NikkiSiixx Reacts To Justice League SDCC Movie Trailer

During The Justice League San Diego Comic Con Panel, they debuted the first official trailer for the upcoming movie for it! And we have entered some epic-epicness! Watch NikkiSiixx react to this trailer!

What did you guys think about the trailer?


Netflix Movie Fiixx: ROBOCOP

Here is a great movie I would like to recommend for all of you to see ROBOCOP! The movie was released in theaters July 17, 1987! A couple of months before I was even born. Haha! I used to be a huge fan of ROBOCOP when I was a child. But I haven’t seen this movie since, now I’m 25 and to watch this reminded me why I loved this movie so much. I couldn’t remember all the gruesome scenes this movie had. The quality of the graphics are pretty good considering it was back in the 80’s.

The story of ROBOCOP is that Officer Alex J. Murphy (Peter Weller) starts his first day being transferred to Detroit’s Metro West Precinct police department. Not realizing what he got himself into when he partners up with officer Anne Lewis (Nancy Allen) and they are called on for a robbery occurring with seriously armed gang members. After the car chase they were lead into a Industrial Factory that has been abandoned. They split to cover more ground. (This is really where they messed up) Murphy finds the members of the gang and unfortunately they murdered him in a slow process shooting him from 4 different shotguns.

Currently the police were bought out by a company known as Omni Consumer Products (OCP) they are trying to create a new type of law enforcement robot: Enforcement Droid Series 209, (ED-209). The droid’s programming fails and brutally shoots a worker to death. This does not go well with the Old Man. The Old Man is the name for the business owner of OCP. Another executive, Bob Morton (Miguel Ferrer) takes this into consideration and offered the Old Man his own type of law enforcement robot. He just needs 90 days to complete this process.

When Murphy was rushed to the hospital they tried they’re best to save him. But it doesn’t work out that way. OCP uses his deceased body and created a cyborg that brings Murphy back to life but he’s not the same, now he is ROBOCOP. But he is programmed with a command center, Bob Morton asks what its “prime directives” are:
1. Serve the Public Trust
2. Protect the Innocent
3. Uphold the Law
4. Classified
Then there’s a fourth directive but to Bob and his staff it’s still unknown. Later on in the movie you’ll see what that one is all about.

ROBOCOP goes out on his own and he is the perfect cyborg for the job. Thanks to ROBOCOP crime rate starts to go down and everyone see’s him as a hero. OCP executive Dick Jones (Ronny Cox) the one who created the faulty ED-209 is out to seek revenge against Bob and ROBOCOP. Thanks to them he’s lost the opportunity to make millions off the military. Here’s where the movie really starts making a twist but I won’t go that far, you just need to watch this movie. You can view it now on Netflix. Not sure for how long but you better watch it now.

Excuse me, I have to go. Somewhere there is a crime happening. – ROBOCOP