(Spotlight on center stage). *Clears throat and grabs mic* “AND YOU SAY CHI CITY!!!” It’s your girl, MidWest Melly, ambassador of all things FLY in the city of CHI… and MIDWESTBEST. First, I would like to announce that I am beyond honored to recently be welcomed to the Chi-Rock Nation fam, Chapter 4! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Chi-Rock, they contribute an INFINITE amount of creativity to the city of Chicago and beyond. Chi-Rock educates the youth and stands for anti-violence. They promote Hip Hop in a positive light and have built a long standing, respected platform for artists of all kinds. (Lights dim).

Stepping up to the stage is an artist that is NO stranger to the Chi-Rock Nation, Chapter 4 family or the Hip culture nationwide. He is a native of the Southeast side of Chicago and boasts an impressive resume and is a man of many titles. MEET: SamIam The MC! (Spotlight ON).

Photo By:  Ian Hitre

Photo By: Ian Hitre

SamIam The Mc is a MC/Breakdancer, Freestyle Veteran and Event Promoter. He has been participating and winning battles at open mics in Chicago for yeeears, SON! He has rocked the mic and dominated the dance floor at venues like: The Note (my stomping grounds back in the day for classic hip hop), Jerry’s and Subterranean a.k.a. “SubT” (current favorite, shouts to Shawdowmaster MC, J. Norm and 606 Entertainment). SamIam The Mc has won the 2007 Rhymespitters 4 All City Freestyle Championship.

Rhyme Spitters 4 from Rhyme Spitters on Vimeo.

This talented and lyrical artist has opened up for legendary acts like: Cormega, Keith Murray, Brand Nubian, Jus Blaze and Jeru The Demaja to name a few. He has been recognized by the National Media & Industry. He has had his single “Uprock” featured on dance video/arcade game “Pump IT Up”. Oh… and SamIam The MC just happens to be 5-time champion of BET’s 106th & Park Freestyle Friday…. aaaand was a finalist on MTV’s World Rap Championships For One Million!

YES. This Mc represents the “Windy” in a serious way. He has a passion for the classic elements of hip hop culture and believes that there is still room for true lyrical content in this present state of Hip Hop. He not only performs but promotes events all over Chicago (Wicker Park, Wrigleyville, Uptown).

“My mission is to help bring real hip hop back to the forefront and help usher in the new “Golden Age” of hip hop. – SamIam The MC

SamIam The Mc has been recently dropping gems from his new mixtape “Golden Era Pt. 2” set to release in September. His new single “Represent Skillz” featuring Aztec Dinero and Raw Dawg is a prelude for what is to come for the future of this freestyle King. There is also word he just shot a video for the track, although the release date on that is currently to be determined.

SamIam The Mc is a lyrical BEAST so it’s only right he pays hip hop homage to Chi-Rock Nation, Chapter 4… Home of The Beasts! Stay tuned for the “Golden Era Pt. 2” and stay connected with this artist to find out more on why he is most definitely a MIDWESTBEST.


Reverb Nation

Aug 7th, 2014
SamIam The MC presents…
Summer Mic Nite at Grandbar
HipHop Acts/House Music

1600 W Grand Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60622.
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Photo Credit: Ian Hitre Video