Audio: Josh Arthur – Psalm 151

What’s great, Audio Junkies?

Today’s Audio Fix comes courtesy of The Arven Group’s Josh Arthur, with “Psalm 151”; a gritty, tongue-in-cheek testimony-slash-apppeal to the man above for clemency from the daily trials and tribulations of existence.

Preceded by hip-hop producer Penacho’s airy pads and theremin-inspired lead synth, Arthur wastes no time – foregoing any introductions and diving immediately into a fervent plea to “the man upstairs”.

Over rapid-fire hi-hats, a darting snare and seering kick drum, the artist’s vocal stylings toggle between a weary and restless appeal for leniency to a manic and aggressive petition for power, as Arthur makes the obfuscatory sermon that is to be expected from a hymn bearing the title “Psalm 151”:

“You know the best version of me; can I have that? Oh please, oh please – can I be what you want me to be? Can I dream what you want me to dream? Can I see what you want me to see?”

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.23.07 PMWithout use of profanity or much reference to violence or criminality, Josh Arthur’s almost stream of consciousness poetry is at times hard to decipher – is this is a plea for redemption or a request for favor amongst the other contestants on the battlefield? This duality delivers a soliloquy that on one hand resembles a church-pew testimony and on another is eerily reminiscent of every street hustler’s late night prayer for reprieve from the everyday struggle:


“I’m ‘bout that life, I’m ’bout that life, Lord – if it means I can be like you.”

“I don’t wanna do this no mo’. Living this life in slo mo; coming up short like Romo – thought I’d wanna bounce like pogos.”

This track should definitely keep you Audio Junkies wired until the next fix:
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#SmaktastikReview: Benni Basil – “Stop Signs” [Prod. by Twizz Matic]


Nikkisiixxers!!! I’m back with a track that’ll make you smack your spouse! You guys know how much I appreciate music of all genres and sub-genres but I have a weakness for conscious Hip-Hop…and this record left me hella’ weak.

Philadelphia’s Benni Basil, Ladies and Gentlemen, brings to us his “Stop Signs” record complete with multi end rhymes, substance and (most importantly) BARS! Although the song’s concept and message has definitely been used before by many, it’s a message that never gets old. We should all want more quality out of the music we listen to and Benni Basil makes it abundantly clear that he shares this sentiment. “Get your content up” he says to his fellow artists.  As if frustrated by the swift and inevitable rise of the talentless Basil relentlessly exposes “wack” rappers and their “Yes Men”.

Everything about this release is excellent. The beat, produced by Twizz Matic, complimented the content well and the visuals were on point. WMB Filmz captured the essence of “Stop Signs” with something not over the top but urban, appropriately simplistic and to the point. With all that was done well with this record, Basil made sure that your attention never swayed from his verses, hooks, flow and delivery.

Basil delivers heat with such smoothness that I couldn’t believe it wasn’t butter.

With verses delivered so effortlessly, a message that inspires and a beat that makes your head nod, you can’t just live life without giving this record a listen. So take a listen folks and you’re welcome!


“It’s a prison and we livin’ with so many agents.
If you in it when you visit you thrown in the matrix.
What you think is really aint’ actual.
Dumbed down…made to believe that it’s factual.”


Hear more from Benny Basil from the links below:



Music Video: Society – Gold Out West

The Bay Area’s own Society has dropped the music video for his single “Gold Out West”. This is the first single off of his upcoming project “P.A.S.T.D.U.E”. The track is about the issues that are occurring in Silicon Valley. We find Society touching on topics like unemployment, separation of classes, violence, homeless and quite a few other topics. The part of the song that really stuck out to me was “Moms receiving eviction notices while CEOs getting bonuses”. The video greatly captures everything that he speaks in the song. Check out the video below and look out for Society’s debut project “P.A.S.T.D.U.E.”.

Connect with Society online

Music Video: Neak – The Kids

With all that’s going on in the world today, some of our emcees have decided to speak out on things in their lyrics. First Kanye West with his Yeezus album, and now a fellow Chicago emcee, Neak. The colorful and vivid visual depictions of Neak’s lyrics come to life courtesy of Aaron Perkins Jr of APJ Films. Rocking with his main main/partner/producer Slot-A, Neak spits that real about how impressionable our youth remain. Popping molly while busting it wide open and making it rain might be what you do, but…

What about the kids, now that they want to try it? Welcome to social awareness in 2013.

The Kids is featured on RA NYC’s  latest mixtape, BRTH A N8TH. You can download the mixtape for free here: http://ra-nyc.bandcamp.com/album/brth-a-n8tn.

Neak (@neak_undefined) – The Kids

Produced by: Slot-A (@iamslota)

Video directed by: Aaron Perkins Jr. of APJ Films (@APJFilms)

Video: Neak- Schemin’

Releasing visual after visual, Neak lands here with the sixth visual from his absolutely stunning Love Greater// The Prequel album presented by DJBooth.net, Prefix Magazine and Earmilk. The name of this song is Schemin’ and was produced by Slot-A. The video is directed by Aaron Perkins, Jr. Stay tuned, plenty more on the way from one of the hardest working emcees around.

Download Love Greater//The Prequel here

Connect with Neak: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Sonicbids