Lootcrate: NikkiSiixx Unboxes February’s PLAY Theme

NikkiSiixx is a member of a gamer subscription mystery box called LOOTCRATE filled with gamer/cartoon/movie goodies. This month’s theme was PLAY. Bringing us some dope stuff from H.E.X, Kid Robot Munny D.I.Y, PAC-MAN and Firefly.

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Videogames: Old School VS New School Video by Freddiew

I saw this video on youtube and I wanted to share it with you. FreddieW’s channel has a couple of dope videos related to our favorite characters in videogames. This video really caught my attention it’s OLD SCHOOL VS NEW SCHOOL. Meaning 8-Bit Classics versus our modern day video game characters such as Master Chief from HALO, Altair from Assassin’s Creed, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, and others your surely able to recognize. Very Entertaining.

If you’re hankerin’ for some old school gaming, check out the online Atari Arcade


What happens when old school games go face to face with new school characters?

Special thanks to Internet Explorer for making this video possible – we were able to fly out some primo cosplayers and pull in the VFX expertise of Playfight for this one!

Master Chief played by Ben M. Waller
Cortana played by Whitney Avalon
Altair played by Ronnie Shalvis
Lara Croft played by Leeanna Vamp
Nathan Drake played by Jessiah Ruiz
The Scout played by Clinton Jones
Leon played by Jack Conway

Kickin’ music by John Robert Matz.
Sound design by Kevin Senzaki
VFX by Playfight and Kevin Comerford