VIDEO: SNOW WHITE vs ELSA: Princess Rap Battle

I’m pretty late in discovering these Princess Rap Battles on Youtube. I just watched SNOW WHITE (Whitney Avalon) VS ELSA (Katja Glieson). This is pretty dope and the princesses have BARS. Check out how they rank on each other and see who’s the dopest one of all?

Writer / Exec. Producer / Director / Snow White: Whitney Avalon
Producer / Director / Editor: Steve Gossett


Movies: Finding Dory Official Trailer

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 6.41.46 PMThis is it, the continuation of the Finding Nemo story. But this time around we are sharing Dory’s story in FINDING DORY. As we know, the lovable character Dory is a blue tang with short term memory. In the trailer it seems like she remembers her pass in her dreams. And base on these dreams she is set to find her family. Pixar yet again, creates a beautiful illustration of the sea and brings life to sea creatures. Will Dory be reunited with her family? Merlin and Nemo are set to help her find them. Ellen Degeneres is voicing Dory, how can’t they! Ellen’s voice is Dory’s voice. FINDING DORY is set to be released in movie theaters June 17, 2016. I can’t wait to see this!


Videogames: Square Enix Presents Kingdom Hearts III Game Trailer at E3 2015

Kingdom-Hearts-3-620x400Square Enix shows off all the new footage from Kingdom Hearts III. As you might expect, it looks amazing. Tears form in my eyes from the excitement that will be bestrode upon us whenever it does release. There’s still no release date or even a release year—the trailer just says “Now in development,” which is just what they said back at E3 2013. I’ve been waiting for part three since 2006! So in reality I’ve been waiting 9 years!!!! Very dedicated fan, I am. Any other new findings or hopefully a date for it’s release, I’ll be posting it on here.


Videogames: Kingdom Hearts III is available for PRE-ORDER


Kingdom-Hearts-3-5Can you finally believe it?! Kingdom Hearts III is finally available for Pre-Order and release date is for December 31, 2015!! No, not an official release date but that date is just a placeholder date. No official date has been announced yet. Hopefully one will be announced during E3 in a couple weeks. If it is set to release by winter this year, it will be perfect time for a late Christmas gift. Clearly this means the game must be close to finishing, since they’re already accepting pre-orders (Hopefully… fingers crossed). I’ll be setting up my pre-order and wish list to Santa for a PS4 in order to even play the game. Kingdom Hearts III the game is set to possibly have characters and worlds involving Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel. We just have to wait and see for any more updates.


Movie Fiixx: Tangled

Disney’s 50th animated feature was Tangled. Tangled was released last year (2010) on November 24th. I highly recommend this movie for everyone to see, even though it’s going to be Disney’s last fairy tale princess movie.

In the movie Rapunzel is turning 18 in a few days and she wants to finally go outside and see the world, but she can’t due to she is trapped in a mysterious tower where her mother Gothel keeps her in. Since Rapunzel is her secret for staying young forever. Flynn Rider a bandit on the run after stealing the princess’ tiara from the castle.

Flynn finds himself hiding out in Rapunzel’s tower. Rapunzel ask for a deal with Flynn that if he can take her to see the floating lights that occur every year on her birthday to see what they really are. Though numerous chase scenes, hilarious moments, and tear jerkers! I gotta say that this movie is one of my favorite animated films from Disney.