Music Video: Lex – “We Got the Power”

[Connecticut] Lex offers inspiration to listeners on the riveting, “We Got The Power”. The Attic Records LLC labelmate selects some great shot locations in and around an abandoned building site to add upon such a quality sounding release. Lex believes that “good music wins over all other aspects of being an artist” and that shows in “We Got The Power”. Check the video out above, presented by Nikki Siixx.

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New Music: The Prestigious One – Forever

The Prestigious OneLifestyles of The Not So Rich & Famous[HARDWARE CITY, CT] The Prestigious One releases his latest single FOREVER off of his upcoming EP How Are Things 2. Smooth production by Paperboy Fabe & Just Hustle. Prestigious One gives a unique perspective on being happy in a climate where happy is synonymous with having material things. Prestige dares you to look at happiness as a personal perspective. And by doing that happy gives you the confidence to take over the world. Keeping the positive vibes no matter how negative the situation can be. Be on the look out for The Prestigious One’s upcoming EP How Are Things 2. [LINKS] TWITTER || INSTAGRAM || WEBSITE || YOUTUBE

Download: Kaso – Back To The Future Lost in Time Mixtape

Back to future

Indy C.T. Hip-Hop Artist Kaso released his mixtape Back To The Future – Lost in Time. via Datpiff. I find the sixteen track project was a great introduction to Kaso, The Artist. First time listening and I gotta say “very dope!” Production is on point and Kaso’s presence on the mixtape stays strong through the entire journey back to the future.

My favorite tracks off Back To The Future – Lost in Time are Blunt Ride (Produced By Talen Ted), TimeLess (Produced By Talen Ted), Swiss Percission (Produced By AdoTheGod), Gotta Hustle (Produced By AdotheGod), Isolation (Produced By AndreOnBeat), Request Line (Produced By Talen Ted), Favorite Girl (Produced By RmbJustize), and Momentum Shift (Produced By AndreOnBeat).

The concept of the project places Kaso in his car after the repair shop and noticed something was different on his radio, upon twisting the dial into which he thought would adjust the stations on his newly acquired “Satellite radio system” he was launched into a journey through sound and time. This concept portrays perfectly through the mixtape.

My goal for Back To The Future – Lost in Time mixtape was to use music to give an experience similar to on felt at a movie screening, through suspense, sadness, happiness and many other feelings on the spectrum of emotion. -KASO

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Download: J. Nolan – Distinction

Tracklist J. Nolan

Consider this a proper introduction to J. Nolan. This New Haven, CT native made his way to Atlanta a few years ago where I had the pleasure of meeting him a few years back. As a manager, you aren’t just a fan of the music. You become a fan of the story that comes with the artist. I won’t spoil any of this by telling you. I’m just going to say witnessing growth, as we just did with Lebron, leaves you with a tingling sensation. Woo! Distinction is the lastest full length effort from J. Nolan and its incredible. Nostalgic production equipped with a lyrical flow of a hungry emcee makes this a must download. This project was hosted by the lovely folks over at DJBooth.net. #DistinguishYourself

Distinction is available as a stream and free download via the DJ Booth hyperlink above or the deluxe edition can be purchased via Bandcamp.

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Download: Prestige – State Assistance Program

Prestige is an artist from New Britain, Connecticut. The State Assistance Program mixtape was released back in March and it has 15 tracks. The intro of the tape is a sample from one of Obama’s speeches. This really added a political stance for the theme behind the project.

LOVE LOSTIt’s just another love lost.. soon as I say hello that’s when she say goodbye. So I never say Hi again, so she can never say the opposite. My momma said if your gonna play with her heart, why even bother it.” This has to be one of my favorite tracks off the State Assistance Program. Produced by Royce Music Group.

SLEEPERS featuring Aja with the vocals. The song gives me the vibe that we shouldn’t stay sleeping because we might lose out on time. When we put are all to our dreams we can make it to reality.

CYPHER The reason why I like this track it’s because Prestige allowed other artists to spit which gives the feel of a real cypher occurring in your earphones. Marvalyss, Gifted, A.R.T., Emjae Bernard Burton are the artists involved. The track was produced by Joker.

Your bi-monthly 1st & 15th free music stimulus packages have come to a halt… Worry not, Prestige gives the people one last package, State Assistance Program The Mixtape. All past releases and NEW, EXCLUSIVE RELEASES hosted by Mr. Young Rich and Famous, Dj Meechie. Production by Joker, Royce Music Group, G Whiz, The Futuristiks, Willz, Rec Room’s own Deos and Prestige himself. Download the last installment from the State Assistance Program!



Music Video: Brash – Gears

Connecticut hip-hop artist Brash A.K.A Chris Rapple brings us his latest visual GEARS. I find the video to fit well with the setting and tone of the track. Dope! If you’re feeling the track you gotta get GEARS off of his Mind Flex album. I took a listen and so should you. The video was directed by Edwin Escobar and the beat was produced by Kajmir Royale.

He then dove into the culture head first as a fan, digging back into the recent past and learning from the great golden-era poets that helped fuse rap music into mainstream culture


New Music: Rob Regis – The Dopeness

The Dopeness | (prod. MF Carty) by Rob Regis

THE DOPENESS is featured on The Wackness LP (solid 13-tracks, executive production from DJ RicDaRoc, MF Carty and Rob, himself), which is set to release on February 7, 2012! Rob Regis previously known as Robert Ratchett, is a talented emcee from Connecticut. Associated with ZILLANATION. THE DOPENESS beat is just too SICK! & also Rob’s flow!

I’m just searching for the dopeness

NIKKISIIXX: What’s your favorite line from THE DOPENESS? & Why?

ROB REGIS: Envisioning a goal and the rigamarole of being just me, just a nigga with soul; I felt like the words flowed perfectly and describes me now, since I know myself as an artist now and where I wanna be in the future without jeopardizing myself in the process.