Top 25 Viewed Posts in 2015

2015 has been one hell of a year and the most viewed post are here for your viewing pleasure! We have from music videos, artist advice articles, album reviews, even one of my unboxing videos makes it mark on the Top 25 Viewed Posts in 2015:

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24. Interview: JamalG

23. Interview: Aviant Redz

22. Beat Tape: IAMNOBODI – Elevated (Soulection) – Instrumental EP

21. Album Review: Shottie – The Blackest Rose

20. Artist Advice: How To Approach A Producer With Or Without A Budget

19. Music Video: Ziggy Lovah – Undercover featuring D-Locz

18. Download: MyVerse – State of the Art Album

17. NikkiSiixx Do’s and Dont’s: How To Promote Your Music Through Social Media Outlets


15. POLL: Who Sampled It Better? Kingdom Hearts Utada Hikaru – Sanctuary

14. Artist Advice: Avoid Being Just Another Soundcloud Rapper

13. NikkiSiixx Do’s and Dont’s: Submissions 101

12. Music Video: wiLLThaColdest – Find Out

11. Videogames: Pokémon Go App Overshooting It’s Capabilities?

10. Download: Kal-L – To Paris With Love

09. LOOTCRATE: NikkiSiixx Unboxes December’s (2014) Theme Anniversary

08. Music Video: Yuh Boy 85 – IDGAF

07. Exclusive Leak: Does Tink Take A Jab At Nicki Minaj?

06. Music Video: Jay Guira x Da Heist x Young Breed – ISSUES

05. Music Video: White Blake – Double Cups

04. Download: Eric Biddines – Planetcoffeebean 2

03. The NEW Music Scene: 10 New Jersey Rappers That Are Likely To Blow Up

02. Music Video: SEYI – Wanna Be

01. The AWKWORD – Approved Top 10 Hip Hop Artists to Watch in 2015


Music Video: Jay Guira x Da Heist x Young Breed – ISSUES

Check out the latest music video brought to you by A Fat Boy Fresh Production for the collaboration between Jay Guira, Da Heist, and MMG’s own Young Breed on their single ISSUES. Representing 173Ent x HazeFam x MMG. The music video was directed by Young Wild Panda, Assistant Camera work by SophiBomb. ISSUES took place in Northern California. Each artist expressed through their verses problems that have been brought to them through lavish lifestyles. Visuals taking us through the nature of the Redwood Trees, River Streams, and a walk on a hiking trail. Amazing production by Kiko Haze.

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InstaSize_2015_2 _ 178557I was able to gain access on set at Muir Woods by San Francisco, California. What a great experience meeting up with familiar faces and meeting Young Breed. I watched behind scenes and was able to view how great everyone was working together on the shoot. And we had one hell of a hike, in order for Young Wild Panda to get some really epic images.

Upcoming Event: 07.21.12 NETWERK & GrindTimeNow at Club Eve

Check it out tonight! At Club Eve we are bringing you two events in one venue. The Annex room will obtain GrindTimeNow’s Tryout Tour for 5V5. In the main patio room is going to be my NETWERK Event. We got some ill battles, dope performances, and cool people coming through to show support. You should do the same if you have nothing else to do tonight.