[BEAT TAPE REVIEW] Scott Verity – Committed To Consistency

[VERMONT] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have Scout Verity a talented producer and creative. He’s bringing us today his beat tape Committed to Consistency. The three beat EP bringing you a mix of South and East Coast vibes. Not only does Scout Verity make some sweet beats, he is also a creative. By creating his own video blog series ‘What About Scout?’. You get a glimpse into his rural small-town lifestyle. And how he pursues his career to becoming a full-time producer and creating beats for his catalog. Scott Verity is dedicated to his journey and will be releasing a weekly offering from a visual to his blog and a beat tape to go with it. Expect the new-new every Friday. Take a look at Episode One: (This episode also inspired Committed to Consistency)

screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-12-22-15-pm[MEAL TICKET] One thing I really like about this beat, is giving me the sense of old school O-Town vibes. Southern hospitality at it’s finest. I can see the likes of Curren$y rapping to this. This beat definitely has some good vibrations on this.

[TWO FORTY-ONE AM] This beat for some reason reminds me of the Dave Chapelle show. When he’ll walk out on stage… The beat provides those night time vibes, I can see Wiz Khalifa rapping to this one. I really like the sound of flute, gives it a bit of foreign style to it.

[WEAKEST LINK] This beat comes with the heavy bass and soft tones. It’s a beat thats bit on the slow paced. I found it hard to pick up who would fit great with this beat, but that doesn’t mean this beat wouldn’t fit anyone.

Committed to Consistency is available for download at www.scoutveritybeats.com/freebeattape. This concludes my review on Scott Verity’s Committed to Consistency Beat Tape. What would be your favorite beat off this beat tape? For me, my favorite has to be MEAL TICKET. If you’re liking what you’re hearing and interested in working with Scott Verity make sure you link up with him by following all his social media links below:

Twitter: @Scout_Verity
Instagram: @ScoutVerity
SnapChat: @ScoutVerity
Facebook: Scout Verity
Youtube: Scout Verity


[MUSIC VIDEO] C.I.T.Y. – Monv Lisv featuring Dave East

C.I.T.Y. (Creative, Intelligent, Talented, Young-Mind) presents a visual for his latest offering “Monv Lisv”. The record has C.I.T.Y delivering solid bars with his southern tone, explaining his vision and appreciating the beauty of it. The director (Kojo Films) uses the street of New York City as a back drop for C.I.T.Y to paint his picture. Adding to the track is New York’s own promising artist Dave East, who has risen to the top of the local music scene and appears to be destined for stardom under the tutelage of NAS. Be sure to follow both artist as they continue to release quality music.



EP Review: RealProperLike – Signs

realproperlike[MIAMI, FLORIDA] A poet expressing himself through his music, RealProperLike exhibits his five track EP signs as a form of creativity inspired by the South Florida community. With signs in was created by the spirit of Art Basel 2015. According to RealProperLike “The concept of “signs” is to creatively express a journey of thoughts ranging from acceptance, dropping jewels, art, life, and love as only I can paint it”. I’ll be reviewing my favorite tracks off RealProperLike’s signs EP and what is his lyrical art exhibit trying to display.

INFORMATION – RealProperLike is a philosopher and goes in-depth with information he wants to provide you. He even talks about being more grateful to everything in your life. And even sneaks in a history lesson in there. The way RealProperLike breaks it down you can image it in your mind. Very descriptive just like a story teller.

ART – One thing I really like about this track is the theatrical flow RealProperLike has when he’s reciting his lyrics. The Beat is dope as hell, it was executive produced by realproperlike, custom made @custom60625, serious beats @seriousbeats, and by the audio genius [kr]ypton @mrbandason. Recorded, mixed, and mastered at @fsstudiomiami/ @kingpinstation. This has to be my favorite track off the signs EP.

SLAVE – You gotta bob your head to this one. RealProperLike expresses the struggles of Black Lives Matter. When the beat drops it really makes your concentrate on his poetic flows. Embracing his roots and feeling liberated that him and his people are strong and they are no one’s property.

signs back cover

“A full time worker – part time poet/part time philosopher.
Who am I? A different type of thinker, a big kid with an old soul”. – RealProperLike

Signs is a proper prelude to further creativity, critique, and conversation as any art exhibit should provide. RealProperLike paints the picture, can you see it? Be on the lookout for more content from RealProperLike by following him on social media:



Freestyle Friday: Klassik – Can’t Be (Her)

klassik-seasons-[MILWAUKEE, WI] Soulful Artist Klassik brings us an original freestyle inspired by Montell Jordan. This freestyle is meant for the ladies. Klassik went into create mode and flipped the 90’s R&B track by sampling his own background vocals from the VOICELIVE into Ableton. Then recorded all live in his bedroom, where he took one take with no post-production and no lyrics written. CAN’T BE (HER) freestyle was created with Klassik’s fusion of Hip-Hop and Jazz, and pays homage to legends from the past.

Check out Klassik’s latest album #SEASONS at www.iamklassik.com


Music Video: E. Grizzly – Fur Lined Harvest

e-grizzly-fur-lined-harvest-2[PHILADELPHIA, PA] Hip-Hop Creative E. Grizzly presents us visuals to FUR LINED HARVEST which is his 5th installment to his hip hop video series called “Generation A“. What would you expect from the cover art? That the song would be pleasant… here’s where I was wrong. As soon as you press play to FUR LINED HARVEST, you begin to get worried and wonder. But then all of a sudden you see someone laying in their own puddle of blood. The disoriented individual is E. Grizzly. Something must of went wrong, luckily E. Grizzly survived and now he’s getting ready to get back to who did this to him. Washing off the blood off his face, grooming up by trimming his hair and bread, freshly clothed, and off to get the ones who did this to him. Dope Track, This visual is actually a sequel to E. Grizzly with “Bag Check“. The song was self-produced by E. Grizzly. The video was directed, edited and shot by E. Grizzly and Alex Halpin. Looking forward to E. Grizzly future releases. [LINKS] || FACEBOOK || TWITTER || INSTAGRAM ||

Music Video: Sho Baraka – Johnnie Cochran

sho-baraka-01Sho Baraka was extremely creative in the writing process of his song “Johnnie Cochran”. A rap vision of who done was a great twist from the norm. He painted the picture perfectly through his lyrics and then made it even better by playing every character in the video. This was definitely one the most memorable songs I’ve listened to in a while with a visual counterpart that’s just as memorable. There’s not much I can honestly say to describe this video besides watch it and respect the time and effort put into this art.

Connect with Sho Baraka 

Album Review: Brandon* – Rainbow In The Dark

ritdBrandon* of Tampa, FL is releasing his first album “Rainbow In The Dark” on June 7, 2013. We were honored with a chance to stream the project before it’s release. The album starts with the intro track “Glow In The Dark” which sets the mood for the album with the thunder roaring like it would in a nasty storm. The song “80’s Baby” is about the essence of the 1980’s featuring vocals from Trumaine Lamar & Lexx Black. Mentioning the breakfast club, cabbage patch and other big monumental things from that decade they get their point across. On “Translucent Rhymes” Brandon* gives a sound that is melodic yet upbeat. “Morning Glow” has that feel like what you get listening to an Erykah Badu or Lauryn Hill. Listening to “Urban Vibes” you get that feeling of dancing in the rain under a street light. The title track “Rainbow In The Dark” with vocals from Trumaine Lamar you get a feeling of internal zeal. The track “8pm Stereo Talk” sounds like it could be played in a quiet storm mix. “Quiet Curves” follows in the same direction with a more sexual appeal. Hearing “The Silhouette Dance” give me the same feeling I got the first time I heard the beginning of J. Cole’s “In The Morning”.

The vocals of M.E.R.C on “Illumination” paints a create visual with great verses and a catchy chorus. He made “Cruise Control” have a space age yet chilled sound. “Super Sonic Electronic” reminded me of Missy Elliott’s “I’m Really Hot” with an electric feel. Lexx Black vocals on “Speed Of Light” made the production from Brandon* shine bright. On “Super Sonic Technologic” he took the “Technologic” by Daft Punk to an entirely new level. I felt like I was watching the original Tron movie while listening to “Space Paranoids”. It also reminded me of the scene leading up to Tony Montana being killed in Scarface. The album ends with “Plutopia” which sounds serene and tranquil. This album was a great listen that had my mind running in multiple directions. Go support Brandon* by purchasing the album from the pre-order link below or when it is released on June seventh. PRE-ORDER RAINBOW IN THE DARK

Get connected with Brandon*  online: TWITTERFACEBOOKWEBSITE


NikkiSiixx Artwork: Lego Joker ‘s Last Laugh

I’m a huge fan of The Batman series. And for some strange reason I keep creating art work involving The Joker. My latest piece is titled Lego Joker ‘s Last Laugh. Finally The Joker was able to accomplish the unthinkable and poison Batman & Robin with his infamous laughing gas.

[x] First off I free hand the sketch. First I started with The Joker then out of no where I decided to add Batman & Robin into the bunch. Felt The Joker was a little bit too lonely on the canvas.

[x] Next off I painted the light colors, once dried I started with the dark colors. Luckily I had all the colors needed.

[x] Didn’t know where I was going with this but I decided to add the backdrop with the green mist from The Laughing Gas. Started it light.

[x] I added a darker green color to give a mist feel when you look to The Jokers right hand there’s the green mist overlapping it.

[x] My favorite part! The outlining. I use a thin point fabric paint to create the lining. Also when it dries up it gives a 3D feel to it. Check out the detailing on Batman & Robin.

[x] Joker’s last laugh won’t be complete until I added the HA HA HA everywhere. It’s everywhere because they can’t control their laughter. It’s unstoppable.

If you’re interested in purchasing Lego Joker’s Last Laugh hit me up on Twitter @NikkiSiixx