[MUSIC VIDEO] Fusway Jones – Out Da Way

[ATLANTA, GEORGIA] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have rap artist Fusway Jones bringing us his latest music video OUT DA WAY. This track is perfect for a club setting, with hard hitting bass and auto-toned catchy hooks. Fusway Jones stands out throughout the scenes. Rocking a red adidas suit and eye catching backdrops. Filled with supporters and having a good time. OUT DA WAY was produced by London On Da Track. If you’re diggin’ Fusway Jones latest visual make sure you show support and follow him below:



[AUDIO] Arkadian – Bounce

[BRONX, NY] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have hip-hop artist Arkadian. With his latest single BOUNCE. Bounce is a trap/club track that discusses the different types of things you like to enjoy. According to Arkadian he says “the struggle that you see around the world in the hoods, not just people of color meaning brown, black, tan, he wants people to see THE STRUGGLE because that is what we all got no matter what level we are at in the world we know today as the land of the free”.

Here’s a little bit of history on Arkadian, he had to get major spine surgery due to fighting for our freedom with the U.S. Army. He had to get eight screws and two 4-inch rods in his back & with the time that heís been recovering and watching how the country he fought for is turning upside down. This inspired him to pick up the pen and write down what he truly felt. This helped him reflect on his life, growing up as a soldier, and chilling in his hood while stationed at Fort Bragg N.C and Fort Hamilton NY.

If you’re diggin’ BOUNCE make sure to listen to it on either Spotify or Tidal! And don’t forget to show your support by following him below:



[BEAT ALERT] iLLie Nelsun – Kings

[CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, Producer iLLie Nelson (Originating from Queens, NY) with his beat entitled KINGS. This is actually his first Electronic Hip-Hop beat from his Beat Tape “No More Lights“. iLLie Nelson provides an energizing summer anthem with KINGS.

This beat/vibe is perfect for just listening to it from the gym, your car, the club, your home, a house party. It kinda reminds me of playing Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core on the PSP. That electronic uplifting sound brings me back to the countless hours playing it. This beat is entertaining on its own. Definitely playing this on repeat! You should purchase the full beat tape on iTunes and Listen on Spotify for free!

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[AUDIO] Flow God – Bottles in the Air

[NEW YORK CITY] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, an artist that goes by the name Flow God brings us his latest single BOTTLES IN THE AIR. This track is perfect for a night club vibe, while heavy bass and piano rifts plays through the speakers. Flow God is always about having a good time regardless of the circumstances. Screw the haters and enjoy what you have. Flow God’s flow is a fast pace which is an undeniable rap skill and providing invigorating lyrics.

flow god - According to Flow God: I’m ready to bring back the real essence of old school Hip Hop while diving into the current mainstream music. With my father’s mentorship, the inspiration helped me create similar “Flows” so others can feel the same way I felt when I was introduced to rap. From watching his father battle whoever stepped up in front of Woodhaven bowling alley, he fell in love with the competitiveness and creativity.

BOTTLES IN THE AIR is a fun track and provides you some positive light when working hard and accomplishing your goals. Flow God is rigorously preparing for his upcoming EP release “Rags & Riches”. While he keeps working on perfecting his craft. Be on the look out for it and get his latest updates by following him on his social media outlets below:



Audio: TocaBang – ROXY featuring Oy Boyz and Ethan Spalding

TocaBang dropped a new slapper by the name of “Roxy“. Himself, Oy Boyz and Ethan Spalding delivered a song that be perfect for your weekend mix that you play on the way to the club or party. Ethan Spalding delivers a quite raunchy hook that you’re guaranteed to be singing by the end of the song. TocaBang’s production and mixing is intoxicating. The Oy boyz give you witty quotables “I eat the pussy call me trader joe but I’ma eat the pussy later though” and “try to wife and I bob and weave“. You can tell that this song although has is raunchy in the nature is all fun and games. It’s meant for you to enjoy as hip-hop was originally intended and that’s great to see since these fellas are from the nation’s capitol. Just like D.C. this song isn’t what I expected when I heard the piano at the beginning of it. TocaBang did an excellent job at putting this song together. Check it out below and feel free to leave a comment.

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New Music: Dubby of Team Loko – Money Pools Ft Wayne Chapo of FTR

Dubby of Team Loko Money Pools[PENNSYLVANIA] Check out the latest single from Dubby of Team Loko with MONEY POOLS featuring the Detroit native, Wayne Chapo of Full Time Real (FTR). Inspired by a trap production by Scott Supreme from the UK. Last time we featured Dubby of Team Loko was when I featured his visuals for WELCOME TO THE SHOW, fresh off his Corpus Callosum mixtape. The collaboration between Dubby and Wayne Chapo mend well together. The overall vibe is straight krunk. MONEY POOLS can definitely be played at a club or crazy house party. || TWITTER || SOUNDCLOUD || YOUTUBE || INSTAGRAM ||


Music Video: iRep D-League “Ape Shit”

Check out the music video Ape Shit from iRep D-League. (South Florida) Definitely a club banger! This Shit Is Bananas. The video was shot by LPMG Films, at Gryphon for Pangaea Thursdays. That Night was live! Bottle popping’ & Beautiful ladies. Ape Shit comes from iRep D-League’s EP Life Up which is set to release November 21st. Don’t forget to check out more from iRep D-League with the links below