Video: The Business of Art by Dante Luna

The Business of Art by videographer/director and self employed artist Dante Luna. Dante creates documentaries to teach and entertain. By filming at a couple comic cons he was able to grasp the business side of art. He went around Supermega Fest and interviewed vendors, artist, fans and celebrities about art and business…in this project he was able meet his hero Bret “the Hitman” Hart and tell him my story about how he started making videos. Later on that day while he was filming an interview, Roddy Piper and Bret Hart bump into each other behind the scenes briefly, what a cool moment to witness. By filming his story and of others I feel Dante will be able to encourage other artists to follow their passions and create a lane for themselves to prosper from. Directed by Dante Luna, Filmed By Dante Luna and Alberto Montalvo. Extra Footage by Brujo Live, Joseph Rivers, and Mr. FlakoVeli.

Featuring interviews with:
-amanda dufresne
-kj brewsaugh
-“hurricane” shane helms
-jason casey
-robert ri’chard
-sylvester mccoy
-josh mcdermitt
-dante luna
-andrew cefalu
-bob mcleod



Video: Dante Luna – Responsibilities of A Super Hero Documentary

Dante Luna is at it again with another dope documentary based off everyone’s favorite SUPER HEROES!! You get to see iconic characters from passed shows, such as ZORDON from Power Rangers, Jason from the original Power Ranger, The Voice of Ash Ketchum, and so many others. I feel this documentary really embraces what a super hero represents. Fascinating! Enjoy the video and don’t forget to subscribe to Dante Luna’s YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

“Responsibilities of a (super)hero” documentary is a discussion about the active roles of the Heroes in everyday life. The 2014 Rhode Island Comic Con featured entertainment figures from movies, television, comics and cartoons. Fans come from all over the area to meet and interact with the stars that they mostly support from home. In a series of interviews, both guest & entertainers were asked to talk about their favorite heroes. Super or Not. Heroes with super powers and heroes with only the power of influence. Some described heroics in the form of kind gestures, while others spoke about of fictional characters that they looked up to. . .

directed by dante luna
executive producer Steve Perry
filmed by dante luna, Rompe, Johnny Fresh & BD3 Films
filmed at the 2014 Rhode Island Comic Con


Event Recap: 2014 Boston Sneaker Jam Documentary by Dante Luna

IMG_2830-0.JPGCheck out the exclusive recap Dante Luna captured for The 2014 Boston Sneaker Jam. If you’re not familiar with this event it’s meant to bring sneaker enthusiast from all over New England to celebrate Hip Hop & Fashion. From musicians, to skateboarders, to people who look at a pair of Jordan’s and makes a lamp with it, the sneaker culture in America has had an impact on contemporary style and attitudes. If you love the way Dante Luna brings things to life with his visual you should definitely take a look at his YOUTUBE CHANNEL, for so much more!

Directed by Dante Luna
Filmed by Dante Luna, Rompe and Johnny Fresh
Brought to you by 777 Entertainment & Laced Boston
Music by Dutch ReBelle, REKS, Choppa the Beatboxa, V.Knuckles, Ea$y Money
THUMBNAIL photo: ‘Art and Sole’

NIKKIJOMAZING: Season One Episode Ten with Kairo Lavo3

NikkiSiixx x JojosBlock x Womazing brings you NIKKIJOMAZING a weekly hip-hop show brought to you by these four strong women in the hip-hop community. We bring you an exclusive interview with Miami MC Kairo Lavo3. We discuss previous tracks like Logical Progession and That Funk. Then about his current music video THE RIDE, and if it’s true he got out of a ticket with a verse on the spot. Tune In every Monday 4PM Eastern. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on twitter @NikkiJoMazing

Video: Dante Luna’s East Coast Study Tour

Check out Dante Luna’s adventure! Road trip to the max! Dante travels up and down the East Coast. Take a closer look into this film maker’s journey. My favorite parts is when Dante hits my home state Florida. It’s pretty cool considering all the historic background we have with Ponce De Leon. Dante goes to Disney World at the Beauty and The Beast and catches their performance, and a crazy ride on an Airboat over the Everglades.

I studied a variety of different experiences along the east coast of the United States… I took 4500 miles of road and turned it to a 75 minute film of my experience that includes the house of Mark Twain, the house of George Washington, Metalmorphosis, Kinglsey Plantation, the Fountain of Youth, Disney World, Crossfit Pompano Beach, Everglades, the house of John G. Riley, Martin Luther King Jr’s church and gravesite, Ruby Falls, the original KFC, Ice Fishing in Erie, PA and the gravesite of Lucille Ball…


Video: “Contrast of Evil” Documentary by Dante Luna

This is a great documentary regarding the idea and sides of evil characters in stories, comics, and movies. Dante Luna sets out to Comic Con Rhode Island to interview actors, actresses, artists, and cosplayers. I feel all their opinions are important towards the contrast of evil. From them playing or drawing the actual character. To illustrate this emotion and demonstrate to the reader is more than enough to help explain they’re motive.

Throughout the video you may see some familiar faces (especially if you grew up in the 90’s) such as a few members of Power Rangers and the villains they constantly fought against. I love the way they explain the heroic aspect of a hero fighting a bad villain. In which they always tried to either take over the Earth or destroy it. Good Always Conquers Over Evil

“Contrast of Evil” is a documentary about villain theory. I spoke with people who love stories and asked them to reflect on their feelings of the “bad guy.” My intention isn’t to persuade the world to think any one way about the idea of darkness in entertainment. This is a conversation piece that explores the contrast of evil in art and how it relates to life. – Dante Luna

Danny Glover, Ernie Hudson, David Yost, Walter Jones, Barbara Goodson, Paul Schrier, Jason Narvy, Kerrigan Mahan, Steven Cardenas, Terry Kiser, Jack O’Halloran, Mike Lilly, Allen Bellman, James Tolkan, Claudia Wells, Mark Texeira, Rich Buckler, Sal Lizard the Vampire Santa, Tonya Ceramics, Nicole Marie Jean, John Amos, William Forsythe, Simon Fisher-Becker & Richard Hatch

323px-Season_4_-_HeisenbergI thought the breakdown of an Anti-Hero which was stated by Kerrigan Mahan, perfectly. The Anti-Hero is for example Walter White from Television Series Breaking Bad. Even though Walter White was a meth dealer people were rooting for him to get away with it. Walter’s initial intension after finding out he has Lung Cancer, he needs to leave his family with enough money to be able to fund themselves after his death. He was willing to go to any extent to make this into reality. Throughout the series you do feel an understanding to why he’s doing it and if it’s worth it at the end.

This concludes my review on Dante Luna’s Documentary on Contrast of Evil. Anyone who is a fan of heroes, villains, stories, cosplay, comic cons, or comics. You should definitely take a look and watch Contrast of Evil.

DANTE LUNA – directed, produced & edited
Steve Perry – executive producer RIcomiccon.com
Joe Goulart, Mr. FlakoVeli, & Sito Sosa – co-produced

Music Video: Just-This Crew – Dangerous

DANGEROUS is the latest music video from Just-This Crew. Ayentee, HollaRox, Dropz, and Marques McCoy combine forces and create JTC! The video takes place in the Fontainebleau area. The boys show off their support from the community. DANGEROUS was Directed & Edited by Dante Luna.

Yo this is the middle finger march,
We need something to scream to.
Danger in the premises, Evacuate the building
Tarnishing the image so there’s nothing more to say
so F U C K … F U C K

If your diggin’ DANGEROUS from Just-This Crew, then you gotta follow up with them when they release they’re album titled Life From Fontainbleau coming 2012.