[Nikki Hears It First] Baker Plaid – Grammy – Episode Five

We got a new episode of Nikki Hears It First! Where I film my reaction to hearing a new track or watching a music video from an indie artist. This time on my fourth episode, I’m watching Hip-Hop Artist Baker Plaid with his visual to his single “Grammy”. Take a look at what I thought about “Grammy” and I would love to hear what you guys think about the track/visual!




TV: Gotham Rundown – Episodes Four (Arkham) and Five (Viper)

Welcome back to another Gotham Rundown! This week I’m going to be discussing on Episodes Four and Five. Last week I went in on episodes two and three, where we left off with the Kid-snatchers and Murderous Vigilantes, and Copplebot’s unexpected visit. Here’s what happened on episodes Four and Five:


gotham episode four arkham penguin barbara gordon nikkisiixxWe begin where we left off, Penguin surprised Gordon at his girlfriend’s house to announce his return to Gotham. Only wanting to help Gordon for sparing his life. Gordon is freaking out, he can’t believe this guy would come back after being so close to death. There’s a new murderer in Gotham. But this guy has this type of weaponry that will kill you unexpectedly. Especially for his first victims. Jim Gordon is on the case. Also, the Wayne’s plan was to rebuild the standards in Arkham City. By building affordable homes and Arkham Asylum. Now endorsed by the Mayor. Gordon needs some more information on this new plan from the Wayne’s. He pays a visit to Alfred and Bruce. He figures out that Falcone and Maroni will be fighting over this part of town. The murderer is back and is hired help.. going after city councils that are not in favor or Falcone or Maroni. Here comes Enigma with some details on the deaths of the victims. They were able to locate the murderer at his office and found some clues. Bruce still has nightmares of the night that his parents were killed. There was a robbery at Maroni’s place of business. Anyone who worked there was killed and Penguin was able to get out of it and was able to save half of Maroni’s money. He gets a promotion from dish washer to restaurant manager. Damn! Intense moment, Barbara tells Gordon that she had a relationship with Montoya. Previously before they got together. Jim is more upset that she lied about it than her being with another woman.

gotham-arkhamFish Mooney is working on a plan of her own. She searching for the right woman. But for what? A Plan B. Penguin is reliable when it comes to providing information. He tells Gordon there’s going to be a hit tonight on Maroni’s behalf. Jim figures out it’s for the Mayor. Just in time, Gordon is there to help protect. The assassin is trying to get in and they have an epic fight and luckily his partner Bullock comes in and they gun-down the culprit. Barbara apologizes for not telling him sooner about Montoya. But she is very pushy when it comes to having Jim telling her everything. She insist he tell her about Cobblepot. But Jim refuses, which makes Barbara not want to be in a relationship where’s there secrets. Fish Mooney finds her girl after they fight for the position she is offering. And we find out the Penguin had the robbers rob Maroni’s restaurant to make it seem Falcone did it. The Mayor has announced the plans will take into place that Arkham City will have affordable, reopening of Arkham Asylum and a site for waste disposal. Penguin poisoned his own gunman and retrieved the money at the end. Nice come-up for Penguin.


gotham ep 5 viper nikkisiixxBruce is on the search to find the connection between the crime lords of Gotham and his death of his parents. Maroni is set to rob Falcon’s casino and Penguin listens in. Then we see a guy on the street asking for money for drugs. A man drops off some green stuff. He inhales it and it gives him super human strength. He even hauled away the stores ATM. It also left this individual craving and drinking gallons of milk. Falcon has a meeting with all his leaders of crime sections and how they need to maintain Maroni and how they all own Arkham City, not just him. Jim and Harvey are searching for the theft at the convenient store. They find him and his withdrawing from this mystery drug called VIPER. The creator of the drug is passing it all over the city. That gives them super strength and as soon as its over the body bones disintegrate and they suffocate and die. Jim and Harvey gets word about the identity of this drug creator.
gotham ep 5 nikkisiixxOswald reveals his story about what happened with Fish Mooney to Maroni, and it’s so hard to believe. That Maroni calls for Gordon to tell him the story. Gordon tells him the truth, which saves Penguins face from being sliced. VIPER was actually called VENOM. This drug was meant for military, in order to use in war to killed people instantly. The old professor admits to working with the culprit and they’re out to seek revenge on Wayne Enterprises. Bruce is at the Wayne banquet, where the mad scientist targets by using the VIPER in the air conditioning system. He reveals he worked for Wayne Enterprises. Jim and Gordon get there in time to stop him from poisoning everyone. Fish Mooney trap is set when Falcon meets Liza. Will Falcone take the bait?

This concludes my recap on episode four and five of Gotham! Don’t forget on Hulu with a plus membership, you’ll be able to catch up on all episodes of Gotham. I highly recommend you do so. 63 days left to Gotham’s return for Season Two this Fall September 21st on FOX! Next Monday, I’ll be reviewing Episodes Six “Spirit of The Goat” and Seven “Penguins Umbrella”.