BEAT ALERT: Nixon – Episode 1 Club 50 series


BEAT ALERT! Miami Producer Nixon releases his first beat in his Club 50 Series, to bring in the new year. The Club 50 Series every Friday Night Nixon will release another beat from his very diverse catalog. ‘EPISODE ONE’ gives me a vibe from Sleepy Hollow mixed with Final Fantasy VIII ODIN search scene. I can only image what a talented artist is going to do with this beat.

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, Happy New Year. Club 50 is a project I will be starting in 2014 where every Friday, I will drop a new beat on my soundcloud to showcase my diverse beat catalog. This being the first one I decided to make something special today and started with a sample I’ve had in my crates since the beginning of my musical journey some 7 years ago. I appreciate the time you took to listen to this and I hope you like it. Thank you and God Bless.