[VENTURA COUNTY] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have Eric Metaphysical, better known as eMETA. Originally born in South Korea, eMETA was adopted by white parents. eMETA brings us his latest music video BULLETS. Being inspired by heavy sounding music, and showing more of a darker side. eMETA brings a heavy-metal, trap sounding track. I know this kind of music we usually don’t post but we do support the indie artist. If you’re diggin’ eMETA’s BULLETS visual, then make sure to check out all the links below:



EP Review: GiZMO TAiLz – Mugiwara

gizmo tailz[MIAMI, FLORIDA] After making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com with his music video DON’T TURN AROUND, GiZMO TAiLz brings us his first solo project MuGiWara EP.

If you’re not to familiar with what a Mugiwara is, it’s actually means Straw hat. GiZMO TAiLz is an artist, director, editor, producer, and engineer. He’s even 1/2 Member of The Creative Duo RASKLz [PIZZV.LORDz]. This is not just your regular thirteen track EP. It would be safe to say it’s more like a dark experiment with house/techno with a dash of some hip-hop. You can say it’s an unfound sound in today’s music. For my review I’m going to break down my favorite tracks off the MugiWara EP, which are MuGiWara Awaken, UV RAY, Take Control, Don’t Turn Around, 6GOLDZ, Su​-​Zen​-​B [Heal], and Voyage [Filler].

UV RAY // MuGiWara Awaken have a visual along side the tracks. The tracks are really an introduction to thus the style and vibe GiZMO TAiLz demonstrates. In the Music Film, GiZMO has a very unknown and strange power, and a love for pizza. The video is extremely trippy, but cool in a sense. Inspired by anime Video Games And Real Life Situations. The Young PIZZVLORD Looks For a quick “Slice” and what new Powers he’s Awaken Between The 2D And Real World. As Gizmo Falls Into A Tranced State, his visions are becoming powered. Now on a mission to create a New Wave. Did he really find a ForBidden Pizzv Crest? Directed and Edited by GiZMO himself, and Fimed Co. Directed By eqobKING.

TAKE CONTROL – The vibes on this one remind me of Kid Cudi’s Man on The Moon: The End of Day. “Let The Music Take Control” is repeated throughout the track with some melodies. In a sense it’s kinda like putting you in a trance.

This ain’t your ordinary music video, this visual definitely grabs the title for unique and dope graphics. GiZMO TAiLz is an inspiring artist that creates music in many different forms of hip-hop and can tap into alternative house genres. His visual DON’T TURN AROUND begins at the start of a retro fighting video game that eventually turns into a real life ninja, who is set to get The Pizzv Crest. GiZMO TAiLz transforms into Ninja Formation and Fights Dragoro. The visual also takes place at this years Florida Supercon 2k15. DON’T TURN AROUND is a music video like no other and definitely sounds like something new. Gamers can enjoy this visual too.

6GOLDZ – Considering GiZMO TAiLz self-produced the entire project, you can find some really catchy melodies. I found it on this track 6GOLDZ. Very simple, but when he starts rapping about his 6 gold teeth, it goes really well on beat.

Su​-​Zen​-​B [Heal] Even though this track is only instrumentals you can really dig this clubby vibe, GiZMO is trying to bring to the table. Another good instrumental is Voyage [Filler]. If I was an artist, I would be interested in seeing about working on getting production from GiZMO TAiLz.

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 7.38.22 PM

An Amazingly Self Built Dark & Trancy 13 Track EP Made For Gouls Of the night. Join The Journey Of Pain and Happiness As the Sleeping Dragon Awakens and Creates a New Path With his Unlocked Rare Power“. – GiZMO TAiLz

This concludes my EP Review of MugiWara by GiZMO TAiLz. If you’re diggin’ the project you should definitely support the artist via Bandcamp. Be on the lookout for more content from GiZMO TAiLz by following him on his social media:


Audio: Chrs Brise – Walk Amongst The Dead

IMG_4378BW_web.jpg[BOSTON, MA] Upcoming Hip-Hop Rapper Chrs Brise released his latest track WALK AMONGST THE DEAD. The very dark post-apocalyptic influenced track with a dash of trap house. Chrs Brise brings this track right before the fall season to fit perfectly for Halloween. WALK AMONGST THE DEAD brings a heavy dark complex theory to provoke our minds. Chrs Brise life experiences bring inspiration for his music. Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, and residing now in Boston, Massachusetts. The track was produced by Attic Stein. Be on the look out for more content from Chrs Brise.



Videogames: Square Enix Presents Kingdom Hearts III Game Trailer at E3 2015

Kingdom-Hearts-3-620x400Square Enix shows off all the new footage from Kingdom Hearts III. As you might expect, it looks amazing. Tears form in my eyes from the excitement that will be bestrode upon us whenever it does release. There’s still no release date or even a release year—the trailer just says “Now in development,” which is just what they said back at E3 2013. I’ve been waiting for part three since 2006! So in reality I’ve been waiting 9 years!!!! Very dedicated fan, I am. Any other new findings or hopefully a date for it’s release, I’ll be posting it on here.

Music Video: DanVHefner- O.E.

DanVHefner decided to start 2014 by dropping the video for his joint “O.E.”. This is a quick song about sipping on his Olde English 800 and living life fast. The visual has that 1990s style that DanVHefner is known for using. He gets his point across in 2 minutes with his quick rhyhme slinging. DanVHefner and his team the Anime Task Force seem to be off to a quick start for the new year. I’m looking forward to see what else they have coming.

Connect with DanVHefner: twitter.com/DanVHefnerwww.youtube.com/user/AnimeTaskForcesoundcloud.com/danvslimb

Music Video: Crxcxdile – Ciassou featuring MTFR

Check out the latest music video from Crxcxdile CIASSOU featuring MTFR. This video is very dark. While Crxcxdile and MTFR are at a table in the middle of nowhere with four women. Empty plates and tall glasses with red fluid in them. All of a sudden, one of the girls gets real mad with another. Then all hell breaks loose and they start breaking everything on the table. Then all the girls start running towards an abandoned location where they take one as a sacrifice to the unknown. Thought the track was dope and the visuals too. CIASSOU was directed by Fxrbes.



Music Video: Mr. MacDonald – Champagne in the Throne Room

Mr. MacDonald turns this visual into a short film right from the beginning. It starts off with him in the snow tied up with a bag over his head. The way he set it up made me feel like I didn’t know whether I was in a good dream or a dark nightmare. Reminds me of the feeling I got the first time I watched A$AP Rocky’s video for “Wassup”. The song has a dark feel production wise and Mr. MacDonald touches on typical musical topics such as love, money, drive, etc. from his point of view. Overall the concept was crazy and I enjoyed it. Check out the video below

Connect with Mr. MacDonald online: www.whoismrmac.comhttp://www.facebook.com/TheRealMrMachttp://www.youtube.com/AllstarTWesthttp://www.twitter.com/TheRealMrMac