[Gettysburg, PA] If the LOKO doesn’t ring a bell it should! Previously featured artist Dubby of Team Loko has branched out to creating his own lifestyle brand called Team Loko Apparel, as a result of the demand from his music followers and fans. The clothing line doesn’t give off as a merch item, there more style and thought towards each and every item. They range from items such as t-shirts, crewneck sweatshirt, tanks, crop tops for the ladies in pink and green, leggings, and snapbacks. Team Loko Apparel is where the culture of hip-hop intertwines with the simplicity of fine art. We provide not only a stylish product of instant attraction for both men and women, but a brand of apparel that supports the dreams of our nation’s talented youth.

The world is a crazy place. We encourage the crazy. Go loko or stay sane.
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FASHION: 8&9 Summer 2015 – Ruffians Collection – Ontario Sun Beams

CptDCKWjtG6z0omdp4C_hKzqmq8crjb-rSYAy6i8q6yrYB2SCxUEAsdrkKsqFvmem51Is6DIOvl_0iAnxBQ_F475fqMeKoBm=s0-d-e1-ft8&9 MFG. Co. Summer ’15 Ontario Sunbeams. The Ruffians cut & sew collection is available online now. Visual gives us a closer look at Justin Butts “The Mystic Cheese Factory” with @nickylifestyles @sirwaltgrizzly. The Ruffians Collection features U.S. made cut & sew pieces like the perfect tees, terry jerseys and shorts as well as a light weight cotton baseball jersey for summer. Check out the video and shop the full collection via 8&9 MFG. Co.
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FASHION: Freedom City Apparel (NYC)

We’re featuring on today’s FASHION Category a street wear apparel company from New York City. Brothers Alvin and Alfonso Garcia, collaborate amongst themselves for their brand. Expressing themselves through their logo and main focus with “The Park Bench”. Lately the Garcia’s have been non-stop with new looks, upcoming events, and much more.

Even through the Freedom City brand they have been able to participate in such worthy-cause marketing endeavors such as The Annual Freedom City Halloween Candy Giveaway for Children, the Cavala Christmas Toy Drive and the United Palace Save the Youth Event (Stop the Youth Violence Showcase). In the future the brand is looking to initiate funding for after school programs that cultivate youth performance arts, giving communities and neighborhoods face-lifts by featuring graffiti artists to do art pieces on walls throughout New York City, host spoken word events and provide a back to school supplies giveaway for the youth annually. Through this interview we discuss their current event “Live Free Revolution”, the message they’re trying to spread “LIVE FREE”, upcoming styles and expanding their merch selection.

Untitled.jpg8Photo Courtesy of Art of The Flick (L to R) Daniel Rivera founder of Blue Hope Media, Freedom City Co-Founder Alfonso Garcia, Art Rapture Founder Frankie Caamano and Freedom City Co-Founder Alvin Garcia.

NIKKISIIXX: Congrats on your fashion event at Gallery 69 dubbed the “Live Free Revolution” on July 12th. What inspired the title of the event and what did the attendees get from the show?
FREEDOM CITY: The inspiration of the title for our event comes from the company’s mission statement, which is simply to “LIVE FREE.” Revolutions’ start with the truth and that’s what we are spreading. Our attendees got a slice of the creative side of street culture in New York City through our clothing, the photography on the walls and a couple other elements, which left our guests surprise.

slideshow_5NIKKISIIXX: Freedom City street wear apparel is your clothing line and brand. You’ve dedicated your lives to not only to creating quality clothing for free spirited individuals and bringing an impactful message to “LIVE FREE”. You have a park bench as your logo, how does the logo represent the message behind the brand?
FREEDOM CITY: Our meeting place for all of our activities has been the park bench. This dates back to when we were growing up whether it was to hang out, have rap ciphers, watch dance crews, listen to music and even kick it with girls and in New York City the NYPD doesn’t allow people to hang out in the park after a certain time. So we came up with the idea to make the park bench our own by using it as our logo and anchor to our street wear clothing line. To us the park bench represents freedom, life and expression. Everyone has their personal life stories when they think about the park bench, so it is very easy for them to identify how we feel at Freedom City NYC.

NIKKISIIXX: Freedom City has been a help towards making their community a stronger and safer place for teens growing up in NYC. What advice would you give to these troubled teens in order to get their lives back on track?
FREEDOM CITY: Being authentic is a formula that always worked for us growing up. Don’t hold back when it comes to being yourself and you will always come out leading and never following. Individuality is your unique fingerprint. LIVE FREE

Freedom City Money GirlNIKKISIIXX: Currently on your online store I see you have snapbacks, t – shirts and hoodies. Are there any new items coming soon?
FREEDOM CITY: It’s great that you mention that because at our event “Live Free Revolution” we featured a lot of the new pieces coming up for this summer and fall. Everything from belts to tank tops, cargos, back packs, skullies and shorts are all coming in these upcoming seasons for both men and women. It’s important to check our website every month because every thing we manufacture is limited and you might not want to miss our exclusive releases.

NIKKISIIXX: Considering you’re brothers you were raised by parents that taught you to be well rounded individuals that provided a positive impact on others no matter what. Do you feel the positive up bringing was what helped you accomplish in making your Freedom City brand come to life?
FREEDOM CITY: Our past is definitely a big part of what we do to this day. Whether it was our parents or our peers, we come from a culture of being truthful and never posing to be anything that we are not. The truth is undeniable and that’s what we are spreading. We want to create a new culture that’s original without following trends and that’s the void we are filling for our market. That’s the whole image we are about, being an individual and never following trends thus our mission statement “Be Yourself, LIVE FREE”.

FREEDOM CITY: Thanks to NikkiSiixx for helping spread this LIVE FREE attitude.
Look out for anything Freedom City NYC at : WEBSITE
@freedomcitynyc on Instagram FACEBOOK

Fashion: Blast Off Clothing Line Summer Collection 2013

Came across this Clothing Line called BLAST OFF & I really like what they have to offer. From Tank Tops, Tees, Accessories, and designer style shirts for men. Recently updated their website with their entire collection for Summer 2013. View below my favorites from the line. Also, if you like what you see click the image to take you exactly where you need to go to get BLAST OFF ATTIRE.

HASHTRONAUT TANK – Love the color choices on the design on this tank top. How else can you get higher than an astronaut?

BLASTRONAUT TANK – This is another dope Tank Top in their collection. The girl dressed in an astronaut. Really Dope.

BLAST VISION – Are modeled after the classic Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses and feature “Blast Off” on both the right and left temples. These are tight! Especially is comes in other colors such as Black, White, Grey, Lime, Blue, Red, and Clear Pink. Wonder how the clear pinks look like? I’ll be definitely caught with those on with the HASHTRONAUT TANK.

BLACK CREWNECK SWEATER – What a way to keep yourself warm with this Turquoise Logo from Blast Off! Looks really comfortable and you’re still reppin’ the clothing line right.

LINKS WEBSITE@blastoffline

Fashion: 8and9 with Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter Kevin Cossom

Check out the latest installment from 8and9 Clothing Line featuring a photo shoot with Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter Kevin Cossom. Filmed and edited by iLoveDeviant. Kevin stops by the official 8and9 Store for a photoshoot with Respek Fresh. During the video recap KC discusses what motivates him, what he’s been up to lately, and what’s in store from him in the near future.



Fashion: No Solution Clothing Lines Summer 2012 Commercial

The latest visual from No Solution Clothing Line’s Summer 2012 Collection Commercial. The video takes place in a skater’s day in Miami. During his day he’s rocking a NO SOLUTION Tank top. This guy wanted to graph up a wall but almost got caught by security. If you like the gear go over to NOSOLUTION.COM & get it today!



Fashion: DaBottom Clothing Sale $10 Off Any Purchase of $30

Check it out you can save $10 off any purchase of $30 when you shop for your exclusive gear from Da Bottom Clothing. But you have to shop between May 20- June 2! Don’t miss out on the opportunity. They have from t-shirts for men and women, sweaters, and accessories! If your a fan of stickers like I am. Send your name & mailing address to art@dabottomclothing.com to get hooked up with FREE STICKERS!


Fashion: 8&9 Clothing Line — 25% Off with Special Promo Code!

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Who is 8&9? “8&9 is a young, conscious, independent clothing company. We’re real people, with real principles. Street kids that work for ourselves, doing what we like, not what advertisers try to shovel us. Our inspiration comes from our lifestyle, music, sneakers, art, pop & sub cultures to create relevant products you can appreciate on multiple levels.” –8&9

8&9 Clothing is more than just a clothing line. It’s Street Wear for Sneakerheads. Established since 2001 and still growing with popularity. 8&9’s selection has T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Tank Tops, Accessories, Stickers, Sneaker Key Chains, Sneaker Posters, Sneaker Boxes, and Sneakers. They’re designs are unique and catch your attention. Their site includes a blog with updates with new gear, new music, photos, videos, and upcoming events.

Local artists from Miami, Boston, and New York rep 8&9’s clothing line through photoshoots, and rocking them live on stage. Brisco (Poe Boy), Short Dawg (Young Money), Sam Sneak (Maybach Music), Trademark (Jets Crew BluRoc Music), and others also wear it.

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Fashion: Da Bottom Clothing Line

Fashion! Check out Da Bottom Clothing! I came across this line and they are representing Ft. Lauderdale, FL to the fullest. Da Bottom expresses you! They offer creative, innovative and opinionated designs that allow whoever rocks it, to rock it with style. I just feel in love with the designs, the colors, and they also have accessories from bracelets to pin buttons! Check out the promo code for discount on your order!
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