[AUDIO] Rex The Rager – California Dreamin’

[WILMINGTON, DE] It’s been a minute since we last heard from Rex The Rager. This time around he brings us his latest single CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’. According to Rex The Rager he claims to have never had a nightmare. (I would consider him lucky considering I’ve dealt with nightmares before). When Rex falls asleep every night he’s thinking of a woman, weed, and the weather from the West Coast state of California. I love the production, Rex The Rager’s flow, and the overall Cali vibes the track presents us with. Be on the look out for more content from Rex The Rager by following him on Twitter @RexTheRager.


[AUDIO] Source4Prez – Been Through It

[Wilkes-barre, PA] Making his return on NikkiSiixx.com, Source4Prez brings us his latest single BEEN THROUGH IT. This track is executed perfectly, from the production, female vocals, lyrics. Source4Prez knows what he’s doing! BEEN THROUGH IT focuses on the struggles of the everyday man. Realizing you’re not the only one going through it. You come to that you’re all in the same boat, with or against the tide. It’s all up to you with what’s your next move. How can you not relate to this track? If you put your all into something your bound to accomplish. Source4Prez is currently working on his Rhyme Or Reason project, be on the look out by following him on Twitter @Source4prez.


Music Video: HEWAN – When The Music Stops Playing

hewnCheck out the latest music video from HEWAN, a female Los Angeles based Recording Artist. She debuts her WHEN THE MUSIC STOPS PLAYING visual. Hewan’s desire to write songs arose after seeing India Arie for the first time on 106&Park. Which later inspired her to buy her first guitar in college and then began writing songs on one string. Her favorite color is yellow. Yellow is the color of the mind and the intellect. It is optimistic and cheerful. Which makes sense, since her video portrays the same feeling when watching her music video, WHEN THE MUSIC STOPS PLAYING. HEWAN looks amazing! Besides looks she has soul! During the video you see a little girl play with dolls, practice her guitar, and takes her imagination to the next level.

When The Music Stops Playing
Music Stop. Don’t Run Don’t Run
You Better Practice Your Patience One Day You Will Make It
So What, So What

Here’s a little Q&A I had with HEWAN.
NIKKISIIXX: The little girl in the video is she supposed to signify your younger self? If so, what inspired this concept for the visual?
HEWAN: Yup she is. The video shows the contrast between the two worlds of an child and an adult. The little girl is living in a a world of hopes and dreams while the adult is living in a world of realities. Things don’t always (or usually) turn out the way you imagine them as a child. Especially not on your timeline. But thats ok (hence the line – “don’t run” – in the chorus). That is what the song is about. And in the video we tried to show the two worlds through simple back and forth shots via the performance video, (hope that makes sense).

NIKKISIIXX: Do you have an upcoming project in the works?
HEWAN: As for projects – I just released an EP last month called “When the Music Stops Playing.” I will be dropping “singles” from the EP.

Don’t forget to watch Hewan’s video and leave a comment and let her know how you feel! Also, to get the latest from her just follow her on her social media links below:

Music Video: Art Morera – Billboard

Check out the second visual off of Art Morera’s album Around Midnight, the official music video for BILLBOARD. What an amazing track! The lyrics, the production, and the overall performance by Art Morera really demonstrates how he is so diverse with his overall sound and appeal with his music. This has to be one of my favorites off this album. Art Morera takes us on a journey through an independent artist view on how he’s trying to bring his music to the world.

BILLBOARD was filmed by Kimber Vasquez, he was able to capture so many candid moments. Video locations range from Miami, Florida and San Francisco, California. Art Morera brings life to Nixon’s amazing production. Throughout the video you see Art’s street-team making rounds and promoting Art’s music. On one occasion Art’s cd was thrown away from someone who wasn’t interested. They left the cd on the floor and at another point someone notices the cd and picks it up, then gives it a listen. Which goes to show you when you give an honest listen you might come across some gems.

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 12.57.14 PM BILLBOARD is one of those gems, consider the entire Around Midnight album a treasure chest with dope tracks such as LOUD, Story of My Life, The Allure, Blurry and Alright! If you’re not familiar with these tracks take a listen and download the album on iTunes, or listen to entire discography via Spotify. If you’re the type of person who prefers to watch visuals than listen to the music. I would suggest for you to view Art Morera’s YOUTUBE Channel for everything you need in a music videos, visual EPs (Extended Play), films, documentaries, and recaps. Also, he was recently just interviewed by NikkiJoMazing. BILLBOARD‘s hook is just impressive. Catchy… if not take a look for yourself:

You bumpin’ my cd, watch me on tv, see me around you think I’m famous. Look up cause you need me not cause you’re beneath me. It’s just that I’m on my way up on a BILLBOARD. Yeah, Maybe you love me? Maybe then you’ll love me.”


New Music: Baysiqly – Dreams


Baysiqly and E.R. are a hip-hop dup that created Vagabonds. Currently, Baysiqly and K Da Great are releasing the first song off their upcoming project Diary of Dreamer, which is DREAMS. I found this track to be really dope. Besides only being 1:15 you gotta hear this track over and over. DREAMS describes Baysiqly’s motivation to find success by working hard and dedicating himself to his vision. Which I know where we can all relate. K Da Great produced this hard beat. Can’t wait to see what’s in store with Baysiqly! More dope music from his upcoming project and also some visuals.