[ALBUM REVIEW] 6 Cardinal – Flourish

Making his return on NikkiSiixx.com we have South Florida artist, 6 Cardinal. This time he brings us his latest album entitled FLOURISH. 6 Cardinal is not your ordinary artist, he also makes original beats and writes his own lyrics. During the creation of FLOURISH 6 Cardinal flew from South Florida to Brooklyn for a few days with hopes to capture New York City’s ambience and his creative chemistry with Ace in one collection of songs created from scratch. And after the first listen of FLOURISH you can definitely feel 6’s inspiration.

FLOURISH represents 6 Cardinal’s journey back to his musical roots. On the production side, FLOURISH forgoes the electronic-influenced production heard in his recent output in favor of the soulful and sample-heavy brand of production marking his earlier projects, which is provided by 6’s longtime friend, collaborator, and Brooklyn-based boom-bap maestro Ace Fayce.

For my review, I’ll be breaking down my favorite tracks. FLOURISH has a total of eight tracks. The ones that really stood out to me are The Name pt. IV, Ring The Alarm, Nine2Five, Royals, LuvJawn, and Outro. So let’s get this review underway.

6 cardinal 6[THE NAME PT. IV] Starting it out with straight BARS! 6 Cardinal keeps he’s lyrical content fresh! 6 stays on beat and really emphasizes old school hip-hop with his choice in production. Even though the track is only 2:32, it leaves the listener wanting more.

[RING THE ALARM] Word is bond! 6 Cardinal paints a vivid picture with his lyrics, line after line. You gotta nod your head to this one. One line that caught my attention was “Sicker than the flu, Ah-chu! You infected now“.

[NINE2FIVE] This is one of my favorite tracks off the album. How can you not relate? Working that 9 to 5 that drains you from what you really want to do. Its like you’re falling down a bottomless pit that same thing over and over, which sounds extremely exhausting. The production on this track is overall so beautiful. Very delicate, but still has the elements of a hip-hop track.

6 cardinal fl
[ROYALS] I find 6 Cardinal fits perfectly with old-school hip-hop production. He sounds on point and his flow is too. The subject of this track is drug use. And what a perfect display of it with his first music video from FLOURISH. The visual artwork and art direction was created by Sean Walton. Love the visual really puts you on a psychedelic trip. But I do have to say I feel this track was a bit short, so gives us more 6 Cardinal!

[LUVJAWN] 6 Cardinal opens up and talks about LOVE. He talks about all the little moments that he truly cherishes. He even touches base on some intimate moments as well. His hook was inspired by Lil Kim and Notorious B.I.G – Crush On You. But made it his own.

[OUTRO] The overall feeling on this track is so positive. From the production and 6 Cardinal realness, this track kinda gives me those summer time vibes. I really like the auto-tuned chipmunk voice for the hook. “Keep the mind so open“. Great way to end the project.

Flourish. Flourish in life; in love; and in spirit.

Flourish in immortal youth, Unhurt amidst the wars of elements, The wrecks of matter, and the crush of worlds.” – Joseph Addison

This concludes my review on 6 Cardinal’s FLOURISH Album. Overall the project was a great listen. 6 Cardinal really embodies the roots of hip-hop with his stellar performance on FLOURISH. If you’re diggin’ the project as much as I am. Make sure to let 6 Cardinal know! Show your support by following him on all his social media links below:



[EP REVIEW] Dante Lennon – Party At A Funeral

[BROOKLYN, NEW YORK] Making her debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we got femcee Dante Lennon with her latest EP entitled Party At A Funeral. Dante Lennon definitely presents a tough/fierce female role, with so much power in her flow. Party At A Funeral also features PremeDaPrez, D.R.U.G, and Deacon. The eight track project really provides you a sight of love and loss throughout it all.
Dante Lennon presents us with a retrospective dialogue aimed towards to celebrating the complexities that make life appealing. Taking a few listens in on the EP, Dante Lennon brings us some really detailed situations that only makes you wonder. My favorite tracks off Party At A Funeral are EVEL, PARTY AT A FUNERAL, WAITING, THAT LIFE, AND FIN. Here’s what I thought about those tracks:

EVEL – Dante Lennon brings us a revealing pass. Talks about what’s happened at her performances, what’s she willing to do for a relationship, and having to deal with people betraying her. Dante Lennon makes sure to deal with these situations the most positive way even though it caused some pain. She’s moving forward without looking back. The vocals singing “I’m Evel Canvel, watch me blast off” really gives you that whatever you want to do, you’re going to do it.

PARTY AT A FUNERAL – Opening up about hustling in the streets and up to no good, now she’s on a better path. The vibe of the track gives me a late 90’s street cypher style/production. I’m personally in love with Dante Lennon’s second verse on this track. I felt she deliver that with perfection. She murdered it with that one.

WAITING – Gives the listener a perspective of someone who’s dealing with heartache. About a love that didn’t last and doesn’t want another chance at it. But you still want to try. You expect them to wait for you and not being with someone else. Because you know that love was real. You made mistakes, but improving yourself and hoping they want to be with you again, someday. But unfortunately, in this tale it’s not a happily ever after.

“Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and desire to hide.” -Dante Lennon

dante lennon brooklyn

THAT LIFE – Off rip, this track gives you a trance like vibe, in a way it reminds me of Missy Elliot. But I don’t mind that at all, I like how Dante Lennon can adjust her flow speed depending on the pace of the beat. She sounds hella dope on this track, I can definitely hear this on the radio. Definitely that pop/hip-hop sound to it.

FIN – What a way to end Party At A Funeral with straight up BARS! Dante Lennon brings it to the table with what she has to say. She even brings up the topics of police brutality, gentrification occurring in her neighborhood, and what she got to do to survive.

Opening up the pages to her diary, Dante Lennon reveals much truth with her lyrics. And with that she wants you to get to know her story. If you’re feeling her project as much as I am, you should definitely take a look for updates by following her social media outlets. Check out her latest music video for One Thing:



[AUDIO] Moe Fundz – WYD (What You Doin’)

From the streets of Brooklyn, NY, Moe Fundz comes through to deliver us his latest track “WYD (What You Doin’)” This is the first single off his upcoming #DaFuckYouTape which is yet to have an official release date. Moe Fundz keeps it all the way gutter with plenty of slick talk for you over a hard hitting beat. For all things Moe Fundz make sure you visit the website www.moefundz.com


[Music Video] Chocolate Brown & BK Hippy – No Time (Produced By KidNamedNOVA)

[BROOKLYN, NEW YORK] When growing up in the borough, you can only get influence by the greats and locals in New York City. As for upcoming hip-hop artists Chocolate Brown, BK Hippy, and KidNamedNOVA did just that. They began performing at shows and becoming a familiar face in the crowd. On this momentum they started to build a buss. According to Chocolate Brown, BK Hippy, and KidNamedNOVA their team motto is “spread love it’s the Brooklyn Way”. This time the boys bring us their latest visual for their single NO TIME. The video takes us to different lifestyles from four different walks of life in Brooklyn. You see a hustler, a street musician, young single mom, and an inspiring athlete.

5AM on Myrtle AveThe two emcees (Chocolate Brown and BK Hippy) teamed up with their good friend/producer (KidNamedNOVA) to make a Hip-Hop project that will bring a sneak peak into their lives. They bring you their collaborative EP 5AM on Myrtle Ave, here’s where you can find their single NO TIME. If you are looking for a project that is packed full of Brooklyn hip-hop, look no further than this EP. Both Chocolate Brown & BK Hippy delivered stories of everyday life in New York City. Be on the lookout for more releases from the group and don’t forget to follow them online.





Music Video: VIIK – PAPER/PAPER Remix

vii paper/paper remix[BROOKLYN, NY] Making her debut on NikkiSiixx.com, VIIK brings us her latest visuals to PAPER/PAPER REMIX. The singer/songwriter/producer delivers a mix of electronic, hip-hop, dub reggae and even some trap elements. VIIK goals is to promote semi-conscious lyrics with beats to make you bounce. You definitely have to on this record!

According to VIIK: “Paper” is a satirical yet playful hip-hoppy reggae banger about the power of the “almighty dollar” and the grip it has on society. There’s so much chaos in the world yet we are all distracted by our daily quest for the cash. It keeps a lot of the population from becoming aware and finding their purpose. And on top of that as a human of color, racism and systematic oppression is still alive.

PAPER/PAPER REMIX brings us some funky psychedelic visuals. I really like VIIK goth/edm look with the hot pink dreads, pink eyebrows, and everything leather. Her voice in kind and delivers a powerful message. Its time to get that paper. Follow VIIK via her Twitter Account @VIIK_WORLD and get updated on new content!


Music Video: SEYI – Wanna Be

[Far Rockaway] I’ve previously featured SEYI single track WANNA BE and Seyi is ready to premiere his visual for it. One thing SEYI is able to main his coolness with his flow over Mr. Marx calm production. WANNA BE is actually SEYI’s first music video. SEYI explains the term for WANNA BE

“Up to now it has been used in a negative context in describing a person’s character as unauthentic. I’m aiming to flip the meaning of the term and use it as something positive. Describing a WANNA BE as someone who wants to be the best person they can be and believing in their own potential enough to not give their dreams and aspirations a ceiling. To be able to do that, you must first accept the person that you are and understand that your future is yours to make, not anyone else’s.”

If you’re feeling SEYI’s music follow his movement by following him on INSTAGRAM and take a selfie with your 3 fingers making a “w”, the “W” Stands for WANNA BE. The music video was shot and filmed in Soho NY and Brooklyn. Be on the lookout for SEYI’s track listing and artwork for his upcoming mixtape N>I>B (No In Between) by following him on his social media links below:
12108037_1054589444586027_332713924995462538_n 12113306_1054305791281059_2326687242283165614_o 12144783_1054333754611596_4359130611617159148_n



Music Video: Stro – Mighty Healthy 16

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 7.52.00 PMStro has been a familiar figure in the hip-hop blogosphere for years now. Don’t let the young age fool you, Stro is as good a flow smith you’ll hear in 2015 and he brings a visual for his song “Mighty Healthy 16” to keep your eyes busy while your ears cruise. The video continues the love story between Stro and Krystal Bannatyne, who appeared in his video for “Ghetto Girls”. Stro is representing his hometown of Brooklyn as usual, and at the laundry mat he invites his love interest to a house party later that day. Throughout the video Stro reminds the listener of the skills that has made him the force to be reckoned with on the mic. Though he has been on talked of most recently for his Hot 97 interview where himself and the host Ebro debate over New York radio and it’s lack of support for local artist, Stro would prefer to let the music talk. I personally would prefer to listen to “Mighty Healthy 16” as well.



Music Video: V. Nova – Damaged

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 4.06.33 PM[BROOKLYN, NEW YORK] V. Nova just dropped his latest visual DAMAGED from his album HiPS3: The New Commission. Nova tapped Philly Spielberg of Respect The Shooter Films to direct the video and put a cinematic spin on the story written by Kimmo. He was able to capture what DAMAGED was really going for, and that was the realness of the world. We see V. Nova awaken from his sleep with his daughter flipping through channels, while his phone has missed messages and his girl/baby momma is bickering at him for some reason. You see his friends jumped a guy in the street, which later leave V. Nova with consequences. The video also starts with a statement that says, “The most unsuspected guilt, is the one by association”. DAMAGED was produced by The Crack Factory.



Upcoming Event: 9/19 UpcomingHipHop.Net Presents Rahiem Supreme and Guests in NYC

11887916_1031904953495348_8202837214382380887_nSeptember 19 UpcomingHipHop.net is partnering wit iSpitNYC to feature some of New York City’s hottest upcoming talent in the hip hop industry. Starting at 8 PM DJ JYNN will be spinning on the 1s and 2s until 10PM when the performances start. Ari Serrano will start things off with his usual hype set followed by Boss Carrot. BK Hippy & Chocolate Brown will perform together to promote their new project 5AM on Myrtle Ave. Butta Cool will then get everyone hyped for RAHIEM, the headliner. Tickets will be available online and before the show for $10 and $15 at the door. All of this will be going down at the lovely Rakit Club located in Brooklyn, NY off the L train. There will be a bar so get ready to party all night. Bring your friends!

Date: Saturday, September 19
Time: 8 PM-1 AM doors at 8 / show at 10 PM
Location: Rakit Club
Price: $10 advance / $15 at the door
18 to enter / 21 to drink
Host: LBanks DaBossy
DJ: DJ Jynn

FREE SHIRTS from I Am Culture
FREE SHOTS for the first 50 people courtesy of Rakit Club

Ari Serrano 10:00 – 10:20
Boss Carrot 10:20 – 10:40
BK Hippy + Chocolate Brown 10:40 – 11:00
Butta Cool 11:00 – 11:20
Rahiem Supreme 11:30 – 12:00


Audio: Boss China – Betrayal Featuring J Marie

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 7.16.09 PMBrooklyn is always going to be a hotbed for rappers. Any block that you are walking on more than likely houses enough rappers to fill your iPod with, however one female rapper in particular is showing the potential of a stand out artist. Boss China has been compared to female rap legends such as Eve and Foxy brown for the “Beauty and Barz” style she represents. On her latest offering “Betrayal”, she shows that she can be vulnerable, yet strong enough to persevere. The track features a talented singer in J Marie on the chorus and she brings the feeling that could make this song an anthem for broken hearts everywhere. The song was produced by an in-house producer of the #718Headquarterz named oochiewally. “Betrayal” will appear on China’s upcoming mixtape Split Personality.



Music Video: Latasha Alcindor a.k.a L.A. – The Island

[BROOKLYN, NEW YORK] Check it out the talented Latasha Alcindor with latest video release entitled THE ISLAND. L.A. gives us her latest offering with what she has going on with Fro Casso in her DWS visual series. THE ISLAND resembles an anthem of belonging and self-acceptance. It shows L.A.’s growth in body, mind and spirit as an artist and a woman. I love L.A’s style and energy from her performances visually and live.
Latasha Alcindor

“Connect to my lands and not be afraid of the greatness. We all feel this way. Like on an island, but I rather make the best of it.” – L.atasha A.lcindor

THE ISLAND was directed by Fro Casso, and produced by Sam Katz. I really like the production on this track it really embodies that Afro-centric sound but with sounds of today. Sponsored by 88 Days Of Fortune. Stay tuned for some more dopeness from L.atasha A.lcinodor and don’t forget to follow her on all her social media outlets.



Download: Brenton – The One Who Knocks Mixtape

brenton im cool photo[MIAMI, FLORIDA] Hip-Hop Artist Brenton recently released his official mixtape release for “The One Who Knocks“. The fifteen track mixtape is inspired by Oddisee, 9th Wonder, The Alchemist and others, as well as original production from J57, PCP Beatz and Elite Producers. And how about Breaking Bad? Right at the beginning in The One Who Knocks Intro you hear Walter White telling his wife Skylar that he’s danger and throughout the mixtape you hear snippets from the show. For this track: KNOCK IT OFF featuring Kris Kasanova on the track and amazing production by J57 from Brown Bag Allstars. Really diggin’ this slow 90’s style to KNOCK IT OFF. Boom-bap heads out there can vibe out to this. Brenton takes the first verse as Kris Kasanova closes it off with the second. Some of my favorite tracks we’re: I’M COOL (Inspired By 9th Wonder), FEELIN IT (Inspired By Jay-Z), LET THE BEAT DROP featuring Phil The Thrill (Inspired By Xaphoon Jones), and THE L-O-V-E Song (Inspired By Oddisee). This Brooklyn Native shows his roots by choosing tracks inspired by artist from that state. Don’t forget to download THE ONE WHO KNOCKS by Brenton and follow him on social media.



Upcoming Event: 07/10 – UHH Artist Showcase at LOX Lounge in Brooklyn, NY

UHH ARTIST SHOWCASE: UndergroundHipHop.net are teaming up with A Rebel Minded Society to showcase some of New York’s best hip hop artists. The event will take place on Friday, July 10th at Lox Lounge (Brooklyn, NY) and will run from 8pm – 2am. We have an incredible talented lineup of artists and a special guest DJ. RSVP HERE.

11540849_1005459296139914_6360397747135165216_nLocation: Lox Lounge – 15 Putnam Ave. Brooklyn
Date: Friday, July 10
Time: Doors at 8pm Show from 10pm-1am
Price: $5
Hooliganrad guitar5
Dirty Shrooms
Rome Streetz
Don Cash


NEW MUSIC: L.atasha A.lcindor (L.A.) “Go Off (A Prelude to (R)evolution)”

I’m talkin’ if you gang affiliated you need to protect your block / I’m not talking about them niggas / I’m talking about a cop watch / We gotta go off

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 7.23.10 PMWith a vicious tongue and unapologetic stance, Brooklyn’s own L.atasha A.lcindor (L.A.) unleashes on gentrification, police brutality, poor education, the media and gang violence in her latest release from her refreshing Fantastic Planet series. On GO OFF, L.A. goes off, pointing intimidating fingers at the culprits — the system and its henchmen, the cops — without being preachy or predictable. She’s always been “ahead of the boys, running,” she says, but now is the time to stop running, speak up and demand change: We need to police our own communities; shit, we need revolution. We need to GO OFF! And from this record alone, L.A. has me convinced. Just listen to the anguish and passion in her voice, as she spits violently over a stripped down NYC beat, and you tell me you’re not ready to “set it off like Left Eye“.


L.A. lands at #9 on the #AWKWORDapproved Top 20 Female Rappers List and one of the #AWKWORDapproved Top 10 Artists to Watch in 2015



New Music: V. Nova- Smoke Break

V. Nova sent us the newest single from his latest project HIPS3: The Commission. I liked the song from the start when I heard V. Nova doing his rendition of a KRS-ONE style scat. The Jack Waterz  produced track has that solid boom bap sound. This is a song that speaks on a topic that many of us can relate to, taking a smoke break. Many hard working people look forward to being able to get that 10 minute smoke break while on the clock which is what makes this song so relatable. His delivery on the track rough and rugged like DAS EFX yet a concise flow. If this song is the halfway point of HIPS3: The Commission I look forward to hearing the rest of the project. Check out the song below.

Connect with V. Nova

New Music: Tamara Bubble – Just Say No

Brooklyn Artist, Model, Entertainer, Songwriter, and Actress Tamara Bubble releases a track off her latest EP “Living It Up“. Tamara Bubble keeps busy with all these attributes for her career. Tamara discusses the pressure of temptation and infidelity. Even if it’s easy or convenient to cheat, Tamara sends a sweet reminder that it’s better to remain faithful. With JUST SAY NO. I really love Tamara’s voice! Dropping melodies and harmonies over the amazing production by @KrazyFigz. Don’t forget to listen to her entire EP Living It Up via iTunes.

Contact: Patrick at Pspell Management 646.730.8691 or bookings@tamarabubble.com


Music Video: The Lost Souls – “Ain’t Worried Bout’ Nun”

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 2.00.56 PMWe have seen a lot of new, experimental New York rappers over the last few years gain national, and even global attention. A handful of Beast Coast artists are making some noise in hip-hop, such as the Pro Era collective, Flatbush Zombies, and The Underachievers. New York may arguably have the most interesting underground music scene right now, other than Chicago of course. You have rappers like Bobby Shmurda and Dillion Cooper, both coming out of New York.

Brooklyn hip-hop group, The Lost Souls have the potential to be next to blow up. These guys ride boom bap sounds effortlessly and typically spit over beats reminiscent of the “good ol’ days” in music. The Lost Souls are simply 90’s kids adding their own flavor to a sound and style that is constantly being innovated.  The set consists of a twins Fresh Costello and BG Fire and their producer NickFRSH. With their latest offering “Ain’t Worried Bout’ Nun” The Lost Souls share their focus and life lessons, all while flexing their lyrical ability and rapid flow. The visual shows the young MCs walking through their neighborhood and wild n’ out with friends.  Check it out below!




Upcoming Event: 05.24 -Graffiti Rap at Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn

May 24th 2014
Live at the Goodbye Blue Monday
1087 Broadway Brooklyn NY
Free Show starts @ 9pm
Independent Artist showcase
Featuring: Mr. IG Chung, Deuce Ellis, C.H.I.L.L, Micheal Moon, Newmoney Wood, Ak Flavigny, and Andrew Holder
Music by: Andrew Holder