Upcoming Event: 12/19 – South Florida Bloggers Meetup at Burger Beast World Headquarters in Miami

It’s the last South Florida Bloggers Meetup of 2015! We hope to see you there & celebrate the sixth month of an AMAZING blogger community. So far it’s been tons of fun, supportive, and educational and it’s all because of you. Let’s make 2016 the year of COLLABORATION. So meet other bloggers and start working together towards greatness!We’re so excited about the December South Florida Bloggers Meetup! On Saturday, December 19, 2015, starting AT NOON, we will have guest speaker Sef Gonzalez from Burger Beast. Sef Gonzalez creator of the award-winning blog, Burger Beast, will be giving a tour of the Burger Beast Museum and telling the story behind Burger Beast followed by a Q & A session.

We will be meeting at Burger Beast World Headquarters! There will be yummies to eat; exactly what yummies is a surprise and only Burger Beast knows.



Upcoming Event: 11/21 – South Florida Bloggers Meetup in Coral Gables, FL

Topic: 9 Rules of Networking

We’re so excited about the November South Florida Bloggers Meetup! On Saturday, November 21, 2015, starting AT NOON, they will have guest speakers Geoffrey Anderson & Dianne Rubin from The Miami Food Pug. If someone knows about networking it’s The Miami Food Pug! They know everyone in town, and most importantly, everyone knows them. They have built long lasting professional relationships with PR agencies, restauranteurs, fellow bloggers, and many other people in the community. They will be breaking down their stellar networking skills into 9 rules for us!



Interview: JamalG

[Baltimore City, MD] When creating music, JamalG often feels like he has a duty or an obligation to speak for those who may not know how to speak for themselves. Being a vessel for his community, God, and the culture. He keeps a constant state of awareness. Releasing his track THESE WINGS. First single off of To Whom It May Concern 2: Final Draft featuring DMV’s own Huskey Hazel. JamalG writes music to use as the initial point of recovery and then performs them as therapy. Not only does he do it for his supporters but he does it for himself. He truly cares for the culture… Because he is the culture. I was able to have a interview with the Baltimore City Native and here’s what he had to say.

jamalg on stage soundcheckNIKKISIIXX: Blizz to Jamal G. Why did you decide on the name change?

JAMALG: Blizz is my neighborhood name. People in my area know me as Biggz younger brother or Blizz. I felt like I’ve changed a lot since I was that kid who just jumped off the porch. So in embracing my middle name I feel like it can take me a little further and push me to those different markets.

NIKKISIIXX: From what I hear from your music I see that you’re just trying to inspire your listeners to be great. What inspire you to take this route with your music?

JAMALG: The people. We have so many odds stacked up against us that when we finally do hear/see that inspiration it becomes that breath of fresh air that’s needed to carry on.

NIKKISIIXX: Sometimes by asking what’s someone’s favorite color you’ll be able to find out a little bit on that person. So what’s your favorite color and why?

JAMALG: It would have to be Black because it’s a strong color. Calm but bold. If you don’t pay attention it could be off putting at first glance but when you give it time, you find out how powerful it can be. The most simple decision I’ve made in my life is having black as a favorite color.

jamalg on stage photo NIKKISIIXX: How do you feel about Baltimore City Underground Hip-Hop Culture?

JAMALG: I love it! My loved ones are continuously working and making great music to shift the energy in Baltimore City.

NIKKISIIXX: Are you working on any new projects or is anything new you’ll like to share?

JAMALG: My new album “To Whom It May Concern 2: Final Draft” is set to release later this summer. It came out to be a great body of work that just makes sense for not only my community but for the Y and Millennial generation groups. Also, I’m currently on tour in Wales right now, but I will be home in August. I’m putting together an unplugged show for the album release in Baltimore City. More details will be revealed at a later date.

NIKKISIIXX: What inspired your THESE WINGS single?

JAMALG: These Wings was just something inspired by the space I was in at the time. I didn’t have a real direction for the album but I knew I wanted to make a statement for my community. I sent it to Husky and he wrote the hook and it was just on from there.

NIKKISIIXX: What is your opinion on Mainstream Hip-Hop?

JAMALG: It is what its suppose to be I guess. I haven’t really gotten the chance to focus on the mainstream to much lately but I’m sure you can find some gems there.

NIKKISIIXX: Any Last Words?

JAMALG: Thank you for the opportunity, I truly appreciate it. I hope everyone follows me on all social media so they can get a chance to buy the album in all online stores when it comes out later this summer. Love!

This concludes my interview with JamalG! Don’t forget to follow him on his social media accounts below to stay in the loop for upcoming exclusives. LINKS: FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | SOUNDCLOUD | WEBSITE

NikkiSiixx Do’s & Don’ts: How To Approach A Female Promoter

As a promoter you are always communicating with the public either online or in person. Sometimes it can get a bit awkward due to the fact I am a women. They might find me attractive and this may lead them in the wrong direction. They sidetrack and will miss out an opportunity that will help out with their career. I created a Do’s & Don’t’s list to help the artists and managers. This will help you have a better relationship with the promoter which can guarantee you more features and possible performances.

I’ve also asked questions to other female promoters to give me they’re insight of ways artists can improve with communicating with us. Prima from iBlog126.com, Mel lo from Mellosnotebook.com, Jojo Fabs from jojosblock.com, & Del from ViceCityCypher.

-When meeting them online either on Facebook, Twitter, or E-mail. I would recommend that you make your first contact public. Wall Post or Tweet. This engages the promoter and this will make it easier for us to remember you when you do submit your content for review. Usually, our websites will have a submissions link with details on the right way to send them your music. If you can’t follow simple directions or don’t have all the content needed, then your not ready for blog exposure. We need you to provide all necessary information to provide you the best reviews.
When meeting them in person keep it distant. Shake hands and introduce yourself. Depending if the promoter is currently working at the venue, you should not take too much of their time. Just become a familiar face.

-Always ask questions! This will clear up anything your not sure about. Regarding a show your performing, content you want to submit, or any advice when it comes to anything related to Hip-Hop or Event Coordinating. We’re here to help!

-Get on her good side. Help promote her site/brand, promote the feature you had on her site, and just be cool. We’re not here to make enemies, we’re here to network.

-When meeting the promoter online, you need to remember that if your either sarcastic, flirtatious, disrespectful, or demanding this will leave a bad taste. The promoter will no longer want to affiliate with you.
When meeting her in person. Try not to have any physical contact this will give us the wrong impression and will make us think you are not taking us seriously, and most of all it’s not professional. Remember your here to promote your music not initiate a possible relationship.

-Don’t expect! When you expect certain things such as a group of your friends can get in for free when there’s no guest list or a post to land sooner than later on a site. We are constantly working on numerous projects so expect delays when worse case scenario.

-When the bridge is burnt down, don’t try and rebuild. It will never be the same. Say, either a commotion occurred between you and the promoter. She doesn’t want to affiliate herself with you anymore. Respect that. She has her reasons behind her actions. There’s always another promoter to contact.

I asked the ladies a couple questions, wanted to share with you their response to one of them. The question was What would an artist do that would make the situation awkward? and this is what they had to say:


I don’t want to hear “Hey mama, what’s good” or “Hey sexy, check out my music, you want to be in my video” LOL. I will definitely ignore you. You might have to be persistent, I get a lot of request. Just be nice and NOT pushy. –MeL Lo

Please do not call a female promoter Ma, Hun nor Mama. Last time I check I am neither your mother nor your Hunny! This is strictly business and we do not want to make any moment awkward or for anyone to get the wrong idea so lets keep it professional. –Jojo Fabs

When they try to flirt his way in or bribe his way in. I don’t play with either one. –Del

We all answered and when an artist becomes flirtatious it’s a red light! ZERO TOLERANCE ON FLIRTING! Don’t get carried away.

At the beginning it was hard for us to make moves, due to the fact we are women in a man’s world. We were underestimated, judged, and made fun of. But what did we do? We kept working hard on our reviews, building connects, throwing consistent shows, and showing genuine love and support for the Underground.

The Hip-Hop community is growing more and more with females becoming apart of it. If it’s a blogger, event coordinator, public relations, and or managers. We all need to learn how to respect and get a long with each other. We are doing it for the love of music, and giving a spotlight to the ones that are unheard.