Movies: Daddy’s Home Official Trailer #2

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are back with a comedy after their hit THE OTHER GUYS. They bring us Daddy’s Home. Will Ferrell plays the step-father and Mark Wahlberg is the father of the kids. The tension builds high and the laughs are non-stop. I can say they are the best tag team comedy duo out right now besides Seth Rogen and James Franco of course. Sean Anders and John Morris co-directed Daddy’s Home, based on the screenplay by Brian Burns. Daddy’s Home is set to hit theaters December 25th.


Video: Kung Fury Official Trailer by Laser Unicorns

This has to be one of the cleverest way to incorporate 80’s Pop Film Culture with really dope CGI graphics! KUNG FURY brought to you by Laser Unicorn, a production by David Sandberg. The film was crowdfunded through Kickstarter with pledges reaching US $630,019. I seriously can’t wait for this! The story takes us to Miami-Dade Police Department with detective and martial artist Kung Fury. He’s able to time travel from the 1980s to World War II to kill Adolf Hitler, a.k.a. “Kung F├╝hrer”. An error in the time machine sends him further back to the Viking Age…. will Kung Fury be able to avenge his friends death? kung-fury-2 On the 22nd to 29th of May, Director David Sandberg is set to release the 30 minute film online. You wanna know what’s even more intense? How about Singer/Baywatcher David Hasselhoff has created the official theme song called “True Survivor”. You have to watch this after you watch the official trailer for Kung Fury. The song and music video really captures the essence of 80’s music and style. I’ve played True Survivor at least 5 times, I find it to be super catchy!


Netflix Movie Pick: Jeff Who Lives At Home

The other night I came across this movie on Netflix. I was a little bit unsure if I should watch, but I gave it a try. Jeff Who Lives At Home is a movie based off the character Jeff. Jeff is a 30 year old who lives with his mom with no job, no girlfriend, he really doesn’t have anything going on in his life. But he does feel the need to search for the meaning of life. Doing so he feels that there’s signs to life and you must go with instinct and it will lead to something more.

At the beginning of the film Jeff (played by actor Jason Segel) received a phone call asking for a “Kevin”. The person was really sure that the number he called was for Kevin. Jeff believes that there’s no such thing as wrong numbers, what if this is a sign? In a way Jeff stays focused on “KEVIN”. Trying to figure out why and what? During so his Mother (Susan Sarandon) calls and ask for a huge favor. Buy glue to fix a broken closet blind. For once in her son’s life to do something around the house. As Jeff leaves his house he’s on a mission for his mom. But find someone on the bus who has KEVIN on the back of his jersey. This must be a sign! Jeff goes and follows the stranger.

Things happen for a reason. If something happens and leads you into another direction, follow it. Jeff also has a brother named Pat (Ed Helms) is dealing with a failing marriage and is dealing with a mid-life crisis. Instead of investing and saving for a new home he spends it on a new Porsche. Causing more tension in the relationship. Pat decides to take his business meeting to Hooters where he receives a phone call from his mother Sharon. She begging him to help his brother buy the glue and install the new blind. Pat agrees to help, then realizes Jeff walking by in front of the restaurant.


Pat really wants to show off his new Porsche, getting a little hot headed he shows how he can speed and break all of a sudden. Terrible idea! Swerving through traffic and driving right into a tree. While negotiating with the owners of the tree. Jeff realizes Pat’s wife Linda (Judy Greer) at the gasoline station with another man. Story turns and focuses on the investigation is Lindy cheating on Pat? They follow them to a nice restaurant and over hears her reasons why she’s not happy. After that the plot gets crazier. I thought it was a great movie with a better meaning behind it. Also, it was pretty funny at some parts but at sometimes I got a bit teary eyed. But you can watch the movie trailer of JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME and watch it now on NETFLIX!

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Video: Small Blog Problems via NoWhiteNoise.com

I wanted to share with you a short Skit from NoWhiteNoise.com, SMALL BLOG PROBLEMS. Starring Kas from Womazing.com. I found this video to be HILARIOUS! I love Kass’ acting in this one. NoWhiteNoise concept behind this video is that they “wanted to represent the trying times, the struggles, and the tribulations of the person who embodies The Small Blog Blogger”. Created by Michael Collado.

SOURCE: NoWhiteNoise.com

Video: Warm Bodies Official Movie Trailer (2013)

I came across this movie trailer because my best friend Kassie told me I should watch it. Once I watched it, I knew I’m going to see WARM BODIES once it releases on February 1st 2013! If your a fan of zombies, love stories, and comedy you should definitely watch this movie!

The story takes place after the zombie breakout, and after awhile the dead start to become more than just walking corpses. They are becoming human again. The main zombie R is played by actor Nicholas Hoult. I knew he looked familiar, and it was from this British Show I would watched called SKINS. Crazy show! & the girl Julie that R falls for is actress Teresa Palmer. The movie has many other familiar actors and actresses.

Videos: What Kind Of People Say These Things…

The past few weeks I’ve noticed these videos are everywhere on youtube. So many renditions to Shit _____ Say. I would like to share with you some of my favorite ones. They really got a laugh out of me. Shit Miami, Spanish Girls, and Abuelas Say. I can relate to this because I’m from Miami, I’m a Puerto Rican Girl & my Mom acts just like this abuela.

Shit MIAMI People Say… (TheWednesdayNite)

Shit SPANISH GIRLS Say… (SkittLeZ Music TV)

Shit ABUELAS Say… (IamIsmaluna)