[TIPS] How To Enjoy You’re First Music Dance Festival


download_48Want to enjoy your next dance music event – then follow these tips and make the most of it.

Make Sure To Wear Comfortable Shoes (non open toed ones)

One of the major determining factors of whether you will be able to enjoy yourself at one of these events is being dressed comfortably. Make sure to wear shoes that you will be able to dance in (it should also be a pair that you don’t care too much if they end up getting destroyed) – it could be one of the worst decisions you ever made to wear flip flops since people will be trampling all over your feet. Invest in cute flats or converse shoes. Heels are a definite no.

Have Enough Cash On Hand To Buy Water

If you are planning to go to a rave that is going to last a while, you will need to have plenty of water. A regular set will typically last 4 to 5 hours, and marathon sets may go as long as 10 to 11 hours. So make sure you and your friends stay hydrated to survive the night. There are going to be lots of sweaty people around.

What To Wear

Don’t overdress and make sure you are comfortable. You can wear shorts and a cute crop top that has a bandeau. Here is a good site.

Find out who the DJ is going to be and the songs that they will be playing.

Are you going to wear an Armin Only t-shirt to a Markus Schulz set? Do you know who is going to be performing and the kind of music they will be playing? Do you understand what the difference is between house, techno and trance? Before you go, make sure you have these things figured out, otherwise you could end up looking like a fool.

Take A Fanny Pack To Put Your Phone In

Fanny packs have made a comeback and they are very useful to have if you would like to carry things with you without needing to lug around a purse or backpack. The amount of phone thieves is increasing, and you don’t want to be forced to replace your new phone.


Dance music is a colourful genre and as such you should accessorise before you go to any event. Our advice is to ensure you have your sun glasses, glow stick and whatever else before you get there as it will be a lot cheaper than purchasing them there.

Go With Your Significant Other Or Good Friends

If you haven’t ever been to a rave, the most fun part of all is enjoying it with your significant other or good friends. It can be okay to go with people that you don’t really know very well, however better to stay with those you know unless you are really sure about them.

Plan For How You Will Be Getting Home

Make sure you are prepared. Know who will be driving and all the details about that. Plan on how you will be getting home, and have a place to crash (in case the designated driver isn’t okay to drive). The last thing you want is to end up in the headlines of the news tomorrow.

Take Earplugs With You

If you don’t want to develop tinnitus (ringing in the ears), then make sure to take high-quality earplugs with you. On Amazon they are just $15. If there isn’t time for you to order a set online, just go to Walmart and buy a cheap disposable pair for $3.

Take Sunglasses With You

The lights are extremely bright, and you might not like staring directly into the sun whenever you are in a crowded, dark place. So take some sunglasses with you.

Take Scrunchies Or A Hair Tie With You

If is going to get very hot, so by the time that the night is over you will most likely be dripping sweat (particularly if it is indoor). So take hair tie with you just in case you need it so that you don’t have to suffer from all of the humidity.

Be Ready To Be Pushed, Squished And Touched

Depending on which event you attend, most likely there will be lots of people who are jammed into one room. The action always occurs close to the stage, so be prepared for people trampling, squishing and pushing you.

Enjoy, Relax And Have Lots Of Fun

Despite all of the potential downfalls, most likely your rave will end up being the most memorable for you. So keep the above tips in mind, relax, enjoy it and have lots of fun!



[UPCOMING EVENT] 9/21 NikkiSiixx Birthday Getty at 1306 in Miami


Its time to celebrate! NikkiSiixx is a year older and is getting ready to party with everyone on September 21st at THE BAR 1306 in Miami, Florida. Shoutout to PropsAndBonds for putting this together for me!




EP Review: Kojazz – JaZZ Daniels

kojazz jazz daniels ep

[NEW YORK] After having Kojazz made his appearance on the NikkiJoMazing Couch, then releasing his Change The Subject EP, and constantly working with his other affiliates from the iLLustrious group. Currently, KoJazz released another collective project entitled the Jazz Daniels EP. The nine track EP is solely produced by Solidified. According to KoJazz “Journey through 30 minutes of liquored up tunes and cheers to good times sponsored by shots of good ol’ Jazz Daniels…Listen Responsibly”. And that’s what I’m planning on doing, I’ll be reviewing the project and pick out my favorite tracks.

[HONEY ON THE ROCKS] This track definitely sets the mood right and demonstrates a night of influence. Kojazz is setting the tone over this sweet Solidified beat. Kojazz is very descriptive and describes heading to a bar and fighting his demons. His flow lands perfectly with the beat. kojazz music

[THE BREWERY] Kojazz collaborates with JuG the ILLEST and Rell Burgundy. This track sets the mood for the afterparty. Everyone has bars and I think its pretty dope there’s a Flash line hidden in the track. The hook is mad catchy! THE BREWERY can definitely be played at clubs I can sense the crowd to really be feeling this one.

[POUR DECISIONS INTERLUDE] After a night of binge drinking, you can only imagine the poor decisions you’ll make under the influence. One of them like driving under the influence. I really like the samples and skit at the end. Showing you the effects of driving drunk and getting pulled over.

[ALCOHOL POISONING] I feel like this is the climax track to the Jazz Daniels EP. Everyone on the track Christyle, MeRCY, and Kojazz get rowdy on this one. I really like Christyle’s verse, she’s brining it to the table.

[GENTLEMEN JAZZ] time to slow down the night and unwind with Kojazz and YoAmanduh. Even though Kojazz may seem tough but he can get romantic on the track. YoAmanduh brings that late night vibes with her sultry voice. Nice way to end the 30 minute journey.

kojazz 1This concludes my review on Kojazz’s Jazz Daniel’s EP. Shoutout to everyone who was apart of the project Solidified, Bishop, MeRCY, Rell Burgundy, JuG the ILLest, Christyle, & yoAmamduh. If you’re diggin’ the EP as much as I am, you gotta follow and stay in the loop with Kojazz.



Upcoming Event: 10/10 The Void Miami at Lou La Vie


The Void will be at Lou La Vie for their first daytime installation! They wanted to invite you to come out and experience a refreshing day with The Void! As an official IIIPoints activation, we are excited to stimulate your senses by providing you with an experience encompassing Music, Art, Food, Drinks, Luxury & Vintage Cars, Activities, Micro Theater, & More! In addition to the amazing line-up, they are also pleased to announce that special guest Charlie Fish, former bassist of Parliament Funkadelic will be DJing!


Saturday, Oct. 10th, 2015
Noon – 6PM
Lou La Vie – Entrance @ 246 NE 15th ST, Miami, FL 33132


Music Video : Loyal Duce feat. Fameschool Telli – Finesse


unnamedThis new visual from Loyal Duce featuring the homie Fameschool Telli is the video for you if you are looking for a quick dose of finesse in your system. Representing Bed-Stuy, Loyal Duce is using his city for a back drop as well as his playground. Money, women, drinks, drugs are the tools of use you’ll see throughout the video as from shot to shot the finesse’n taking place never lacks. If you’re not too distracted by the party favors, you may notice a couple cameos such as Manolo Rose (Run Ricky Run) and another towards the video’s conclusion that I’ll let you find for yourself. With the backing of Fools Gold and his affiliations of the Fame School/ Concrete Rose camps, Loyal Duce could be a name we have to get used to seeing. If he keeps the finesse up, it’ll be great to watch. [LINKS] SOUNDCLOUD || TWITTER || INSTAGRAM ||


Upcoming Event: 9/5 – #2kPoolParty Labor Day Weekend in Ft. Lauderdale, FL


The next #2KPoolParty is Labor Day Weekend September 5th 2015 in Ft. Lauderdale FL! The Craziest Pool Party Series To Ever Hit South Florida Returns For A Final Time in 2015! With People Attending From All Over America, This Is An Event You Surely Don’t Want To Miss! Over 1,000 People Are Expected To Attend, So Make Sure You Get Your Ticket(s) Now!

Ladies FREE with RSVP and Thong-kini: 2kpoolparty.com This Labor Day Edition of the #2KPoolParty is creative directed by Underground Gold Miami (@UGMIAMI) UGMIA.COM

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Music Video: Jeff Jericho – Get That Girl

Jeff Jericho Get That Girl Screenshot

jeff jericho screenshot[LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA] Rapper Jeff Jericho gives us his first official visual GET THAT GIRL which is featured on his new album Cake Dreams. The video was shot and directed by Mike McMillin and insane production by J-Myth. GET THAT GIRL takes us to a night where Jeff Jericho and friends are accompanied by some beautiful women. Jeff Jericho is in the zone and wants to express to his girl of interest that it’s going to be a very good night. I can hear this track being played late night in a club, where the lights are low and everyone is just vibin’ out. Be on the look out for Cake Dreams set for late summer release.


Music Video: Frantz Mza – Black Friday featuring Luni Lovin

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 8.47.04 PM

BLACK FRIDAY is a track from Frantz MZA‘s Mixtape Everything’s For Sale, featuring his fellow misfit Luni Lovin. I’m really feelin’ this song and I’ve seen it performed live as well. Even though it’s title is based off the day Friday, but when I hear this track on any other day it sure makes it an automatic Friday.

Frantz is inviting everyone over to party at his crib with drinks, blunts, and women. Everyone is having fun and definitely portrays it in the video. Really love this song! Too catchy and by mid-way of the song you already know the hook! The video was shot by SosaSupreme and the beat produced by Frantz MZA and co-produced by Aja.

Official Silent Hand WEBSITE


Upcoming Event: 05.02.2012 #beatsNrhymes at The Stage

Ladies in FREE all Night!
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