[EP REVIEW] Yadda Man – Lose To Win

Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have hip-hop artist Yadda Man with his new EP LOSE TO WIN. The five track project brings us some old school vibes, with punchlines and overall a dope delievery by Yadda Man. The project was entirely produced by Luke White.

Here’s a bit of backstory on Yadda Man, he grew up in Cleveland, Omaha, and Chicago. Having to move around to three different cities. This gave a bit of an influence on his musical career. With his experiences, Yadda Man makes his lyrics come to life. Ever since he was young he knew the calling to becoming a hip-hop artist.

With my EP Review, I’ll be breaking down my favorite and stand out tracks of LOSE TO WIN. My picks are Say What, 15 Cents, Winning, and Triple H. Here are my thoughts:

13321864_1026375897416947_6088818784075384688_n[01. SAY WHAT] Yadda Man’s flow is on point over that boom-bap production. Sounds effortless. Yadda touches on topics of people who intend to talk more than what they know. Pretty much, it doesn’t phase him at all. He’s still going to do what he does best.

[02. 15 CENTS] The concept of this track, is Yadda Man asking a couple of questions to a shorty he wants to get to know. I feel this track could be that real summer vibes, it really comes off with the production. Also, this track is about the women who are worth it, are the ones who work hard for their own and are independent.

[04. WINNING] This track was the really stand out track on LOSE TO WIN. From the trap sound influence and fast flows, this track is a winner! Winning features Julian Thomas on the track. Both artists sound great together and what a great collaboration. I can definitely see this track being played in the club, it will fit perfectly.

[05. TRIPLE H] Yadda Man talks about the struggles of growing up and becoming a man. Regardless of how bad it gets Yadda Man makes sure to always look to the man upstairs for guidance. Sometimes you got to lose to win, is repeated throughout the hook. And a sample clip of an episode of Oprah, where she was going to have Nelson Mandela as a guest.

Recently, Yadda Man has teamed up with Music/Management & Promotional Company Rap Soul Ent. With shows and festivals booked between Texas and the Midwest, 2016 and 17 is looking really promising for the lyricist. His next show will be at the Rap Soul Music festival featuring Twista, Paul Wall & Afroman Sep 24th.

This concludes my EP Review on LOSE TO WIN, from Yadda Man. If you like the project as much as I do (considering 4/5 songs I listed), make sure to support the artist and follow him on all his social media below.



Audio: Freshforreal – Ball Together (Tribute to Kenn Ball)

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 3.43.46 PM[CLEVELAND, OHIO] Trap Conscious Rapper Freshforreal made a tribute track called BALL TOGETHER for the late Kenn Ball. If you’re not familiar with the name you should of because he was a rising star in Cleveland. Unfortunately, one night Kenn Ball was gun down by an off-duty police officer back in 2012. The tragic news struck Freshforreal hard, he meet Kenn Ball at the age of 11 and became friends. Once Kenn Ball moved to one city over, they still remained friends. Seeing each other once in a while and constantly speak through Twitter. With the latest update on the trial we find out the officer Roger Jones gets a slap on the wrist with getting assigned to regular duty at the 3rd District. That he was liable for using excessive force when he shot Kenn Ball. Right now the trial is focusing more on charging the Driver of the vehicle, Devonta Hill with counts of murder and other felonies. I really don’t understand why the driver is being called a murderer when Hill didn’t even pull the trigger, officer Roger Jones did. Freshforreal was happy the family was rewarded immensely but the music and the art Kenn Ball provided will never be updated. But hoping for BALL TOGETHER to gain more exposure for the fallen rapper. Freshforreal expresses how progressively Kenn Ball was moving up even getting an opportunity with RCA Records and was working on his debut project. Here’s the link to Kenn Ball’s project Birth Place of Aviation via iTunes. Freshforreal presents a great way to show appreciation to someone you loss by making a song about them. Currently, for Freshforreal his working on his upcoming mixtape titled INTERVIEW and catch his documentary series on Youtube self titled TRACY with his first episode THE REAL ARTIST CREATED BY YOU:



Audio: Chrs Brise – Walk Amongst The Dead

IMG_4378BW_web.jpg[BOSTON, MA] Upcoming Hip-Hop Rapper Chrs Brise released his latest track WALK AMONGST THE DEAD. The very dark post-apocalyptic influenced track with a dash of trap house. Chrs Brise brings this track right before the fall season to fit perfectly for Halloween. WALK AMONGST THE DEAD brings a heavy dark complex theory to provoke our minds. Chrs Brise life experiences bring inspiration for his music. Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, and residing now in Boston, Massachusetts. The track was produced by Attic Stein. Be on the look out for more content from Chrs Brise.


Mixtape: BLKSUNCHILD – Hii On The Lows

blksunLet me be clear about one thing from the start, this mixtape has been brewing for some time now and the results couldn’t be finer. BLKSUNCHILD has been taking his time to grow as an artist and as a human, percolating into something wholesome and resonate. “Hii On The Lows” casts a broad net of vibes and influences. He uses his platform to express frustration, speak on love and life in the city, and make statements of his own drive and determination. Quality abounds.

In this blogger’s opinion, BLKSUNCHILD is an example of the dynamic ability of man to cultivate and develop talent and skill. Man is not static, man has the ability to change and adapt and grow in the direction of his choosing. BLKSUNCHILD is proof of this given ability. In the time that I’ve been aware of his music, about a year now, he has grown in leaps and bounds. Each release and snippet is a milestone of development; each new verse a testament to the depth of the artist. The main ingredients of the very complete “Hii On The Lows” are time and experience plus a few shakes of soul. I strongly advise you to catch the free download before you have to pay to play. BLKSUNCHILD is rising the springtime sun.

LINKS: Twittercuzimblk.com

New Music: J. Oli – Reminiscent

photoJ. Oli of Cleveland, OH dropped his mellow toned single “Reminiscent”. This song is produced by Jacob Marley and has a beat that alone is fitting of the song’s title. J. Oli’s style of rhyming on it was is a singing form of rap that actually fits the production in a smooth way. He used his lyrics to tell the story of his journey from when he first started rapping. He used great imagery by saying things like “quick to the internet thought everyone thinks it’s the shit/ got the opposite of that everyone told me to quit“. You picture that happening especially if you ever made an attempt at creating music a young age. This song reminded so much of myself that I replayed it three times before writing this post. Check out the song below: