This is not B.I.G. vs. 2Pac. This is not Jay Z vs. Nas. Contrary to Meek Mill’s belief, this is certainly not 50 Cent vs. Ja Rule. This is not even beef, “Beef is when you need two gats to go to sleep.” This is a rap BATTLE. Whether you find it entertaining or not, you cannot deny that this current rap battle has sparked an energy and buzz around the music industry that we have not seen in many years. While all signs are pointing to Drake as the guy demolishing his opponent right now, what if I told you it could have very easily resulted another way. I’m about to tell you how Meek Mill could’ve ether-ed Drake.

5l4Gb0XaWhen Meek Mill gathered factual proof that Drake does not write all of his raps on his own, he should have never broke the news on Twitter. Today’s younger rap fans and Drake fans might say it does not matter, but guess what: IT DOES MATTER and people who live and breathe the culture knows this. This is one of, if not the biggest thing you can ever hold over a MC’s head in a battle. Instead of a Twitter post, he should have recorded a diss verse (preferably over a Drake beat) and release it on the Internet without any warning. In the verse he should have aimed a line or two at Drizzy like, “And don’t compare to me Drake, he don’t write all of his own raps!” Meek Mill would not even have to reveal knowledge of the reference tracks just yet because that one line alone would have been enough to get the rap world’s attention and leave people wondering where this is all coming from. By doing this he would have caught Drake’s camp totally off guard, which is a perfect war tactic. Blindside your opponent when it’s time to invade. He also would have established himself as the aggressor. So if you compare it to boxing, usually the more aggressive boxer gets the most cheers from the crowd (in this case, the fans.) Ultimately, the fans get a say in who won the battle or not. After the first shot, Meek should have stayed off of social media, no rants and Twitter fingers. Let Drake think he may not have something like the reference tracks to destroy him. Wait for a reply on record. Once Drake responds, which could have possibly sounded different, than what he has out now, that is when Meek Mill (without any warning from his team or famous DJ’s) should have came back immediately with the ether.

First of all, this would have negated any chance of there being a record called “Back to Back” and would have killed any of the self proclaimed 6 God’s momentum. This is when Meek should have let everything out without holding back anything. I’m talking about three verses mentioning everything from having a co-writer to the alleged incident inside of the “Takers” movie screening in 2010. This is when he goes back to his battle rap days and use that approach. That means rapping some facts, jokes, personal attacks, and great delivery to humiliate the biggest guy in Hip-Hop. This would have made Drizzy vulnerable and his back would have been against the ropes. It would have sent rap fans, bloggers, radio, and social media into a frenzy. It would not have knocked out Drake the singer and entertainer but it would have ether-ed Drake the lyricist and MC. Meek Mill, the flashy and energetic kid from the streets of Philadelphia, would have been victorious. Battle over.

Unless you’ve been living on Mars the past few weeks, you know that it did not play out that way at all. Unfortunately, Meek Mill underestimated his foe and Drake was almost flawless with his counter attack. Instead of being strategic, Meek was in his feelings and “jump[ed] out the face.” I’m not going to say this battle is over, but I will say that Mr. Dream Chaser has a lot of catching up to do.

P.S. My sister, Jasmine Turner, is responsible for the line “jump[ed] out the face” in this article. She got her credit now I’m gone.

SM is an Author and Artist from NYC currently residing in Atlanta, GA. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @ClassicSmalls


Upcoming Event: 7/16-19 TEXAS Ent Summit at Arlington, TX

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Texas Ent Summit
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For 10 years the Florida Entertainment Summit (FESummit) has provided models, filmmakers, recording artist, producers and entertainment entrepreneurs the opportunity to network with influential entertainment decision makers gain new insight on selling entertainment product, broker deals, promote new music, introduce new/returning artist and learn new industry trends. Now, the brand is expanding to Texas!

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Panel discussions, workshops, beauty workshops taught by celebrity stylist, cocktail reception, special advance screening, artist showcase, parties, Beauty Brunch, Sound Stage, learn the newest trends & so much more.

Artist Advice: Ways To Promote Your Music Online Without Social Media

When it comes to promoting your own music, there are a lot more options today than there were even a couple years ago, thanks almost entirely to the Internet. We posted an article a little while back on the do’s and don’t’s of social media promotion, and it’s true that social media can provide some of the most effective ways to promote your sound. But in this post we’ll take a quick look at 5 ways to promote your music online without the use of traditional social media apps and sites.

1. Use Soundcloud
It’s probably the most obvious suggestion to an independent artist, but it’s one that just can’t be ignored. Soundcloud has become an enormous service for new artists and music fans alike, and failing to upload your sounds there leaves you at a disadvantage. Don’t just rely on Soundcloud’s own site though – you can also use the service to play live tracks for free on your own artist website, letting any visitors hear your sound. It goes a long way to offer some listening for free.

2. Upload Sounds To Last FM
This is just one more way to get your sound out there on a massive listening service. There are a few added bonuses though. For one thing, the royalties program at Last FM gives you a bit of cash as people listen to your music; additionally, the service has a Pandora-like “discovery” tool that can make your sounds come up when people listen to something similar.

3. Be Accessible
If you have an artist website (and let’s face it, you should), try to be accessible. Provide an email address for fans to reach out to you, and answer emails. You can even look into conducting live chats once your audience broadens a bit. You won’t be able to keep it up if you make it big, but being personable and accessible gives you appeal and makes you memorable.

4. Contact Entertainment Webmasters
This one’s a long shot, but remember there’s never any harm in asking. Betfair’s Bingo site is one example of what we’re talking about here. At this site, users gamble real money not just on bingo, but on a variety of casino games – poker, blackjack, you name it. Essentially, they’re games that can be played with soundtracks! Again, this one’s always a long shot – but reaching out to arcade and entertainment sites to see if they’ll host your music isn’t a bad idea.

5. Get Your Music On Spotify
Before you can make it to this step you need to make sure you have your music registered with BMI. Spotify essentially gives you the same benefit as Last FM – it’s purely for exposure, and once you’re up you won’t have much control over marketing or outreach. But the general idea is, there are about a dozen solid services where new artists can upload music, and there’s just no sense in ignoring any of them!

We love to help out a give artist advice. Even though this article is stating how to promote your music online without social media, but we highly recommend social media for helping to spread the word on your music. Here are a couple other advice articles that can really benefit you and your career.
Getting Booked For A Show
How To Promote Your Music Through Social Media Outlets

Upcoming Event: 8and9 Clothing x Freehand Profit ‘Sneaker Art’ Art Basel Daily Event Schedule

Wow! Talk about 8and9 has Art Basel on lock! With this week’s upcoming daily events schedule at 8and9’s showroom. You don’t want to miss this! Check out the details below and click the flyers to RSVP on their facebook event page.

What: 8&9 Clothing Presents “The Man Behind The Mask” With FreeHandProfit
When: Dec. 6th-9th
Where: 345 NW 24th st Miami, FL 33127
RSVP: showroom@8and9.com
Directions Via Google: 345 NW 24th st Miami, FL 33127

Check out 8&9 Clothing Pop-Up featuring sneaker art by Freehand Profit and the release of his new book “Army of the Un-Deadstock”. His latest creation, Army Of The Undeadstock is his first book featuring 250 pages of art, sneaker gas masks accompanied by Haiku’s from San Diego poet B(e) Selah.

The 4 day event commences with a Thursday meet and greet streaming live at universemiami.com plus Freehand Profit book signing and sneaker mask display. 8&9 Pop Up Shop is open Thursday 6-12, Friday 4-12, Saturday 12-12 and Sunday 12-8.

Doors Open 6pm
Music By DJ Radamas & DJ A.N.D
Sponsored By Hennessy VS

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NEWS: A Crash Course in Online Privacy

Remember back in November I was protesting about SOPA when they wanted to setup restrictions on the Internet. And then RIAA/MPAA when we figured out the intent of all these companies is to show you how they want to fu*k us over! If we never had access to these programs (file transferring) we would have never downloaded are favorite tracks, movies, and anything that was promoted to us by THEM!

After these claims and arguments here is something to really show you the benefits the entertainment companies are still making money off of Online Privacy.

Music, Movies, Programs & Piracy

Image Created by: OnlineGraduatePrograms.com


Download: UrbanLax Entertainment Presents Fawn•Nicole Takes Over UrbanLax Radio Vol. 6

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UrbanLax Radio collaborates with Fawn•Nicole to create the six installment of their compilation mixtape series UrbanLax Radio (Detroit). If you don’t know who Fawn•Nicole is, it’s time that you get familiar! Fawn has worked as a creative developer, artist manager, promoter, brand strategist, publicist and independent A&R. She is the General Manager of Miami based independent label, L.Y.F.E. Music. Poe Boy artist, Ghostwridah, founded this label. She knows her music.

Fawn•Nicole Takes Over UrbanLax Radio Vol. 6 includes a diverse roster of artists spanning from all over the country. Artists featured are Laws, J-Eye, ALR, Yo Oskee, Jay-Jay Benny, Art Morera, Cyhi The Prynce, Ray Dawn, Ohini Jonez, Tone Trump, Dashius Clay, Jay-Cro, Neak, Ghostwridah, J. Nolan and Prince EA. Mixed by Coast 2 Coast DJ, DJ Pot of UrbanLax Entertainment.

If you haven’t notice we have a few Miami locals representing on UrbanLax Radio Vol. 6! They are Art Morera, Dashius Clay, and GhostWridah!