[AUDIO] Flow God – Bottles in the Air

[NEW YORK CITY] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, an artist that goes by the name Flow God brings us his latest single BOTTLES IN THE AIR. This track is perfect for a night club vibe, while heavy bass and piano rifts plays through the speakers. Flow God is always about having a good time regardless of the circumstances. Screw the haters and enjoy what you have. Flow God’s flow is a fast pace which is an undeniable rap skill and providing invigorating lyrics.

flow god - According to Flow God: I’m ready to bring back the real essence of old school Hip Hop while diving into the current mainstream music. With my father’s mentorship, the inspiration helped me create similar “Flows” so others can feel the same way I felt when I was introduced to rap. From watching his father battle whoever stepped up in front of Woodhaven bowling alley, he fell in love with the competitiveness and creativity.

BOTTLES IN THE AIR is a fun track and provides you some positive light when working hard and accomplishing your goals. Flow God is rigorously preparing for his upcoming EP release “Rags & Riches”. While he keeps working on perfecting his craft. Be on the look out for it and get his latest updates by following him on his social media outlets below: