion by following him on all his social media outlets below and this concludes my review on his EP.



[Audio] Megan V. – You Thought Wrong

I’ve always felt like Boston, MA is a place with a lot of hidden talent and today I get to put the spotlight on Boston’s own Megan V. The 23 year old R&B songstress drops off her first ever single “You Thought Wrong” produced by P Dub. It’s an anthem for woman fed up with men that toy with their emotions. Megan V. is expected to keep up the momentum by releasing more music soon and there’s even a mixtape in the works for this summer. Kick back, enjoy this smooth track and be sure to follow Megan V. on Instagram.


Audio: J Roy Champion – Ashes featuring Intl Show, Ken Casanova, Exec The Bright, DaGirl IzReal, and Kenny Klutch

[BOSTON] J Roy Champion makes his return on NikkiSiixx.com with his latest release ASHES, featuring six of Boston’s Finest Emcees. J Roy Champion and also includes Intl Show, Ken Casanova, Exec The Bright, DaGirl IzReal, and Kenny Klutch. ASHES presents us with a classic 90’s hip-hop beat which was produced by Savilion. By having all this talent on the track definitely provides a cypher theme going on. Its pretty dope he still embodies the concept after getting inspired when he discovered the underground scene through a cypher. You can catch ASHES on J Roy Champion project Hawaiian Shirts & Work. Be on the lookout for more content from J Roy Champion in the near future.



Music Video: Nat Anglin – Shhh! (Can I)

NatAnglin_ShhhCanISS3[LOS ANGELES-BOSTON] Making his first debut on NikkiSiixx.com Nat Anglin, debuts his latest visual Shhh! (CAN I). The track is funky and the visual is pretty clean. Thought his flow was dope. Nat Anglin takes us on a tour of the place he now calls home L.A. Along side his friends, that all make great cameos! Nat Anglin stays true to his hometown by rockin’ his Boston jersey. I really like the part where someone is wearing a Lakers jersey and hugs Nat, showing him his welcome to the city. Shhh! (CAN I) was produced by Ramzi Noble and Directed by Shane Norton. Be on the look out this year Nat Anglin is set to release his project The BosAngeles!



Music Video: Kyle Bent – The Higher Power

[BOSTON] Making his first debut on NikkiSiixx.com, Kyle Bent is making waves with his latest music video release THE HIGHER POWER. Already escalating to over 200K plays on youtube Kyle Bent is a lyricist you need to keep an eye on. The video takes place at Bridgewater State University. Here where all walks of life show support in Kyle Bent’s one continuous shot visual. THE HIGHER POWER was produced by SaruBeatz, this beat is sweet. Be on the look out for more content from Boston Lyricist Kyle Bent.



Audio: J Roy Champion – Hawaiian Shirts

[BOSTON] J Roy Champion is an artist who was born and raised in a family of music lovers. Being introduced to Blues, Reggae, Classic R&B, and of course hip-hop. By the sixth grade J Roy Champion discovered the underground scene by witnessing a cypher. Being involved with several rap groups and going on his own route. J Roy Champion brings us the official track Hawaiian Shirts which is off his upcoming ep H$XW (Hawaiian Shirts & Work). By 2:29 there’s a switch up and I really like the approach to that snippet. It literally felt like I was jamming to another track. HAWAIIAN SHIRTS was produced by Hona Castello and co-produced by Savilion. Be on the look out for more content from J Roy Champion.



Music Video: SPNDA – Passenger 57 || Produced By Statik Selektah

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.55.46 AM[BOSTON] SPNDA releases his latest music video PASSENGER 57 which is set to be on his upcoming project Shards of Glass EP. PASSENGER 57 was directed by EMVISION Productions, they found inspirations over Statik Seletah’s production and SPNDA’s inspirational lyrics and gave life to this song. One thing I found great about the video I wad fully focused on the story and with what SPNDA had to say. At the beginning of PASSENGER 57, you see SPNDA going for answers in front of the church and see a light. All of a sudden Jesus pulls up in his whip and offers SPDNA a ride. The ride is filled with dope music, laughs, and blunts. You gotta catch the end when SPDNA decides to take the wheel and take control of his life. Be on the lookout for SPNDA’s upcoming release of Shards of Glass EP.



Audio: Chrs Brise – Walk Amongst The Dead

IMG_4378BW_web.jpg[BOSTON, MA] Upcoming Hip-Hop Rapper Chrs Brise released his latest track WALK AMONGST THE DEAD. The very dark post-apocalyptic influenced track with a dash of trap house. Chrs Brise brings this track right before the fall season to fit perfectly for Halloween. WALK AMONGST THE DEAD brings a heavy dark complex theory to provoke our minds. Chrs Brise life experiences bring inspiration for his music. Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, and residing now in Boston, Massachusetts. The track was produced by Attic Stein. Be on the look out for more content from Chrs Brise.



Freestyle Friday: Prano – New Boston

prano photo[BOSTON] Hip-Hop Artist Prano is getting ready to debut his new DJ Big Mike-hosted mixtape PRANOBAMA 3 this fall. Meantime he drops a visual to his freestyle called NEW BOSTON. Directed by Gil Videos, the visual was entirely in black and white. As we watch Prano chilling with the BOSTON 617BikeLife Crew. Prano expresses in NEW BOSTON about all the work he’s been putting in progressing in his music career. Can’t wait to the new mixtape? Check out PRANOBAMA 2 via DatPiff. Don’t forget to show support and follow Prano on his social media links: FACEBOOKTWITTERINSTAGRAMSOUNDCLOUD


Music Video: Mega Trife – As Much As I Do

[BOSTON, MA] Native MC and songwriter Mega Trife released his latest video AS MUCH AS I DO from his Album Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground. MegaTrife Photo This album is where Mega Trife went out and ventured on his own and worked with an elite group of underground producers such as Statik Selektah, Khrysis, Rashis Hadee, and Kind Midas. Creating as much soul into his album. AS MUCH AS I DO visual takes us to the city of Boston. Where Mega Trife and a group of his close affiliates show support on the rooftop while Trife is slaying his lyrics. Really like how the visual embodies that throwback Golden Era style. Rose Glen Entertainment were the director for this music video. If you’re diggin’ AS MUCH AS I DO then you should support Mega Trife and preorder his full album Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground. The Album will be available July 10th. Be on the look out and don’t forget to follow Mega Trife on his social media accounts.



Download: Latrell James – TWELVE

Last thing we have from Boston Rapper Latrell James was his music video for THE BUTTON. Which is also on his current project entitled Twelve. My favorite tracks off of Latrell James Twelve are Beautiful Day, Distance, Flying Nimbus, The Button, On My Own, and Candles. Twelve represents Latrell’s life from age 12 to 24. Dealing with changes and growing on his journey from adolescence to adulthood. The project was self-produced alongside his brother Tedd Boyd. Great overall production.

Check out the visual for his single ON MY OWN. Directed by Downlow Productions. ON MY OWN explains a point in Latrell’s life where he felt he needed to remove certain people that were preventing him from earning success. The music video you’re able to sense Latrell on his own and keeping focus on his lyrics.

Sometimes it can take a lifetime of trials and tribulations for a person realize their true aspirations. For me, the maturation of my artistic journey can be experienced in a span of twelve years. – Latrell James

While Latrell James continues to work hard in accomplishing his dreams in becoming an established artist, we just have to wait and see what he has next.



Music Video: Latrell James – The Button

Check out the latest single from Boston Rapper Latrell James with THE BUTTON. THE BUTTON is a single off his upcoming project Twelve. The production from 5 Star Generals and amazing footage from J Documentary, they were able to reflect the story and record as Latrell paints a picture of the environment he grew up in. Video is very dramatic with the black and white visuals. The overall sound and feeling I get from THE BUTTON is pure assurance that Latrell James is heading down the right path with his music. Growing up wasn’t easy for Latrell James.

The Button represents a time in my life where I couldn’t decide if it was myself destroying my potential or the places I was raised. Each verse points the blame at my surroundings. The visual is an ode to where I spent 18 years of my life. – Latrell James



Music Video: C Wells – Made In America

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 12.05.51 AM

C Wells is an upcoming artist out of the Boston, MA area who just released a new music video for his introspective single, “Made In America.” I saw an image of him smoking in front of an American flag, and I thought, “hmmm, this is going to be interesting.” The Kris Roller directed video captures C Wells in front of an American flag, as he spits candidly about himself and our society. He gets pretty deep in this music video and I’m glad I gave this kid a listen because it was refreshing to hear someone actually challenge society, and not just brag about being a rebel like some hipster rappers tend to do. With dope word-play and a memorable voice, I’m looking forward to more music from C Wells. Watch “Made In America” below!



Event Recap: 2014 Boston Sneaker Jam Documentary by Dante Luna

IMG_2830-0.JPGCheck out the exclusive recap Dante Luna captured for The 2014 Boston Sneaker Jam. If you’re not familiar with this event it’s meant to bring sneaker enthusiast from all over New England to celebrate Hip Hop & Fashion. From musicians, to skateboarders, to people who look at a pair of Jordan’s and makes a lamp with it, the sneaker culture in America has had an impact on contemporary style and attitudes. If you love the way Dante Luna brings things to life with his visual you should definitely take a look at his YOUTUBE CHANNEL, for so much more!

Directed by Dante Luna
Filmed by Dante Luna, Rompe and Johnny Fresh
Brought to you by 777 Entertainment & Laced Boston
Music by Dutch ReBelle, REKS, Choppa the Beatboxa, V.Knuckles, Ea$y Money
THUMBNAIL photo: ‘Art and Sole’

New Music: Rip City Rick – “Letting You Know”

ripcityrickI saw Rip City Rick freestyle at a couple events at Syracuse University and I was pretty impressed. I had never listened to any of his music until recently, but it didn’t take much for me to realize that he is a talented MC. The 21-year-old rapper/producer is from Boston, but is currently a senior at Syracuse University, focusing on sound engineering. Rick just released the first cut from his upcoming Rise & Shine mixtape, which is set to drop October 7th. “Letting You Know” is that care-free, at the barbecue track that makes you feel like Summer is far from over. The hook is pretty infectious and will probably cause you to replay this a couple times. After a slight hiatus, its pretty clear that Rip City Rick wants to hit the ground running. Stream the upbeat L.O.B. production here.

Download: Juma – Fall Of The Giants

Check out the latest project from Boston, Massachusetts artist JUMA titled Fall Of The Giants. The project consists of 13 tracks! Each track bumps hard and sounds like something you’ll hear on the radio. JUMA definitely has some serious talent. All songs written and produced by Juma Music for Inniss Entertainment Group LLC.

My favorite tracks from Fall Of The Giants are TILL THE DJ GONE super catchy and I just love how this song comes together, FINE AND CRAZY is one of the first songs I’ve heard from JUMA and it’s still a favorite, WE DON’T REALLY CARE really hypes me up!, LIE I really like Juma’s flow on this beat “he’s bad as a motha“, and THE GREAT ESCAPE is so descriptive! I can visualize his storytelling.



New Music: Gill Graff – Dear Tomorrow Featuring Anjuli Stars, Ghostwridah, & Reks

Check out’s Gill Graff’s latest track DEAR TOMORROW, featuring other talented artists like Anjuli Stars, GhostWridah, and Reks. The concept of the track is them writing a letter to their near features. Anjuli Stars is a great addition to the track, love her vocals.

DEAR TOMORROW is definitely a motivational track. & super dope! This song was also produced by J.Cardim. If you’re really digging this track you can find this on Gill Graff’s mixtape Therapeutic, which recently released this week! Click the cover art below for your exclusive download!


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