Music Video: Lightshow – M.O.B

Southeast D.C. rapper, Lightshow, and Director, Chop N Shoot Films, teamed up for the “M.O.B” video. The first three things to catch my attention was he had on a jesus shuttlesworth lincoln jersey from “He Got Game”, a replica of the airbrushed shirt that Rico wore in the cult classic “Paid In Full” and he was eating a bowl of my favorite childhood cereal waffle crisp. Now as far as the music goes the production and his delivery sounds like it was inspired by the late speakerknockerz.

The lyrics strongly stick to the theme of what M.O.B. is an abbreviation of by the way that he speaks of his ex girlfriend. The wordplay is simple but the sing song melodic delivery draws your attention and hooks you. The way that he made it seem like his ex was still obsessed by having a wall covered in his photos and flyers was quite genius and her tearing them down made for a great scene. “M.O.B” is off of Lightshow’s most recent mixtape titled If These Walls Could Talk which can be found on Spinrilla. The video is below for your viewing pleasure:


[UPDATE] Upcoming Event: Sultry Sounds 1/13 in Washington DC

The first Sultry Sounds of the New Year is the All Stars Edition which will be held on January 13th in D.C. DMV artists like Kenny Sharp, Davonne D’Neil, Finao Love, and Marquita Cheron will be performing for their fans and will bring the music that you feel in your soul. This is that young soul music, the new generation of that soul music that is missing a lot in today’s music.

kenny sharp Kenny Sharp – Kenny Sharp has a unique style of in his song ‘Brown Liquor Music’ by storytelling and keeping it simple with just a guitar playing in the background so you can really focus on his lyrics rather than the beat of the song. He has a country feel to his music but its more up-tempo than your normal country song that you will hear on the radio. It adds his twists to it so even if you don’t like country music, you would still enjoy it. In his track ‘Fine As Wine’, he changed up the music and flow than what he had in his Brown Liquor. He uses more musical instruments (i.e. drums and keyboard) and it has a flow like the open mic and poetry slams you would attend. Listening to it, I got the feeling that I was listening to a Kendrick Lamar track. ‘Will I Love You’ has a 90s feel to it. The music he decided to use on this track is a feel good sound. If you love music that makes you want to get up and dance or just lay back and relax, this is that song. As an artist, Kenny Sharp is able to change up his sound and keep you interested at each change and have you thinking he can really do it all. Kenny is an artist that you need to look out for. To listen to his tracks, you can go to his page on Sound Cloud.

davonne d'neil Davonne D’Neil – Davonne D’Neil is a gifted artist with a true God given talent. Her song ‘Deeper’ draws you in when you hear the first of the beat and her voice comes in. This track just works just because of the flow it has. The music, the beat, her lyrics, her voice, everything, just absolutely everything goes together and you are given this awesome sound where you will just want to forget all of your problems. ‘Sugha Pie’ shows the vocals of D’Neil. She really put her heart and soul into this track. You can tell by the lyrics that whoever her “sugah pie” is, he has really put a spell on her. ‘Careless Love’ starts with the 1940s maybe 1950s piece from a song and eventually, you hear D’Neil’s voice. She keeps the flow of the 40s or 50s to give you that mix of swing and jazz music that makes you snap your fingers and bob your head to the beat and close your eyes to hear the lyrics. To listen to her tracks, you can go to her page on Sound Cloud.

finao loveFinao Love – If you are into the somewhat newer R&B genre, you will love Finao Love. When I first heard Love’s song ‘Down’, I immediately started enjoying it. His lyrics aren’t too provocative to where you wouldn’t enjoy it. It has bearable and sensational lyrics with a nice rhythm of music that soothes you. ‘My Girl Be Trippin’ has the fast paced musical beat that brings the track to life. Love speaks about his girl being jealous whenever he would leave their home together. She would think that he was out with other girls or just doing things he shouldn’t be doing. He tells her she needs to learn how to love and trust. He is willing to work on their relationship and grow with her. Finao Love has a track that is called ‘She Likes It’. This particular song has this dance type vibe to it when it first comes on and it suddenly drops to a nice and study beat. The beat picks back up and you will hear DMV Ferris’s come in with his rap.

marquita cheron Marquita Cheron – Marquita Cheron has a track called ‘Circus’. This song is her saying that her she is not a fool or some side show that is for a guy’s entertainment. She continues to say that she is so much more than just a “circus show” and deserve so much better than what this particular person is making her feel. This song is an anthem for the women who are being mistreated by their supposed to be loves of their lives in my personal opinion. She is telling them that you have to know your own self-worth and you have to have the courage to leave and remove someone or people who doesn’t respect what you are worth. ‘Falling Deeper’ is her being in love song with someone very special in her life. She catches herself falling deeper and deeper in love with the way they smell, their voice, and everything else about them. It is a song that will make you feel like a teenager seeing your crush and you get the butterflies in your stomach. ‘Rain Quiet Storms’ is basically ‘Rain’ by SWV. If you love SWV then you would definitely love Cheron’s track. You have the rainfall sound effects with the soft music and the Cheron’s voice coming in singing the lyrics of SWV but you will eventually hear the creative lyrics of hers that flows with the song.

Overall, the artists of the DMV are amazingly talented and have their own unique way of showcasing who they are and how they feel.

January 13th at
The TreeHouse Lounge 1006 Florida Ave Ne, Dc
for Sultry Sounds All-Star Edition!


Freestyle Friday: Ode Tha Hustla – Poppin

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 12.41.41 PM[DMV – DC AREA] Ode Tha Hustla goes on his take of POPPIN by Rico Richie and created his own freestyle to it. Ode Tha Hustla embodies the trap lifestyle by presenting the people hating on him cause they don’t got their money situations taken care of and the means of how he earns his money. Throughout the visual you see Ode Tha Hustla counting money, smoking blunts, performing on stage at what looks like Block Party, and seating in the passenger side of a convertible. POPPIN FREESTYLE was shot and edited by the visual Powerhouse @Muhammad_flylee. It was impossible for Ode Tha Hustla to pass on this beat because of how dope it sounded. With Rico Richie’s track he goes in how you need haters to know you’re doing something right. I feel Ode’s is more catchy than Rico’s. Currently, Ode Tha Hustla is working on his mixtape Sellin Dreams which is set to release the first quarter next year (2016). But in the meantime, he set to release his original single title MO MONEY. [LINKS] TWITTER || INSTAGRAM || SOUNDCLOUD ||


Interview: JamalG

[Baltimore City, MD] When creating music, JamalG often feels like he has a duty or an obligation to speak for those who may not know how to speak for themselves. Being a vessel for his community, God, and the culture. He keeps a constant state of awareness. Releasing his track THESE WINGS. First single off of To Whom It May Concern 2: Final Draft featuring DMV’s own Huskey Hazel. JamalG writes music to use as the initial point of recovery and then performs them as therapy. Not only does he do it for his supporters but he does it for himself. He truly cares for the culture… Because he is the culture. I was able to have a interview with the Baltimore City Native and here’s what he had to say.

jamalg on stage soundcheckNIKKISIIXX: Blizz to Jamal G. Why did you decide on the name change?

JAMALG: Blizz is my neighborhood name. People in my area know me as Biggz younger brother or Blizz. I felt like I’ve changed a lot since I was that kid who just jumped off the porch. So in embracing my middle name I feel like it can take me a little further and push me to those different markets.

NIKKISIIXX: From what I hear from your music I see that you’re just trying to inspire your listeners to be great. What inspire you to take this route with your music?

JAMALG: The people. We have so many odds stacked up against us that when we finally do hear/see that inspiration it becomes that breath of fresh air that’s needed to carry on.

NIKKISIIXX: Sometimes by asking what’s someone’s favorite color you’ll be able to find out a little bit on that person. So what’s your favorite color and why?

JAMALG: It would have to be Black because it’s a strong color. Calm but bold. If you don’t pay attention it could be off putting at first glance but when you give it time, you find out how powerful it can be. The most simple decision I’ve made in my life is having black as a favorite color.

jamalg on stage photo NIKKISIIXX: How do you feel about Baltimore City Underground Hip-Hop Culture?

JAMALG: I love it! My loved ones are continuously working and making great music to shift the energy in Baltimore City.

NIKKISIIXX: Are you working on any new projects or is anything new you’ll like to share?

JAMALG: My new album “To Whom It May Concern 2: Final Draft” is set to release later this summer. It came out to be a great body of work that just makes sense for not only my community but for the Y and Millennial generation groups. Also, I’m currently on tour in Wales right now, but I will be home in August. I’m putting together an unplugged show for the album release in Baltimore City. More details will be revealed at a later date.

NIKKISIIXX: What inspired your THESE WINGS single?

JAMALG: These Wings was just something inspired by the space I was in at the time. I didn’t have a real direction for the album but I knew I wanted to make a statement for my community. I sent it to Husky and he wrote the hook and it was just on from there.

NIKKISIIXX: What is your opinion on Mainstream Hip-Hop?

JAMALG: It is what its suppose to be I guess. I haven’t really gotten the chance to focus on the mainstream to much lately but I’m sure you can find some gems there.

NIKKISIIXX: Any Last Words?

JAMALG: Thank you for the opportunity, I truly appreciate it. I hope everyone follows me on all social media so they can get a chance to buy the album in all online stores when it comes out later this summer. Love!

This concludes my interview with JamalG! Don’t forget to follow him on his social media accounts below to stay in the loop for upcoming exclusives. LINKS: FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | SOUNDCLOUD | WEBSITE

Audio: Cooley – Crazy

Cwq5d9smCooley’s first single off of his first solo project “47CRAZY. Cooley is a member of DMV’s Fly Rebel Society. This 2Pac inspired track features soundbites from his infamous character, Bishop in from movie “Juice”. You catch 2pac right in the beginning to set it of right. Cooley definitely stands out and remains on his own lane in this one. His flow, switch-ups, and overall quality, is mad dope. The beat alone definitely puts you in a trance. Don’t forget to press play and don’t forget to download “47”.


New Music: Don Canova – “Billions”

artworks-000087638020-jvaofy-t500x500Don Canova is a recording artist coming out the DMV area. Before adding the the name “Canova,” he was known to many friends as Don C. The last name came from a 19th century artist/sculptor named “Antonio Canova.” Because Don considers all of his music to be a great art, “Canova” was a perfect installment that was fitting to his persona. At a young age Don Canova found a passion for music but didn’t get 100% serious with it until he was 19. Since then Don has released plenty of bangers and managed to gain a following throughout the DMV area. The raspy voiced Don C, flexes plenty of flows on his latest ADOTHEGOD production, “Billions.”

Follow @DonCanova

Download: Havana Seoul – Vigilante EP

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 9.32.07 PMHavana Seoul is a 21-year-old artist that hails from the West Coast, but considers the DMV her home having spent most of her life in the DC Metropolitan area. Havana Seoul’s name is derived from, and in homage to her heritage. Her mother, of Korean and Black descent, was born in the capital city of South Korea, Seoul. Her father’s family escaped Fidel Castro when he came to power, and from there she pulls inspiration from Cuba’s capital Havana. Lastly, Seoul when you remove the “e” shows respect to her Black roots. With this new project, Vigilante, Havana puts on her metaphorical cape in hopes to be a savior to her friends, family, but perhaps most importantly, to herself. Havana tells us Vigilante was supposed to be a series of remixes, and that she has been coping with finding out her grandmother has stage 4 cancer. Also noting that the EP is “not well polished,” Havana is more focused on sharing music that reflects how she feels at the moment.

The opening track, “The Explanation” appropriately begins with an audio clip of Phoenix Jones, leader of the now disbanded costumed-activist group in Seattle, Washington – known as The Rain City Superhero Movement. This new 4-song EP almost feels like a continuation of her most recent mixtape, This Is Not A Cigar Club, because Havana is starting to develop her own sound as an artist. In her own eclectic way, Havana consciously addresses issues in the world, talks her shit using various flows (and at times languages), all while reminding us she is a college student. Give Vigilante a download and enjoy the sounds of Havana Seoul.

Twitter: @miyungYUMM


Audio: Fly Rebel Society – Who Am I

Check out the first single from Fly Rebel Society titled WHO AM I? They had debuted this track during a live performance and the feedback was incredible from fans and supporters. WHO AM I? is a track from their upcoming album titled ReFRSH. The boys stay busy with shows and also having a performance opportunity at this years SXSW on March 14 at BAT BAR alongside Twista, Freeway, Skyzoo, Cain, and Statik Selektah. This is going to be a very dope line-up!

But let’s get back to the track; WHO AM I? it was produced by Diamond Style Productions. Fly Rebel Society, representing from the DC/MD area, consists of five talented individuals (Lega-c, Ryda Blak, Cooley, TeeJay, and godlymC). All of them contribute to the track, which definitely shows they all have what it takes. Get to know em and follow them below on their social media outlets.


Audio: Fly Rebel Society – Rebels


Fly Rebel Society was previously featured on NikkiSiixx by PedroSmatastik with his review on Tokyo Towers and All Night. This time we’re featuring audio that didn’t make it on The FRESH Effort. Fly Rebel Society is a group of 5 artists who represent Washington, D.C. I felt this song was a feel good joint. You can bounce to this at a house party and enjoy living life. Follow Fly Rebel Society Movement by clicking links below.




“Nevalettadaygoby” is a soulful song from the start to ending. J-Scrilla along with his featured guest Doe Cigapom, Young I and Waze deliver a song about never letting a day go by without things as important as prayer. The first verse was really touching with a message with which many can relate. The stand out line for me was definitely “The block was my auntie, that’s why my cousins relate mo'”.

The sample used was so catchy and soulful you couldn’t help but like it. The second was just as realistic with mentions of hustling to get shoes instead of corny stuff like bottle service.  The third verse was similar in theory with own style. All three artists held their own without anyone being outshined. J-Scrilla certainly deserves his credit for producing this song and putting these artists together. If you enjoy the song check out the rest of J-Scrilla’s most recent project “Reel High”.

Connect with J-Scrilla online