Project Review: Idiotic Oddity – Idiotic Oddity EP

[NAPTOWN, INDIANAPOLIS] Idiotic Oddity is a unique artist that mixes hip-hop, pop, and rock within his genre. This presents a wide arrange of sounds that Idiotic Oddity adapted to quickly. You may think is a bit out of the norm, but who is normal nowadays? Oddity’s also does his own vocals, making an appearance on his hooks/chorus. Really catchy! Wanting me to press replay. Idiotic Oddity released his self titled EP Idiotic Oddity. I find this to be a great introduction to who Oddity is as an artist. The refreshing production and melodies reminded me of one of my favorite Indie Electronic Duos The Limousines. With a dancy 80’s synth and 90’s influenced pop. But Idiotic Oddity provides a hip-hop flow to his verses. Idiotic Oddity EP is a five track project, here’s what I thought about my favorite tracks off of it.

CERTAIN WAY One thing I really like about this song is the production and the catchiness of the hook. Oddity expresses his interest in someone whose not giving the attention he wanted, so he just had to let them go. Admitting his true feelings to her, knowing he’ll be burning their bridge of friendship since he knew the feelings weren’t reciporcal. Regardless, in a way it’s for the best, since he started to feel like he was being led on from a far.

EVERYTHING TO ME Here’s another track where Oddity is expressing himself to a woman of interest. Predicting scenarios if they were to be together. One thing I like about this track is Oddity’s slower flow. You’re able to fully listen to his dialogue and I feel he gets his point across.

TONIGHT ALONE Oddity has the capability to make a catchy hook! Here’s a track where the production takes us more on the rock and roll side. Oddity adapted a faster delivery over the guitar riffs. It just goes to show that Idiotic Oddity is able to work on different sounding music. This track really gives off an indie electronic style. Which I don’t mind because I enjoy that type of genre.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 3.47.00 PMIdiotic Oddity is inspired from artist like Frank Ocean, Drake, Tyler The Creator, and Childish Gambino. You can sense what artists inspired how he took his hooks and melodies with Frank Ocean and Drake while Tyler The Creator and Childish Gambino inspired his lyrical approach to his storytelling. With Oddity and his music it catches the listeners’s attention and sparking their curiosity. If you’re diggin’ the Idiotic Oddity EP make sure to listen via SPOTIFY. And follow him on all his social media links to stay in the loop.


CraccCobain Recap: Firefly Music Festival (June 18-21 2014)

fireflySummer is a season that’s always well looked forward to especially after long winters. I was honored to start this summer at the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DE. This a new experience for me and I most say I was impressed. The main act I looked forward to seeing at this festival was Outkast. It has been on my bucket list since I was in second grade to see Outkast perform live so already had me hyped. Then I learned that there were other good hip-hop artists like Vic Mensa, Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino and G-eazy. Vic Mensa had the first hip-hop set early on Friday (June 19th) and put one hell of a show. He has a great stage presence and made sure to interact with the crowd and have everyone dancing. After his set was finished I checked out acts from a few other genres and found a few good acts like the Mowgli’s, arctic monkeys and airborne toxic event. Later that night I say chance the rapper’s set which was good as I expected it to be especially since he was the most talked about artist of the day other than the foo fighters. I finished off Friday by turning up with A-trak and then rocking out to The Foo Fighters. Vic Mensa
Saturday I woke up excited for another day of great music especially since I would be seeing Outkast live by the end of the night. I used my time up until then watching great performances from the likes of twenty one pilots, royal teeth, third eye blind, cage the elephant, walk off the earth and imagine dragons. I stood up for nearly two hours before Outkast was scheduled to start their performance to make sure to have a good spot for their set. That was a brilliant idea because an hour before the performance was scheduled to start you could see faces lined up to watch Outkast for as far back as you can see. Andre 3000 came out wearing the white Stankonia wig and a black jumpsuits with “Children of the Cornbread” written across the front. Outkast Big Boi had on a more simple dickies styled black outfit with a red fitted cap. They ran threw all of their classic joints and stood there reciting all of the lyrics word for word as did a few others around me. They even brought the great Sleepy Brown as they performed songs like “SpottieOttieDopalicious” and “SouthernPlayerlisticCadillacFunkyMuzik”. The show was definitely worth the anticipation.
Sunday was a quite relaxing final day of the festival. I saw G-eazy put on one hell of a show a few hours before releasing his latest project. I also saw sets from wild cub, weezer, the lumineers and ziggy marley. I finished off the weekend by watching childish gambino put on a show that made me earn a new respect for him as an artist. After such an incredible weekend I look forward to going back next summer and definitely recommend you all to join me out there.