[AUDIO] Trish – Tropical Exotic (Prod. 5Piece & SLWJMZ)

Seems like every day an artist is emerging north of the border, and Trish just may be the next one to blaze a trail of her own from the cold streets of Toronto, Canada with her latest single “Tropical Exotic”. The song is as smooth as it gets and the spacey, lush production from upcoming producers 5PiECE and SLWJMZ works perfectly with lovely vocals Trish provides as she takes listeners on a ride of desire. She may be new to most listeners but with her talent the sky is the limit. “Tropical Exotic” looks to be the first offering from her upcoming project 2 22 EP. Keep your eyes (and ears) on this young songstress.



[Project Review] Samurai Shin VS Xia-Dawn

samurai shin vs xia-dawn comic artWhat a way to bring together hip-hop and comics with what Co-creator/Executive Producer Mikel.M from Toronto Canada and Producer/Artist Xia-Dawn from Miami, FL did on their collaborative mixtape called SAMURAI SHIN VS XIA-DAWN. When you get your free download of Samurai Shin VS Xia-Dawn you get two new comic strips from “Samurai Shin” Episode 1 Web Comic Book. The mixtape also features from P.Soul, Kuro Silence, Mikel.M, Tripstyle, AJB4 & Voice Over Actor “LeQan Bennett”. Music inspired by comics and anime, my favorite elements to combine on a project.

Samurai Shin is inspired from two anime shows like Samurai Champloo and Afro Samurai, with main characters Amir and Keith. Mikel.M will be writing out the comic and talented artist Ivan Earl Aguilar from the Philippines will be working on the art. With Xia-Dawn being a fan of anime and hip-hop he couldn’t miss out the opportunity to work on this project.

The seven track mixtape brings us some instrumentals and some dope tracks. With my review, I’ll be going over which ones are my favorites. They are: Brand New Day, Combat, Samurai Shin, All Flows Reach Out, and I Be That.

samurai shin vs xia dawn [BRAND NEW DAY] This track really captured my attention, reason why because if I was a lyricist or femcee I would of taken this beat and make a hit with it. Xia-Dawn executed the beat perfectly.

[COMBAT] I find this instrumental to be so motivating. It also reminds me of a Quentin Tarantino film. Seriously! You can’t tell me no. And a bit of Mortal Kombat inspiration with those “fight” and “finish him” being said throughout the track.

[SAMURAI SHIN] I really like how grimy/street style with this track, it even sounds like we’re in a cypher with Tripstyle. His flow is classic. Definitely represents the essence of 90’s hip-hop.

[ALL FLOWS REACH OUT (A.F.R.O)] To put into words how I feel about this track, it’s what I liked to call “groovy, baby”. I love the smooth vibes produced by Kuro Silence. This instrumental brings a lot of positive energy. I’ll definitely play this at a party for sure.

[I BE THAT (SAMURAI)] AJB4 takes Samurai Shin’s story to life with his track that hits topic from the comic. You gotta be careful who you’re messing with cause they can easily take your life especially if they’re a Samurai.

samurai shin vs xia dawn 3This concludes my project review on Samurai Shin VS Xia-Dawn. The 7 track mixtape really provides a fun time while still embracing hip-hop and anime. While listening to the project look at the comic strips provided. You can feel this music really coming out from the sketches. Love the art of music and in the arts.

Samurai Shin Comic Book + Soundtrack Coming Real Soon
Samurai Shin Social Media Outlets: FACEBOOKTWITTERTUMBLR

Xia-Dawn Social Media Outlets: TWITTER || INSTAGRAM || SOUNDCLOUD ||


Music Video: Kaydee – Mission Statement

kaydeeCanada-based hip-hop artist Kaydee brings to you his latest visual to the laid-back song titled “Mission Statement” The song starts off with a few chops and some hi-hats until a solid beat, homage to the Golden Era of hip-hop, plays its way in. A bit of a breath of fresh out with all the slowed trap beats saturating the market; but that’s another story. The Toronto native comes strong in both delivery as well as presence which adds believability and a sense of hunger to the lyrics. The ‘whoosh’ from the sample gives the track an overall element of mellowness to it- the perfect kind of track to vibe to and for folks that want to get loose would just have to learn to words. The bridge, provided by an unidentified woman, adds a nice twist before the conclusion, but by the time she steps in, Kaydee statement is clear – Mission: Accomplished. Kaydee’s debut project “The Transition” is available now with the follow-up, sophomore effort currently under way.


New Music: Kaydee – Dream Team featuring Ricky Solo and Sola


Canadian Hip-Hop Artist Kaydee releases his latest single DREAM TEAM featuring Ricky Solo and Sola. First verse Ricky Solo, second verse Sola, and then Kaydee. They talk about what they go through, how they’re living, and what they want to succeed. Production from Ricky Solo himself. DREAM TEAM was a track featured from Kaydee’s debut mix tape 90’s baby.
Click the cover art for your exclusive free download.

90’s baby has also been featured on NikkiSiixx.com this past December for it’s winter release. Kaydee is currently working on his second mix tape, which is set to release during the fall.

New Music: Dragon Fli Empire – The Daily News Pt 2 featuring Sadat X

The Daily News Pt 2Check out the first single from Canadian duo Dragon Fli Empire with THE DAILY NEWS PT 2 off of their upcoming album Mission Statement. The track also features Sadat X. Dragon Fli Empire consists of Teekay and DJ Cosm. The two have opened for names like De La Soul, The Roots, Public Enemy and Mos Def plus performed at festivals like the Sled Island, Warped Tour, Shambhala and Rock the Bells. And toured all over Canada, the United States, France, Germany, Denmark, Norway, and the list goes on and on. I’m really diggin’ this track the beat is fun! Reminds me of an old school hip-hop vibe with current topics.

Beat: DJ Cosm
Keys: AJV
Rhymes: Sadat X and Teekay


New Music: E.D.G.E – 5am In Vancouver

5amE.D.G.E of Vancouver, Canada graces the beat of Canadian brother Drake “5am In Toronto” for his track “5am In Vancouver”. He flexes his lyrical muscle on this one with quotable lines like “accelerated through the bullshit just like an enema”.  You can hear the stress in his words as he vents on this joint, speaking on everything from being surrounded by traitors to his daughter. I think this song is a good way to promote his new “Black Suitcase EP” which will be out soon. Be on the look out for his new project which will be produced by CientifiQ.

Connect with E.D.G.E. online: – twitter.com/edge1981

Download: Kaydee – 90’s Baby

There’s been so much good music coming out of Canada lately. Kaydee is a Toronto-based artist who just released his debut 90's Baby tape “90’s Baby”. This tape taps into organic flows and rhythms. “90’s Baby” is crafted to flow from beginning to end, and it plays super smooth throughout. Some of the songs borrow from banger’s of yesteryear, such as a slowed up rendition of Dre’s Xxplosive. That track, by the way, is fucking ill. None of the tracks feature a whole lot of filler, Kaydee has endless bars. You get the feeling this cat can rap for days. Overall, the tape is solid. The flows are on point, even more so considering “90’s Baby” is his first offering. Take some time and enjoy this, some cool things are happening in Canada.



New Music: J. West – POWER

Upcoming Vancouver Hip-Hop artist J. West and producer Imperetiv collaborated on POWER. The track is definitely a hype track! The beat is crazy and J. West has a great presence on his verses. Super Dope! Jam out and enjoy.

Check out their video for POWER. Pretty dope it’s not really a music video but a visual for the track. It’s better this way then having a regular cover art image in the video to show for the track.