[EP REVIEW] Yadda Man – Lose To Win

Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have hip-hop artist Yadda Man with his new EP LOSE TO WIN. The five track project brings us some old school vibes, with punchlines and overall a dope delievery by Yadda Man. The project was entirely produced by Luke White.

Here’s a bit of backstory on Yadda Man, he grew up in Cleveland, Omaha, and Chicago. Having to move around to three different cities. This gave a bit of an influence on his musical career. With his experiences, Yadda Man makes his lyrics come to life. Ever since he was young he knew the calling to becoming a hip-hop artist.

With my EP Review, I’ll be breaking down my favorite and stand out tracks of LOSE TO WIN. My picks are Say What, 15 Cents, Winning, and Triple H. Here are my thoughts:

13321864_1026375897416947_6088818784075384688_n[01. SAY WHAT] Yadda Man’s flow is on point over that boom-bap production. Sounds effortless. Yadda touches on topics of people who intend to talk more than what they know. Pretty much, it doesn’t phase him at all. He’s still going to do what he does best.

[02. 15 CENTS] The concept of this track, is Yadda Man asking a couple of questions to a shorty he wants to get to know. I feel this track could be that real summer vibes, it really comes off with the production. Also, this track is about the women who are worth it, are the ones who work hard for their own and are independent.

[04. WINNING] This track was the really stand out track on LOSE TO WIN. From the trap sound influence and fast flows, this track is a winner! Winning features Julian Thomas on the track. Both artists sound great together and what a great collaboration. I can definitely see this track being played in the club, it will fit perfectly.

[05. TRIPLE H] Yadda Man talks about the struggles of growing up and becoming a man. Regardless of how bad it gets Yadda Man makes sure to always look to the man upstairs for guidance. Sometimes you got to lose to win, is repeated throughout the hook. And a sample clip of an episode of Oprah, where she was going to have Nelson Mandela as a guest.

Recently, Yadda Man has teamed up with Music/Management & Promotional Company Rap Soul Ent. With shows and festivals booked between Texas and the Midwest, 2016 and 17 is looking really promising for the lyricist. His next show will be at the Rap Soul Music festival featuring Twista, Paul Wall & Afroman Sep 24th.

This concludes my EP Review on LOSE TO WIN, from Yadda Man. If you like the project as much as I do (considering 4/5 songs I listed), make sure to support the artist and follow him on all his social media below.



[REVIEW] Austin Fillmore – Hear & Now EP

Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, Chicago native Austin Fillmore brings us his latest EP Hear & Now. The eight track project has some gems and I feel that Austin Fillmore is making his mark. Austin Fillmore grew an intense passion for music and once he hit 7th grade he embarked on developing and mastering his skill of rap. Once as an adult he began collaborating with long time friends and producers 12 tone and Hank Iving, later he dropped his debut LP Anglishh back in February 2014. The following year he released his sophmore project Sinful Nature in September 2015. And we have this year with his EP Hear & Now.

I’ll be reviewing my favorite tracks off Austin Fillmore EP Hear & Now. So far I like Good Times, 5000, Matrix, Me You And Trouble, P.V.O, and Running Sh%t. Here’s what I thought about the EP:

12670331_1035595663168802_4743312921333267569_n[01. GOOD TIMES] You know when you hear a single and you know it’s a hit? Well, I instantly felt this way when I heard GOOD TIMES by Austin Fillmore. Perfect choice to start off the EP. Austin has a positive aspect on life and it reflects itself in his music. From a dope flow and a catchy hook this one has to be a fan favorite.

[02. 5000] This track here is definitely the club banger! With heavy bass brought to you by the amazing production by Snapbackondatrack. Austin maintains his realness with his wholesomeness. All Austin wants everyone to be okay, no matter what they do or say.

[04. MATRIX] Here’s where Austin Fillmore and featured artist Joey G puts the listening in a trance, somewhat like the Matrix. Very powerful sounds by producer Hank Iving. I think its pretty unique to have a slow down trap vibe with a dash of pop to it. Not sure if I’m describing it accurately but that’s what I get from this track.

[05. ME, YOU, AND TROUBLE] Austin provides hypnotic melodies over the seductive production by Jasper MacRae. I’m debating wether of not the track is my favorite off the Hear & Now EP. Track for the hopeless romantic. In a relationship it may seem you have the world against you, but it doesn’t matter cause you have each other.

[06. P.V.O (Positive Vibes Only)] According to Austin Fillmore it’s all about the positive vibes. His flow is on point with the production by NobilityIam. I really like this hook, “Nothing in this life is free, I do this for you and me, It’s all real no make believe, I’m the only thing you need”. Austin Fillmore provides the right vibe on his Hear & Now EP.

[08. Running Sh%t (Owl Wanted)] On the last track Fillmore decided to show his rough side. Super tough on his lyrics and tone in his flow. You can say Austin was really confident on this track. I can see this being played in a club or house party setting. Like Let’s Get Crunk!

“I’m finally speaking on all the things in life that have meaning and furthermore, sometimes painful to express. – Austin Fillmore


This concludes my review of Hear & Now EP brought to you by Austin Fillmore. The overall vibe of this project is meant to put you in a good mood wether your at the club or chilling with your friends, or even having an intimate moment with your girl. Hear & Now is meant for the night owls. If you’re diggin’ Austin Fillmore’s EP as much as I am, make sure you show your support by following him on all his social media outlets below! Stay Connected:



[Music Video] Fairplay – Here

Coming from the west side of windy city Chicago, rapper Fairplay drops off a visual for his latest single “Here.” The song contains a sample from Alessia Cara’s hit single that goes by the same name. Fairplay teams up with videographer Lil E and gives us a gritty visual, spitting real life bars with his crew not far behind him. If you like what you see, you can stay up to date with Fairplay on Twitter.


[MUSIC VIDEO] Dope Fantasy – Pressure

Dope Fantasy drops a visual to their song “Pressure” feat Dj Taye. The song is from their forth coming project, S.L.A.M., (Sorta Like A Mixtape). Pressure has a hypnotizing melody that’s produced by C-Sick who recently collaborated with Tory Lanez. L’s, Jay R, and Ross Augusta triple team this track Marvel vs Capcom style combining an unorthodox rhyme style with vivid tales of Chicago.
dope fantasy pressure 1
Jay R starts off on the track and you can definitely tell his Kanye influence is flow and bars. Ross Augusta comes up second gives you an autobiographical sixteen bars of Chicago. Then you have L’s who runs anchor on the track and delivers a very smooth, complex, lyrical verse to finish the track. Dope Fantasy has a lot of potential and definitely one to look out for on the underground scene.



Music Video: 7oddz – “Oddities Philosophy”

[Chicago, Illinois] With their four part “Out For Blood Vol 3” mixtape series releasing throughout 2016, Chicago’s Seven Oddities Records presets fans with a brand new video entitled “Oddities Philosophy”. The song is also the debut single from the upcoming “Old Fashioned Hip Hop” EP, featuring production from Ukraine producer Alf.

In the video, we find Doomsday, DreakTek and Clever One exchanging bars old school style in the A-Lex visual, taking viewers to Montrose Harbor located on Chicago’s North Side. Definitely a crew to check out, here’s 7oddz in “Oddities Philosophy”, making their debut on Nikki Siixx.

Pre-order “Old Fashioned Hip Hop” below:

7oddz x Aromotherapy – “Old Fashioned Hip Hop”

[Links] Website Facebook Twitter


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“The Late Pass” represents a pass to all those who are late and unaware of the upcoming talent and new trendsetters in indie culture. The Late Pass is a traveling series that’s a cutting-edge, progressive, new – age event experience integrating indie music, product & lifestyle branding. The event (party/performance) takes place in various venues throughout the country that lends to the feel of authentic indie music culture.

The Late Pass caters to the experience of a raw and organic feel transformed into an indie DIY party/show. “The Late Pass” takes place in multiple markets including Illinois, Michigan, Arizona, Missouri, Iowa City, Miami, NYC and more. Major “Indie” artist Mic Terror (Treated Crew founder), and Savemoney’s Brian Fresco, alongside Roy French, & DJ Earn Money, have been featured on major blogs including Complex.com, Pitchfork.com, DjBooth.net, TheFader.com, Noisey, and many more.



Album Review: Pennjamin Bannekar – Paper Plane Pilots

[CHICAGO] Pennjamin Bannekar is an artist who’s looking to express himself through his music. Penn has with his album Paper Plane Pilots! The twleve track project is a story from start to finish. From being involved in the music scene, to working things out in a long relationship, dealing with heartbreak, and with life afterwards.

pennjamin bannekarThis is not your regular type of hip-hop sounding project, the Paper Plane Pilots is filled with melodic R&B flows and amazing production from Flawless Tracks, !llmind, SuperstaarBeats, Canis Major and celebrity Chicago producer The Fr3shmen (producers for Fabolous, Jeremih, Cassie, Raekwon, and Travis Parker among others).

My favorite tracks off Pennjamin Bannekar’s album are Word, Penn & Paper (featuring Taylor Mallory & Lokachiran), Kill Button, Bodies (featuring Dhniera Blu), Thief (featuring Felly The Voice), Like We’re Broken Up (featuring Jessica Louise & Runway Bella), Here’s What I Think About U, and Congratulations. I feel the project benefits both female and male audiences. For females because of the diversity with R&B singers on the project and for the fellas because of his descriptive lyrics.

When it comes to creating a visual to bring what you say to life. With Penn, he was able to by releasing so far his music videos WORD, THIEF (featuring Felly The Voice), and LIKES. You can only find these tracks off the Paper Plane Pilots; take a look!

One of my favorite tracks has to be LIKE WE’RE BROKEN UP. I really like the chemistry between Pennjamin Bannekar, Jessica Louise & Runway Bella. They give the track a bit of a spunkiness. The song also reminds me of a 90’s pop/hip-hop track. Paper Plane Pilots is definitely a project that’s worth a listen and is filled with really dope tracks.

This concludes my review on the album, but if you’re diggin’ Paper Plane Pilots by Pennjamin Bannekar, then you should support the artist and get it on either iTunes, Amazing, and Google Play.



Audio: DSmithXIII – Faces

[CHICAGO, IL – ATLANTA, GA] Going through the submissions I unfold DSmithXIII with his single FACES. DSmithXIII takes an optimistic approach towards negative situations that occur. Starting off with feeling amazing and honoring your talents. I really like the energy and flow he presented off this track. FACES is one of the singles off DSmithXIII project XIII: Stories Never Told. In 2015 he made the move to Atlanta, GA to take advantage of new opportunities that was presented to him, bringing his unique sound to Atlanta and putting on for the city of Chicago everywhere he goes. Be on the lookout for more updates from DSmithXIII by following his social media links below.



Music Video: Solution – ROSE in the Rubble

Over the past couple of years we have seen an outbreak of Chicago rappers becoming household names in the world of Hip-Hop. Artist ranging from Chief Keef to Chance The Rapper turned their local buzz to worldwide appeal and this Chicago based emcee believes his time is now. Solution dropped his first visual for his upcoming EP due for release early this fall (no title as of now). The visual is for the track titled “ROSE in the Rubble” and the imagery stays true to the title, showing Solution holding a red rose in a world of black and white, portraying himself in the surroundings that he grew up on within the Southside of Chicago. Be on the lookout for this artist who has the talent and the spotlight on his city to his advantage.



New Music: Alex Wiley – Right Right featuring Kembe X

Premiering his track RIGHT RIGHT first with Complex, here at NikkiSiixx we would like to show you why they keep talking about Chicago Rapper Alex Wiley. Besides recently performing at Dope Entertainment’s ROLLING LOUD FESTIVAL in Miami and headlining his first show in NYC for SOBs. After that he heads out to Austin Texas for some performances at SXSW! This kid just doesn’t stop.
-6wt_W4zRIGHT RIGHT features Wiley’s fellow Village Crew member, Kembe X, and production from West Coast duo, Hippie Sabotage. Kembe X and Hippie Sabotage have been previously featured here on NikkiSiixx.com. Kembe X (New Music: Kembe X – “Hydrocodone” (Poker Face)) and Hippie Sabotage VACANTS (Download/Listen). Clearly Alex Wiley know’s who to work with when creating a dope song like RIGHT RIGHT. From his flow, delivery, and wordplay is on point. The chemistry amongst the talent really brings this track for an instant repeat. Well, it was more like 10 times. Be on the look out for Alex Wiley in a country near you since he’s going international with a few performances out of state. See below for Upcoming Tour Dates:
3/18-3/21 – SXSW – Austin
4/10 – Rust – Copenhagen
4/11 – Chesters – Berlin
4/14 – Birthdays – London
4/15 – Batofar – Paris
4/16 – Melkweg – Amsterdam
4/17 – Trix – Antwerp

“What I really want right now is to be the motherf**king drought 3 era mixtape Wayne of 2015 for my fans. I’m making music for people to wang in real life situations with their real life squad.” -Alex Wiley



New Music: Devon Culbert – Oh Lawd featuring Isaiah G

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 2.05.35 PMUp and coming hip-hop artist Devon Culbert from Tampa Florida, is apart of the youngest generation. Only being 16, Devon is able to maintain his own and was able within two years to come up with his concept and then about eight months on the actual project, Just For Practice EP. He recently released a track called OH LAWD featuring Chicago’s own Isaiah G. This was something “quick” cypher from Devon Culbert and Isaiah G. They were lucky to find this really laid-back beat from The Entreproducers that they could both vibe to and contrast with for full-effect OH LAWD. Song is straight BARS!! Stay tune for future features from Devon Culbert and follow him below on social media.



New Music: Gill Graff – Bad Girls featuring TAY

bad-girls1Miami Artist Gill Graff joins forces with Chi-Town’s TAY for BAD GIRLS. The track expresses their perspectives on women who use temptation as a weapon to create lust towards them. Can the boys resist the temptation in BAD GIRLS? Gill Graff linked up with Emilio Rojas and Vinny Cha$e on his latest mixtape Let Me Fail. Gill takes the first verse and Tay takes the second. Hope BAD GIRLS comes with the visual! You just need to stay tuned with Gill Graff’s social media to get updated on the latest!!

Cover Model: Shakira Hernandez (INSTAGRAM)
Art cover photo credit : @Ohrangutang



(MC) JUICE prepares to release his most in-depth music project to date. He also speaks about facing 10 years in prison, his father’s death and other recent life-changing events. –HELPMCJUICE.COM

The story behind MC JUICE current status is just a damn shame, considering how unfair the justice system is. But before we get into the topic. Here’s a bit more on Terry Parker, better known by his stage name Juice, is an American freestyle rapper from Chicago, United States. He beat Eminem in the semifinals at Scribble Jam in 1997, and ultimately won the competition. He was regarded in 2004 as one of finest freestyle rappers ever produced by Chicago. Things unfortunately turned for the worse when MC JUICE barely survived a car accident. Which left him with two broken bones in his neck that almost left him paralyze; It even caused him to lose his memory. This made it extremely difficult for him to work and perform to make money. And during this time, MC JUICE’s father got fatally ill with stage 4 Lung Cancer. He’s father understood JUICE’s dream of returning to California and getting back on track. He’s father passed away and left him a modest inheritance which gave him that push he needed to head to California. But during the drive to his destination he was pulled over by police and they confiscated over $20,000. ILLEGAL POSSESSION OF MONEY I can’t believe this. That this is an actual charge. Now Belle and JUICE are both facing 10 years in prison just for having cash. It costs money to win cases, so they’re reaching out on INDIEGOGO. Make you’re donations and help get JUICE the legal representation that he needs to not serve time for a crime he did not commit. They were both charged, so they both need to retain separate lawyers. The irony of it all is that it will take more money to exonerate them than what was actually seized. But at this point, it’s about their freedom that is at stake which is the main issue; not the money they lost.

Get familiar with his freestyle on the Wake Up Show with Sway and King Tech as well as free styling at every performance as part of the act. VIA WICKEDHIPHOP.COM

One of his classic song “Sincerely”:

Music Video: SCC – We Work

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 9.53.50 PMSCC (Second City Citizens) is a Hip-Hop trio (Rich Jones, Swords The Ronin, and Troy Boy) from the North Side of Chicago. They recently released their official music video WE WORK off of their EP, Tres Amigos! I love this video! It’s a Big Lebowski/Kingpin themed video. The guys take it to the bowling ring dressed up as the main characters like Walter Sobchak, Roy Munson and Ernie “Big Ern” McCracken. The video was directed and edited by Brain Killer. Besides the video looks like a movie, the song is pretty dope too! I probably bumped this video easily 15+ times. Fun track, I can definitely see this being played at a house party. Production is sick with Montana Macks on the beat.

Tres Amigos EP is available VIA BANDCAMP & Don’t forget to check their links TWITTERWEBSITE

New Music: Kembe X – “Hydrocodone” (Poker Face)

Kembe-XKembe X is one teenage rapper you want to look out for. Hailing from the South Suburbs of Chicago, Kembe X broke onto the scene with his debut mixtape “Self Rule” that was featured on sites such as 2dopeboyz, Illroots and Forbes as well as Impose Magazine. Him, Alex Wiley and his crew The Village have gained attention with their hit single “Dollar Please” from their group EP titled “Can I Borrow A Dollar”. Kembe X was also featured on Wiley’s recent, The Village Party project. Here is the Chicago MC’s latest cut, “Hydrocodone” with production from The Antydote.


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Music Video: PATMAN ‘Son of Chicago’ – Act A Fool

Patman_a.k.a_SonOfChicagoCheck out the latest from Chicago’s own PATMAN ‘Son of Chicago‘ with his music video ACT A FOOL! This track is for the ladies who have their life together, but when it comes to acting out with the one their with gives me a right to act a fool because you deserve it. PATMAN references through his verses his encounters with a teacher, nurse, an officer, and a construction worker. These ladies can’t control themselves when they set their eyes on PATMAN. DGainzBeats directed the visual and Fallout Beatz produced it. ACT A FOOL is a track that can definitely get spins in a club. The setting is just right.

This young Chicagoan is looking to take the music, acting and modeling industries by storm. He possesses the rare ability to write and perfect his own lyrics. -VEN Entertainment Group

Not only has he ignited many stages in his hometown, The Son of Chicago has also had crowds jumping in the Dirty South as well as on the East and West Coasts. From performing at the Magic Show at the Convention Center in Las Vegas to being welcomed by Harlem fans in New York’s very own Rucker Park.

For Booking Shows or Interviews: Contact Person: V (773)-934-3056
Email: shows@sonofchicago.com Management: VEN Entertainment Group

Stay in the loop for PATMAN ‘Son of Chicago‘ upcoming music, projects, & visuals by following these links: WEBSITEINSTAGRAMYOUTUBETWITTERFACEBOOK