[AUDIO] Jack Vance – SOUL (Produced By IAMBODI)

[HOUSTON, TEXAS] Bringing us another fire track, Jack Vance debuts his single SOUL produced by IAMNOBODI. What an amazing feel good track, with a powerful message. According to Jack Vance “Everybody thinks they know you. People love to tell your story, people love to tell you how they think you feel. Do they really know you though?” Jack Vance expresses his SOUL with a heartfelt story with his struggles. The cover art for this track shows an image of Jack Vance’s face with words that express what he truly feels. Be on the lookout for more dope music from the Houston Artist Jack Vance.




[SEATTLE-GEORGIA] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, upcoming artist TONE SKEE releases his visual for his single RECOVERY. Off his anticipated mixtape G.A.B (Gifted And Blessed). This heavy bassed track from TONE SKEE reminds me of Southern Hospitality. From the production, catchy hook, and overall performance TONE SKEE is an artist to look out for. I really like the setup for the visual, abandoned house with the orange jail suit, and the Hannibal Lecter mask. Pretty sick!

According to TONE SKEE: “I’ve always endured both influences from the west coast and south while as young teen going back and forth from Seattle to Georgia. Growing up I always love the passion and sound of music, I felt like it was my way out through heartbreaks and tribulations. I speak on what I’ve been through and where I’m headed!!

Make sure you follow TONE SKEE on all his social media links below and look out for more material from the West/South Coast Artist.



EP Review: RealProperLike – Signs

realproperlike[MIAMI, FLORIDA] A poet expressing himself through his music, RealProperLike exhibits his five track EP signs as a form of creativity inspired by the South Florida community. With signs in was created by the spirit of Art Basel 2015. According to RealProperLike “The concept of “signs” is to creatively express a journey of thoughts ranging from acceptance, dropping jewels, art, life, and love as only I can paint it”. I’ll be reviewing my favorite tracks off RealProperLike’s signs EP and what is his lyrical art exhibit trying to display.

INFORMATION – RealProperLike is a philosopher and goes in-depth with information he wants to provide you. He even talks about being more grateful to everything in your life. And even sneaks in a history lesson in there. The way RealProperLike breaks it down you can image it in your mind. Very descriptive just like a story teller.

ART – One thing I really like about this track is the theatrical flow RealProperLike has when he’s reciting his lyrics. The Beat is dope as hell, it was executive produced by realproperlike, custom made @custom60625, serious beats @seriousbeats, and by the audio genius [kr]ypton @mrbandason. Recorded, mixed, and mastered at @fsstudiomiami/ @kingpinstation. This has to be my favorite track off the signs EP.

SLAVE – You gotta bob your head to this one. RealProperLike expresses the struggles of Black Lives Matter. When the beat drops it really makes your concentrate on his poetic flows. Embracing his roots and feeling liberated that him and his people are strong and they are no one’s property.

signs back cover

“A full time worker – part time poet/part time philosopher.
Who am I? A different type of thinker, a big kid with an old soul”. – RealProperLike

Signs is a proper prelude to further creativity, critique, and conversation as any art exhibit should provide. RealProperLike paints the picture, can you see it? Be on the lookout for more content from RealProperLike by following him on social media:



Audio: BoyGenius – Pretty And Younger But Not Better Off featuring Villz

I must admit, that with this track’s early onset of lo-fi production – a mix of droning wobbles, a dirty bass and a distorted clicking sound – I was a bit put off at what seemed to be an opening to an 8-bit-inspired, electronica song. As the throbbing bass kick and off-kilter, pitch-bent crooning began to make their way onto the track, a puzzled expression crossed my face. I stared down at the song’s Soundcloud artwork on my Android’s dimly lit screen; the artwork is what seems to be a series of green-glowing, disembodied mannequin heads. “What the hell am I about to hear?” Then Villz lets loose a falsetto riff – accompanied by a series clockwork ticks, blips, bleeps and bubbles that all conspired – to offer what I have to tell you Audio Junkies is certified audio CRACK.

“I know what you’re doing. Blood stains dripping from your nose, baby. You know you should do better.”

boygeniusVillz’ sultry alto delivers every ounce of the dark and sinister image that I mentally conjure as I imagine the more unscrupulous side of California’s entertainment industry depicted in the performer’s lyrics.

The craftily-spun lyrics send my senses into a whirling frenzy; I can almost feel the crisp waft of warm afternoon air run across my skin on a sixty-degree California afternoon, as lavish cars – and even more lavish women – drift swiftly by; I can all but envision the young, wanna-be starlet’s running mascara as she slouches into the dingy corner of the restaurant; I can practically taste the stale stench of sweat and cigarette smoke as it pervades the jam-packed dive bar. I’m spirited away, becoming a fly-on-the-wall observer as the performer narrates tales of the fly-by-night, darker aspects of Hollywood’s dueling dichotomies.

Then the song takes a turn – a trap-inspired drum rhythm usurps what was initially a driving 4/4 pattern. Villz follows suit, quickening his pentameter and inserting additional syllables against what has become a monstrous combination of trap music, R&B sensibility and eclectic production.

“She just wants to sleep on Hollywood Hills. She can’t imagine how good it all feels. She just want to be famous; an A-list. Everyone already knows what her name is – in Hollywood.”

The harmony selections and vocal performance are impeccable. The editing and vocal processing are often subtle and then at opportune times, become in-your-face and unabashed, providing the perfect offset for the torrid, dark and melodious production. “Pretty And Younger But Not Better Off” is a DOPE record. The production from the duo of Aaron Harmon and Jordan Reyes, who form the production team called BoyGenius, is second to none. An expertly-balanced menagerie of patches and samples serve as a spot-on backdrop for Villz’ vocal sound – as Villz provides the listener an astute combination of contemporary appeal and substantive lyrics that us Audio Junkies so often find lacking.

I could continue to laud over how much I like this song, but at this point, I’ve already done too much talking (typing?); let your anxious ears feast on these audio drugs and get your fix – until next time…

As always, I’m your pusher @Legasey!



Music Video Show: Rap Show Weekly EP 1 featuring Alex Aff

Check it out this dope Podcast brought to you by Digital Coup Media with RAP SHOW WEEKLY EP 1. This episode they feature Alex Aff, Dreezy, Larry June, Kid Art & V. Cha$e, Royce Rizzy, Famous Kid Brick, and Zip K. RAP SHOW WEEKLY is all about bringing new music videos and documentary style interviews. I really like how the whole show is put together. Shoutout to Clint Easthood, for editing and making it look really fresh with the effects and presentation.

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Music Video: Tommy Swisher – Falling

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 10.35.34 PM[ATLANTA/ST.LOUIS] We got another dope track by Tommy Swisher with his latest single FALLING. He presents us with a visual, this video was really dope so I had to share. Tommy Swisher falls into the woods and trying to get out he comes across a woman in white, who is she and does she know the way out? Tommy can be seen in the video running for his life. You can find FALLING on his latest EP Hi, Im Tommy Swisher. FALLING was produced by Ego, directed by Tommy Swisher shot/edited By Relifecreations. For some reason this line stands out to me, “Trying to Control The Earth, Mother Nature Do Me Favors, Cause She Like My Purpose..Now Light the Earth“. Stay tuned for more from Tommy Swisher!



Video: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Meets Parkour in Real Life by Devinsupertramp

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 5.04.53 PMOne thing I really love is the creativity of directors and the vision they want to portray. DevinSuperTramp does it again with his Videogames meet Parkour in real life. This time he goes with Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. What was really the best part was that they added a female parkourist Aleksandra Shevchenko. Her flips and tricks are insane. Everyone did an amazing job, and you can even see this in 4k quality format!!! Parkour/Free-running stunts performed by the French FreeRun Family. Music composed by Stephen Anderson. Film by Devin Graham using the RED Dragon, filmed in 6k, exported out to 4K compressed for YouTube. Sound design by Dan Pugsley. This video was sponsored by Ubisoft. There was a couple of moments I had to hold my breathe from the suspense from these crazy tricks. In general I really feel in love with the idea of Parkour, especially after playing Mirror’s Edge. [LINKS] INSTAGRAM || FACEBOOK || TWITTER || YOUTUBE ||
For business inquiries ONLY, contact me here: devinsupertramp@gmail.com


Freestyle: Ramon ReVere – R.I.C.O. featuring Art Morera

ReV and Art RICO Freestyle[NORTH CALIFORNIA] Inspired by Meek Mill’s R.I.C.O, Ramon ReVere and Art Morera take it on with their official freestyle music video for it. You catch Ramon ReVere smoking his joint while venting out what’s really getting to him and what he’s been up to lately. I really like how Ramon ReVere is so aggressive with the flow. Both ReV and Art make really good music together. I’ve heard them together on Art Morera’s Album Around Midnight, on the track BLURRY. Expect more collaborations from the two off their upcoming projects like Art Morera’s AfterGlow EP and Ramon ReVere’s Uncomfortable EP. The visual scenery takes us to the 101 Highway, A Pool Hall, and Inside a Hotel Room. What do you guys think of the visual for Ramon ReVere and Art Morera’s version of R.I.C.O? Leave a comment below [Ramon ReVere LINKS] INSTAGRAMTWITTERWEBSITEYOUTUBE


Upcoming Event: 5/8 – Dope Ent Presents Action Bronson “Mr. Wonderful” FL Tour at Grand Central Miami

Mr. Wonderful Action Bronson will be making his return this summer for his upcoming ‘Mr. Wonderful‘ World Tour. If you came out to Rolling Loud or have seen Bronson live in the past, you know he always delivers a crazy show especially when a crazy fan jumps on stage. He’ll be performing all new material from his DOPE debut album, Mr. Wonderful, in addition to his classics. This will be his only Florida date on this tour so you don’t want to miss this. Tickets go ON-SALE this Friday at 10AM.via DOPEENT.COM Follow @RealDopeENT instagram to see how you can win a FREE ticket to see Action Bronson live at Grand Central Miami.

Video: Super Mario Brothers Parkour

Have you ever thought: What if video games were real? Warialasky‘s channel probably thought the same thing and made a Super Mario Brothers Parkour. Recording Christian Russell and Ronnie Shalvis as Mario and Luigi. Classic Characters from the video game Super Mario. I love that they’re dressed up in the blue overalls, bright red and green long sleeves, hats, and their iconic mustaches. They added animation to show us the blocks, coins, and warp pipes. You even get to see some enemies such as Goombas and Koopa Troopas. Hope you like the video as much as I did. Very cool, love everything about this video.

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Download: Sincerely Yours featuring Neak & Slot-A, “Truly Understand Me”

Truly Understand Me

While musical unity seems apparent in various areas of the country, I must say I am growing to appreciate a movement that’s forming in the midwest. Chicago and its surrounding areas are buzzing with extremely dope artists and seldom do these folks get the shine they most definitely deserve. Just the other day, I tweeted my dudes Neak and Slot-A telling them that I really liked a new record they sent me. But there was a new voice, that I didn’t recognize. Allow me to introduce Sincerely Yours.

Hailing from Oak Park, IL, Sincerely Yours dropped off this crazy statement track featuring my aforementioned dynamic homie duo, Neak and Slot-A. Neak rocks the hook then laces us with the first verse, setting the tone of the story. Sincerely Yours, takes it to the next level, then Slot-A, who also produced the track, comes in with the finale. They simply hope to be truly understood. I’m sure we all feel like that sometimes.

Turn the volume up, and let this ring off. Warning, immediate two stepping may take place.

Want more where this came from? Head on over to our good friends at DJBooth.net to download Sincerely Yours’ latest effort, the self-titled, Sincerely Yours.

Be sure to follow these folks: @Sinceninesix, @Neak_Undefined & @IAmSlotA

Download: C.Pitt featuring Rapsody- Simple Things



Here’s some super cool dopeness for you. North Carolina representative, C. Pitt teams up with Rapsody of the 9th Wonder led, JAMLA Records for this ultra smooth jam, reflecting on the Simple Things life has to offer. Produced by Tr4ck, the melodic track flows smoother than still waters.  Rapsody leads with rhymes, then C. Pitt takes us on home with no breaks, hooks, or bridges. It’s just rap. See, Simple Things. Personally, I live for nostalgic hip-hop such as this. This jam comes to us courtesy of C. Pitt’s latest effort, aptly titled  The Pitt Stop. Check it.


You can download The Pitt Stop right HERE.

Connect with C.Pitt: Facebook | Youtube | Follow @C_Pitt on Twitter


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