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Cwq5d9smCooley’s first single off of his first solo project “47CRAZY. Cooley is a member of DMV’s Fly Rebel Society. This 2Pac inspired track features soundbites from his infamous character, Bishop in from movie “Juice”. You catch 2pac right in the beginning to set it of right. Cooley definitely stands out and remains on his own lane in this one. His flow, switch-ups, and overall quality, is mad dope. The beat alone definitely puts you in a trance. Don’t forget to press play and don’t forget to download “47”.


#SmaktastikReviews: Fly Rebel Society – Tokyo Towers/All Night


Whats good Nikki readers! Its Pedro once again comin at you with that new music for you to Dougie to!

(Kill yourself…Who the hell Dougies anymore???)

Anyways, much love to all of you who’ve been checking out my reviews on the hottest blog on the net! So I sent all of you some coupons to Publix in the mail. I didn’t but thats besides the point. Let’s get to the music!

I’m a HUGE fan of Hip Hop Collectives. There’s just something special about talented and unique artists uniting to create something that’s diverse and just simply entertaining. With that being said, releasing music as a Collective isn’t easy to do. You need chemistry and of course. ..well…talent. If you listen to Slaughterhouse, Wu-Tang ( some say they’re a group but I will always count them as a collective), or Odd Future then you already know how a successful Collective sounds. So, it pretty much goes without saying that I hold Collectives to a high standard.

So I check my email this week and lo and behold! Nikki sends me  music from a Hip Hop Collective called Fly Rebel Society. So now I’m like hmmmmmmm..


Nikki hit me with two songs to review. “All Night” and “Tokyo Towers”. I ended up checking out the whole “The Fresh Effect” project in its entirety on their Soundcloud. I liked what I heard.  These artists are unique with their own individual deliveries and styles but still produced a project that makes sense both conceptually and musically.

Fly Rebel Society, hailing from the DC/MD area, consists of five passionate, creative and lyrical individuals (Lega-c, Ryda Blak, Cooley, TeeJay, and godlymC) who teamed up to make the music you’re about to read about. Admittedly, when I read what the common theme to their music was (which was simply “being fly and rebellious”), I threw my hands in the air and killed myself. I was like another one?? I wanted to give up on life, music and also Frosted Flakes.

I gave them a chance though and I didn’t regret it. I heard the music then almost immediately said to myself ” Wow, these guys sold themselves short”. Sure there are some braggadocios concepts in the records and yes they pride themselves in not following trends (ironically like every other artist out there) but I heard much more in their songs. The way they present their ideas gave me reason to believe that they respect hip hop for being more than just making words rhyme.

From the abstract references in “Tokyo Towers” [Performed by Lega-c] to the “Oh My Gaaad” flow in the first verse of “All Night” [Performed by Ryda Blak & Cooley], Fly Rebel Society had me captivated. Both songs had the same concept; “I’m amazing at everything I do..especially music. Oh yeah, I’m also fly and rebellious”. This would usually be a problem for me except for the fact that they ARE really good at what they do.

Oh…and the instrumentals…[shakes head]…amazing. That’s all I have to say about that.

I listened to these guys on repeat all the way to work and then risked my job by writing this review while there. What can I say? They convinced me to be “Fly and Rebellious”. This music is definitely worth your time to check out. It’s refreshing, its catchy and its replay value is extremely high. So do yourself a favor…like right now.

Smaktastik Line:

“Nigga’ I’m ridin’ solo. A legend in the Game, I’m channelin’ Miyamoto.”


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