MutantEmcee.com Presents Freestyle Video Contest

Hey everyone check out this Freestyle Video contest created by MutantEmcee.com. Top voted 3 Emcees win cash prizes and their chance to be apart of the Mutant Emcee Volume 2 which is a series of compilation mixtapes. Submit your video soon! The competition ends June 30th. The more emcee’s that enter there’s a chance for the cash prizes to increase! Jump on this opportunity before you get left in the dark. Read below for futher details

“MutantEmcee.com is proud to present the 2011 Freestyle Video Contest. This Video contest is an open audition for Mutant Emcee Volume 2. Auditions are open to the public, anyone can join MutantEmcee.com and submit their video. Each Video submission must be a live freestyle. You can do an accapella or spit over your favorite beat, but we are not accepting any songs or recordings. Submitting your video is rather easy. First register with MutantEmcee.com and after verifying your email address you can login and submit your video under the Mutant Television tab. The contest / voting opens March 1st 2011 and will end June 30th 2011. Votes will be counted via a combination of “The Poll Votes” and “The Video Rating Votes”. The Poll Votes are located on the right side of each page. The Video Rating is located directly under each video. Each fan and visitor can vote one time per day. Voting will determine the winners. The top 3 will receive Cash Prizes in July.

1st place = 150$ – 2nd place = 100$ – 3rd place = 50$
As of now we have only 3 cash prizes, but we may add more depending on the number of contestants and we may increase the prize pool. In addition, the top 15 vote getters will be awarded a slot on Mutant Emcee volume 2. Scheduled to be released August 3rd 2011. Every Artist that submits a Freestyle Video will also be awarded a free 1 year subscription to IndieDownloads.com. Your video does not guarantee your appearance on volume 2 but it does guarantee your invitation. All Mutant Emcee Volume 2 selections will be required to submit a complete track or participate in a collaboration with another mutant. Keep in mind all tracks and freestyle video must be underground Hip Hop orientated. No commercial products… No Sellouts. If you have any questions or problems with joining or uploading your video please contact us via our contact us page.” – Taken directly from MutantEmcee.com