NikkiSiixx Reacts to The Walking Dead S6 EP 15 – East

SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t watched this episode already, here’s you’re warning

Here’s where NikkiSiixx records her reaction of the latest episode of the Walking Dead. If you can’t tell, she’s a fan. We have Season Six Episode Fifth-teen “East”.

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Catch you next week with S6 Ep16 for the season finale “Last Day on Earth”.

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Music Video: Rich Espy – Nike Checks featuring Money Makin Nique

rich espy icon nikkisiixxCheck out the latest visual from Atlanta Artist Rich Espy with NIKE CHECKS. Originally born in Los Angeles California, Rich Espy is able to capture both East and West coast with his latest single off of L.A Confidential 2 which was hosted by Dj Burnone. The mixtape also features Daz Dillinger, K.Camp, Two9, and even more artist. The visuals are clean and you just can’t watch this music video only once. REPLAY! For NIKE CHECKS Rich Espy features Money Makin Nique. They both made a really dope track together. Besides they’re verses they especially killed it with this catchy hook:

Air Jordans With The Nike Checks

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#SmaktastikReview – J. Nolan – “Return of the East Coast”

Yaaaaaaow NikkiSiixxers! It’s that time again. You’ve been jonsin’ and I shall provide. I shall deliver. I shall service the people and I shall feed the hounds. That is of course what I do. The facilitator of all that is musical and worth listening to. So without further adieu, I bring to you in this review…that ruckus that you love to devour like Krispy Kremes…the powder kind…or crack…for free.


Normally, I don’t expect much from music where someone re-uses a beat that’s already been released by another established artist. Granted, that’s how almost every artist starts out. R&B/Country singers and bands do cover songs and Rappers drop their own verses over popular instrumentals. Most of the times you get the steamiest of sh#* but sometimes what you get is a classic display of lyricism and energy that brings a fresh new perspective to an instrumental. Luckily for us, we got the latter with J. Nolan.


Born Jamar Nolan, J. Nolan is an artist out of Atlanta who prides himself on his “technically sound wordplay and potent imagery about his environment”. His record “Return of the East Coast” is something I urge you people to listen to. He took LL Cool J’s “Doin It” instrumental and just shatted all over it.  I mean..he ate a plate of ex-lax and painted this beat with multi-syllabic, metaphor infested greatness. “Return of the East Coast” has quotables for days … that is if you ever get a chance to hop off that Six Flag roller coaster called “J. Nolan’s Flow”. When listening to this record it’s hard not to stop everything you’re doing and listen when he gets into that zone.

That’s probably why this review has set a record for the longest “Smaktastik Line” in Nikkisiixx history. The narrative in the song is so vivid you could literally see him stepping outside that barbershop with his revolver, holding some poor kid upside down by the ankles and swiping his change or seeing the kids play 5 on 5 in front of their driveway.
The delivery was spectacular with each line flowing flawlessly into the next. The whole concept of the song was to let listeners know what Nolan’s about and to show them why he deserves to be called great. Mission accomplished guy.

Take a listen to this record then follow him on Instagram, Twitter, to his shows AND  to his studio sessions. Look out for his upcoming projects because if it’s anything like “Return of the East Coast” then that project is gonna’ be fire. You’re welcome.

Smaktastik Line:

“Leave your skull lookin like birdman.
Rapper or the ball player take it from first hand//
Back hand till’ I Jack Dan’ at the party. Your raps played out buffie the body//
John Gotti with a shotty posted up big as Christopher Farley//
I Had Ghostface spit on your wallet with killa’ army//”

hahahaha guy says “leave your skull lookin like Birdman”..I’m outta here man.

Hear more from J. Nolan at the links below: