Music Video: Fat Pimp – Uh Oh

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 2.00.20 PM[DALLAS, TEXAS] Fat Pimp releases his first visual for UH OH which is the first of many more releases under the new label Dirty Water Music (based in California). The concept behind his visual was to obtain a 90’s classic movie feel, themed off of Phat Beach. Fat Pimp portrays the flirtations love interest of several women as he enjoys a beautiful day at the beach. Fat Pimp gets infatuated by the silhouette of another beautiful women while he was on a date with one, Fat Pimp became inspired to write about the “oops I’m staring” affect the woman had on his demeanor making him say UH OH. I sense Fat Pimp has matured in his music and is ready to set foot on his new endeavor of being a pioneer of southern rap and is ready to say Hello World! Stay tuned for more releases from Fat Pimp by following him on his social media outlets. [LINKS] WEBSITE || TWITTER || INSTAGRAM ||


Recording Artist Fat Pimp Signs Multi-Year Recording Deal With California Based Dirty Water Music

Fat Pimp Signs[DALLAS, TEXAS] Fat Pimp has signed a multi-year recording deal with California based Dirty Water Music. One of the few independent artist to be blessed with a three week stint on the Billboard hip hop charts, multiple times. Fat Pimp released his latest single Hurt They Feelings earlier this year which quickly found its way to MTV Jams. Warner Bros missed out the opportunity back in 2008 when they had a chance to sign Fat Pimp. Looking towards new horizons, Fat Pimp and his management team went to Dallas, Texas to start the new endeavor with Dirty Water Music. Congratulations to Fat Pimp from the staff at NikkiSiixx.com and we can’t wait to hear your new content. But in the meantime, for our listeners to get a proper introduction we have Fat Pimp’s latest project HURT THEY FEELINGS.

“I’ve been through so many labels dropping me or simply not believing in me. All the years of making Billboard hits and working so hard, it feels good to have CKB Entertainment and Dirty Water believe in me to see my vision. Now its time to go platinum and sell out these arenas,” Fat Pimp stated after sealing the deal.