[AUDIO] Chisom – “Soke (Remix)” featuring Burna Boy

Making his return to NikkiSiixx.com Detroit artist Chisom brings us his SOKE (REMIX) featuring Burna Boy. Fresh off the release of his debut EP The Jordan Year, and the RESPECT Mag premiere and Chuck D cosign of lead single “Africa Get Money”, Chisom delivers a smooth remix to “Soke” by Nigerian Dancehall artist Burna Boy. On SOKE REMIX, Chisom and Burna Boy trade bars in three languages, as Chisom puts his unique spin on the hit record, switching effortlessly between rapping and singing in Igbo and English (complementing Burna Boy’s Yoruba). This is truly international Hip Hop at its dopest. Having about three different languages on the remix, the song has a great overall vibe and Chisom continues to deliver quality music. If you’re enjoying his Remix to Soke make sure you follow him on all his social media outlets: INSTAGRAM || TWITTER || SOUNDCLOUD ||


Audio: Chisom – Africa Get Money

[DETROIT] Chisom makes his debut on NikkiSiixx.com with his single AFRICA GET MONEY. The track also has an eye-catching visual, but lets get back to the music. Chisom showcases his Nigerian roots by bringing this new wave with a mash of rap and afrobeat. AFRICA GET MONEY according to Chisom an ode to prosperity and enjoyment, for anyone down to partake. “Yeah, they birthed me here, but I rep home / Plan to stunt hard next time I get home,” Chisom raps. The newly-minted 23-year-old makes sure to show love to West Africa; he shouts out everything from Kente loafers & jollof rice, to stylish, Ankara print-clad ladies.

Besides being an artist Chisom is also a producer, he began producing Hip Hop music at 17, inspired by stars like DJ Premier, The Neptunes and Kanye West. Drawing from his love of music of all genres, his keen ear for samples and his Nigerian roots, he quickly developed a striking, eclectic style. His work has been praised by music critics and featured on Sway in the Morning, DJBooth, The Fader, and more. You can find this track on Chisom’s debut EP The Jordan Year (Nov 2015).


Audio: leunammE – 40 Be God

Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com upcoming rapper/producer leunammE (lu•nah•may), was born and raise in Detroit. He brings us today his latest single 40 BE GOD. leunammE demonstrates heavy focus on his lyricism and is able to adapt catchy melodies over some really dope production. 40 BE GOD is the first single off of his first mixtape Alchemission. Considering leunammE makes his own beats he even plays the Keytar during live performances. Be on the look out for more content from leunammE and watch out for the visual for 40 BE GOD coming soon.



Audio: Doe Wright – Get Right

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 11.55.31 PMDoe Wright is a talented artist/producer coming out of Detroit with a new infectious single, and you can’t go wrong listening to “Get Right” right now. This track will have you grooving as soon as the beat (produced by Wright along with Andrew Morrison and Max Flex) enters your ears. Wright blesses the track with an effortless flow and nice tone to set the mood just “Wright” for the lady he’s telling to “not be shy”. Throughout the song Wright tells the lady he’s trying to enamor that she only needs him to “get right” and not the typical party favors of drugs and alcohol. The end of the song slows down and lets him get a little more personal, similar to Drake’s “0 to 100/The Catch Up”. Signed to FlightHouse records, Wright seems to have the team that will give his upcoming album titled Earth Tones the proper roll out and exposure it deserves. Stay tuned for more from this talented artist as he enters our speakers one party at a time.



Download: MotorCityKam – 48235 EP

[DETROIT] MotorCityKam has been busy over the passed year creating his latest EP 48235. Last time we had featured MotorCityKam was when PedroSmaktastikDetroit reviewed his July ’91 EP. That review did so well it got featured as number 10 in Top 25 Music Posts of 2014. Refreshed and bringing a new sound and vision targeting his childhood zipcode 48235. Combining psychedelic funk, antique samples, and lush bass developing a new sound. Great flow over amazing productions by producers Sage Sonics, Big Chyna, and Teeth Leisure. Special guest appearances by Dary G, Julia Toro, Sage Sonics. On the seven track EP my favorite tracks are West Village, Lunch Bags, Left Side Player, Neptune, and PI. Stay in the loop with MotorCityKam [LINKS] SOUNCLOUD || TWITTER || WEBSITE ||


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#MIDWESTBEST Interviews: “Timing Is Everything” with Kid Vishis

kid vishisDetroit artist and younger brother of Royce da 5’9″, Kid Vishis, has a lot to prove in the rap game. Good thing it’s a challenge he is more than willing to accept. He not only has real talent on his side, but he also has his brother’s full support. He was a guest appearance on Royce’s M.I.C. mixtape, the “Bar Exam” mixtapes,“Street Hop” and “Success is Certain”.   Vishis doesn’t plan on gaining success through his family ties alone.  This artist knows the value of hard work, consistency and timing. He released the first of his own “Sick Em” mixtape series, “Vishis Is Me”, in 2007. He joined the D12 tour in the Spring of 2009, released a second mixtape “Sick Em Vol 2 – Bar 4 Bar” in 2011, which was then followed by the 2013 mixtape “Vol 3 – I’m Alive”.

On July 22nd, Kid Vishis drops his first album, “Timing is Everything”, under Label: Seven 13 Entertainment. Although bigger brother, Royce da 5’9″, is featured on the song “Coward”, the rest of this album is ALL VISHIS… and it’s ALL GOOD too. Kid Vishis has selected producers that have a history of working with hip hop royalty such as Mr Porter of D12 / Shady, Chase Moore of Hippie Sabotage who has produced for Raekwon, Rock (Heltah Skeltah), Mistah FAB and Papoose, Nemisis (Tony Touch, Copywrite, Outerspace, Emilio Rojas) and Nick Zervos. Track for track, Kid Vishis, proves to be a competitor that is ready to claim his own championship belt.

I had the opportunity of linking up with Kid Vishis to discuss his new album, important lessons he has learned from Royce about the music industry, as well as what is next for this up and coming heavy weight in the hip hop game.

How has living in the Midwest, specifically Detroit, shaped your taste in music or contributed to your sound?

Detroit is really a pretty diverse city musically. I think the city has built me into a more diverse artist. Detroit keeps my hunger up because everybody is in competition for the money so I have to make sure I work hard so I can get my slice of the pie. That mentality came from Detroit. I have a little bit of all the O.G.’s styles mixed in with my own style so I definitely give that hardcore, hungry Detroit feel with my own lyrical twist.

Your new album is titled “Timing is Everything”. What does this title symbolize or represent to you?

The time is now for me to come like a thief in the night and kick ass and take names. July 22 is just a release date (for the album) but this is my year and that’s how it’s gonna be from now on. I’ve worked very hard on my craft and it’s time for the world to know it. Timing and patience is a virtue to me.  I feel like with the time I’ve put into my craft and the patience I’ve displayed through the years, it has worked itself into a great storyline for me to put out through records. It’s time for hip hop to hear it.

On Track 5, “Big Brothers”, you speak about your personal story in regards to blood being thicker than water. On track 11 “Coward”, your brother Royce da 5’9″ is featured. What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned from Royce da 5’9″ about friends, family and the music industry?

Well, all I have are my brothers as far as friends go. Guys in the industry are associates that know Kid Vishis and will never know Marcus Montgomery and I’m perfectly fine with that. I keep a very close circle of people around me that I trust and that believe in me as a person and as an artist. Royce just tells me to carry myself as a man of respect and a gentleman; and try not to compromise that as much as possible. Stay on top of your own business!

You lyrically have “The Juice” on Track 7 produced by Mr Porter of D12, who has also done some amazing work with Slaughterhouse. Tell us about the process and importance behind the selection of producers for this album.

I had to go with the guys who I have history with and who I knew I could depend on for dope beats for my album. I have eleven songs on the album and used 4 producers: Mr Porter, Chase Moore, Nemisis, and Nick Zervos.  We already had a chemistry going in to the album making process. Chase Moore blacked out and sent me just heat rock after heat rock so he ended up on most of the album. Nemisis sent a batch with some undeniable bangers and Nick Zervos sent a batch with that intro record (T.I.E.) in it… and I had to kill it! Mr Porter dropped two bombs on me and I went crazy on my notebook (laughs)!

What’s next for Kid Vishis?

I have some tours in the works right now in the UK, Europe and Canada. I hope they work out because I want the world to see me live. Also be on the lookout for another full length album this year with Seven13 Music and SickEM Entertainment. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @KidVishis for further updates on all Kid Vishis related endeavors! Thank you guys for having me.

“Timing Is Everything” will be available worldwide on digital & physical CD formats.  Autographed copies can be ordered from the label at www.seven13ent.com .
TWITTER: @KidVishis & @Seven13Music

New Music: B-Side- Peep This

B-Side of Detroit, MI just released his new single “Peep This”. The song is hip-hop in every sense of the word. B-Side speaks on the state of music in the hip-hop community. He mentioned everything from how we went from most artists being conscious to new rappers bragging about worldly possessions. The production which was done by Sacramento Knoxx has a nice feel which was enhanced by DJ Sicari’s scratching on the track. The part of this song that stood out was when B-Side said “the artists sacrifice art to make them tha carter 6”. I thought the mention of everything from true B-boys up to the new swag rappers was delivered in a that could be digested without anyone trying to pull the hater card. This song is worth the listen and download.

Follow on twitter
Sacramento Knoxx: @SacramentoKnoxx

Download: Jamz – Goin Up

Jamz is an up and coming emcee from Detroit, Michigan. GOIN UP is a project Jamz released back in March, but I do feel like it’s relevant to current times. With a mixtape consisting of 17 tracks. 5 of those tracks are originally produced. They are Bridgette, Hands Up, Michigan Music Cypher, Euphnea, and Designer. Jamz’s presence on the track is strong, only being 19 he still has time to grow and improve. Familiar beats come to ear when Jamz takes on his verses over popular beats such as: Lil Wayne & Eminem – Drop The World (Track 01), The Game – Put You On The Game (Track 02), Kayne West & Jay Z – No Church In The Wild (Track 08), and more. Don’t forget to download Goin Up by clicking the cover art above.

The Ascension Theory (my thematic direction as an artist) is based on the thought that no one is the best at anything. There is always room for improvement, and always someone who can son you, no matter how great you think you are. As long as you sustain this drive, you’ll always strive to be better. As an artist, my only hope, whether I have an ocean of supporters or a puddle, is to progress with my craft. I aim to transcend the barriers we place on ourselves. As long as you’re “Goin Up”, you can’t go wrong.

New Music from Detroit: Mahd – Back At It (Video)

Detroit native, Mahd is making his NikkiSiixx debut with video for his latest, Back At It. Hard at work preparing for the release of his debut EP, he gets wavy over the 50 Cent’s “Off and On”. It’s official, we can’t to see what he has in store for us when he drops the EP, later this fall. Shouts to the super randomness at the end! Click the photo to download the track. Watch the video below.

Connect with Mahd: Official Website


Download: VOLUME – Levitate This

Detroit Emcee VOLUME released his debut album Levitate This. This 8 track project is a great listen! The whole vibe in general, gave off an old school hip hop feel to it. The album was recorded at Tapwater Productions in Detroit then mixed and mastered by Dr. B (UK). JUST BE is one of my favorite tracks since Volume’s flow really gave it a spoken word style. And ofcourse the production is on point.

01- City Tarry Fails
02- The Adventures of Tophat and Monocle feat. Deekah Wyatt
03- Isle feat. Severed Member of Blackhole Horsepower
04- This Was Once a Love Song
05- F.E.A.R.
06- Levitate This
07- Just Be feat. Deekah Wyatt
08- Level Up


Download: UrbanLax Entertainment Presents Fawn•Nicole Takes Over UrbanLax Radio Vol. 6

Click Image Above For Free Download
UrbanLax Radio collaborates with Fawn•Nicole to create the six installment of their compilation mixtape series UrbanLax Radio (Detroit). If you don’t know who Fawn•Nicole is, it’s time that you get familiar! Fawn has worked as a creative developer, artist manager, promoter, brand strategist, publicist and independent A&R. She is the General Manager of Miami based independent label, L.Y.F.E. Music. Poe Boy artist, Ghostwridah, founded this label. She knows her music.

Fawn•Nicole Takes Over UrbanLax Radio Vol. 6 includes a diverse roster of artists spanning from all over the country. Artists featured are Laws, J-Eye, ALR, Yo Oskee, Jay-Jay Benny, Art Morera, Cyhi The Prynce, Ray Dawn, Ohini Jonez, Tone Trump, Dashius Clay, Jay-Cro, Neak, Ghostwridah, J. Nolan and Prince EA. Mixed by Coast 2 Coast DJ, DJ Pot of UrbanLax Entertainment.

If you haven’t notice we have a few Miami locals representing on UrbanLax Radio Vol. 6! They are Art Morera, Dashius Clay, and GhostWridah!


Music Video: T. Calmese – Trust Me

Check out the latest Music Video from Detroit’s own local Hip Hop Artist T. Calmese for Trust Me off of his New Album A Will of Fortune. This is a result of an collaborative effort with fellow Detroit native & super producer Nick Speed. Trust Me was Directed by Mateo Morr. The video has great editing! While rapping on the side of the street, you see traffic go full speed then slows down. Super cool! This makes me feel that it represents the fast pace life we all go through. Don’t forget to check out T. Calmese link below.



Music Video: Stereo Boyz – Circus Act

Stereo Boyz released their second single Circus Act with a vivid video as the boys are dressed up like mean looking clowns. One of our favorite clowns was present, The Joker. Circus Act is off of their EP Live From The Ghettoblaster.

Shot by Sacramento Knoxx
Edited by Josef Petrous



New Music: Monte SS – Doin My Thang

Doin My Thang by realmontess
Monte SS is about to drop his new LP Old Me Vol 2 soon and I wanted to show you a track from it. Monte SS is a hip-hop artist from Detroit, MI. Doin My Thang is a laid back track, catchy hook, and Monte SS is able to expresses himself through it.

“I don’t just tell regular stories, cuz this is my craft. I like to play with my words and be extremely descriptive to paint vivid pictures and not boring sketches” -Monte SS