Audio: Twenty-three32 – Ease Up

[NASHVILLE, TN] Upcoming artists Young Kloud and #TheRebirth, both combining forces and creating American hip-hop group Twenty-three32. They’ve been working together since 2013. United by being cousins that are both inspired by music. Creating a unique sound of the South and Midwest. According to Twenty-three32 “They believe that no flavor of hiphop is better than the other, because hiphop should be a creation of many different flavors. They differ only in style.” Their track EASE UP, is the latest in their archives. Conscious rap lyrics over production by idbeatz x Damien Launay. Be on the look out for more content from Twenty-three32.



Music Video: Serum & Manifesto – Saviors Arrival

SAVIORS ARRIVAL was brought to you by Serum & Manifesto. A boom bap duo representing South Florida hip-hop to the fullest. Bringing us another video from their album The S&M Project: Hott Waxx. Directed by Mupalia Pictures.

Serum & Manifesto are playing two undercover reporters trying to infiltrate a secret society to expose them of the evils that they are trying to release to the world. The video gets intense! The more they get closer to finding out the truth, times running out. Will they be able to discover the evils or just be erased?


Music Video: Young Duece – Impossible

Check out the latest music video for Young Duece Impossible Young Duece is a Hip-Hop Duo from Ohio. The Duo consists of PJ and KiddFlow. They’ve been a team since 2005 and released four albums and five mix-tapes. Impossible is a real catchy song and the bullet time effect was a great illusion.

Video directed, shot, and edited by Lance Meaux
Nick Hearn-Sutton: Steadicam Operator
Richard Castle: Director of Photography

“They can’t do it like I can”