Podcast: The Officially Street – Episodes “Friday The 13th” and “Survivor Series”

Syer and Jayomega discuss the happenings of what proved to be one of THE MOST unlucky Friday the 13ths in history. Also, Ronda Rousey gets knocked out, Charlie Sheen reveals that he has HIV, and Billboard 100 reveals their TOP 10 rap artists in history EVER–and of course we have to talk about #TWD. What do you guys think?

Happy Black Friday! We hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. We’re calling this episode #SurvivorSeries because we’ve decided to bring a new segment to the show where we tell survivor stories of our past. We also discuss “survivors” Charlie Sheen, Lamar Odom, and spoiler alert–Glenn from the #TWD. Let us know what you guys ate for Thanksgiving dinner, and what deals you all found for Black Friday.

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TV: Gotham Rundown – Episodes Sixteen (The Blind Fortune Teller) and Seventeen (Red Hood)

Welcome back to another Gotham Rundown! This week I’m going to be discussing on Episodes sixteen The Blind Fortune Teller and seventeen Red Hood. Last week I went in on episodes Fourteen and Fifteen, where we left off Lee and Jim are becoming an item, the twisted mind of Dr. Crane and the birth of Scarecrow. Here’s what happens on episodes sixteen and seventeen:


Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 11.15.16 AMPenguin has his mother perform at the venue everyone just needs to deal with it. Fish awakens still trapped underground but has full control of downstairs. Taking care of everyone who has something taken from them. Barbara arrives back to her apartment where she finds Kat and Ivy. She kinda accepts the girls being there after a night of drinking. Gordon and Lee are at the carnival watching a live acrobatic performance. Then the small car thats filled with clowns and comes to start a huge fight throughout all the acts. Everyone is fighting. Jim stops it. Penguins mother finishes singing and no one claps. Penguin claps it makes everyone clap except one jerk who booed her off stage. Penguin goes attacks him for making fun of his mother. Lee is taking care of some of the carnival acts She ended up discovering that the families have been feud for years. There looking for Lyla the snake dancer who they’re fighting for. They go to her trailer where they don’t find her but her son and her snake. The Ringleader seems to lead the snake tamer to be a whore and likes to go out. Gordon tells the boy that to take the snake out, the snake is heading to a direction, they follow. The snake leads them to the body of Lyla who was murdered and hidden in the hay cart. The Ringleader says they found her like that. Fish is planning on escaping, and saving everyone from their future demise.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 11.16.03 AMAt the GCPD looks like a party/prank according to Harvey. Gordon interviews Drew regarding his mother. He’s a bit off. Gordon interviews the rest of the circus act. Fish and her group are ready to put her plan into action. In exchange for one of the lives she wants food, water, and blankets. They refuse they won’t get a live patient. In order for her to see the manager she will exchange her place with the guard. She has her back up of men to protect her. Lee invites Gordon to finish their date over dinner, and then they get interrupted by a blind physic. Lee wants to hear the message. Lee doesn’t like how Jim isn’t open minded to the after life. Alfred confirms with Bruce about having a meeting with Wayne Enterprises about confronting them about the corruption thats going on in his company. Barbara is trying to find the perfect outfit to go and confront Jim. We then see Lee and Jim having dinner. Lee figures out the physic’s message. Jim agrees to check out the location, but Lee couldn’t help but look into this woman’s murder. They search below the bridge and they find a hatchet that’s covered in blood. The hatchet is from a satanist cult. Jim admitted she right about him needing a strong woman. Gordon brings the physic reader into questioning and tells him he had someone apart of it. He’s protecting someone he loves. They have Jerome come into the room, where Gordon accuses him of killing his mother and says the physic reader is his real father. The reader admits he is his father. Jerome couldn’t believe it. It’s impossible. Jerome starts crying then an evil grind then said she was a cold hearted whore. Also, this is the birth of The Joker. He was cruel and seemed to laugh about the situation. Lee is distraught. She was thrilled and scared about the whole situation. Then end up kissing passionately. Then we see Barbara walk in on them without them noticing. But what did she expect? Like he wasn’t going to move on after her leaving. Victor visits Penguin on regards to Falcone. Penguin is not making any money, he brought someone to assist him and its Butch. But its not the butch from before he kinda brainwashed him and now is under Penguin’s control. Bruce is ready for his meeting, heres where he questioned Wayne Enterprises about their involvement at the Arkham project. You can tell the board members are a bit put off as if their hiding something. And Fish Mooney was to switch positions to meet the manager of this facility she’s been captive.


Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 12.17.28 PMWe start off with a bank robbery from a group that had one particular member who stood out with a red hood. The main group leader didn’t like it as much since he was causing a lot of attention to himself. The Red hood has the spotlight and didn’t get shot at all by the security guard. Escaping by diversion when he let hundreds of dollars loose on Gotham street’s it cause mayhem while people tried to grab all the floating money. Alfred gets an unexpected visit by an old army mate from when Alfred used to serve. He seemed a bit washed up. Bruce offers him to stay for a couple of days till he gets his shit together. Fish is taken to the higher levels to meet the manager she is a bit caught off guard to see all the victims with missing body parts. Gordon is on the lead on who’s apart of the Red Hood gang. Then we see the gang counting their earnings when a disagreement and the one who started it gets killed by the short main leader. Now he wheres the red hood. Fish meets with the manager and demands to meet with the owner, the doctor the Doll Maker. Penguin is screwed, Maroni cut off his alcohol supply. But Butch has a plan to help him out. Gordon and Harvey find the garage and found the dead body from one of the members of the Red Hood gang. But so far nothing stops the crew. They were involved in another heist. Alfred’s friend wants to see Bruce’s fighting stance. He tells Bruce to get at em. Even letting Bruce punch him in the face, Alfred had to stop this madness. Penguin plans to steal Marooni’s liquor trading post but the cops all of a sudden take over and the merch. Butch comes in and tells him the officers work for him and it was for Oswald.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 12.18.08 PMBarbara tries to tell the girls they can use their looks as power. Kat disagree with her actions and look at what it hasn’t brought her anything good. In the line-up they find the chunky burglar but they want him to go back to the other members of the gang so they can arrest them all. The manager tells Fish Mooney they’re going to take her eyes. But she will not let them and took her eye out with a spoon. and then faints. Bruce brings out the really good wine and join Alfred and his friend over stories through the Thunderstorm. They have a disagreement regarding the details of their passed stories. Reggie will be leaving tomorrow. The main burglar gets a surprise visit from another member wanting the Red Hood to impress his girlfriend. He didn’t and got himself shot. Gordon and Harvey head upstairs to find him shot, they have the lead to the next heist. Penguin and Butch toast to getting the alcohol for the club but then Penguin wants to toast to Fish and finds Butch agreeing to her demise. Alfred finds Reggie in Bruce’s office stealing. And he stabs Alfred, Bruce ends up finding him bleeding out. We see the remaining three robbers in front of the bank and Jim confronts them. 2 gunmen down and the Red Hood remains. He was about to shoot Gordon and got rundown by GCPD. He gets a call that Alfred has been stabbed. We find out that Reggie was hired by Wayne Enterprises. He mentions about taking the kid out now, but they’re not. The Red Hood was picked up by a teen at the crime scene, not sure what that’s going to lead into.

This concludes my recap on episode sixteen and seventeen of Gotham! Don’t forget on Hulu with a plus membership, you’ll be able to catch up on all episodes of Gotham. I highly recommend you do so. 21 days left to Gotham’s return for Season Two this Fall September 21st on FOX! Next Monday, I’ll be reviewing Episodes Eigthteen “Everyone Has A Cobblepot” and Nineteen “Beasts of Prey”.


TV: Gotham Rundown – Episodes Fourteen (The Fearsome Dr. Crane) and Fifteen (The Scarecrow)

Welcome back to another Gotham Rundown! This week I’m going to be discussing on Episodes Fourteen and Fifteen. Last week I went in on episodes Eleven and Twelve, where we left off Jim got his job back as detective, starting a new fling with Lee Thompson, and Falcone found out about Fish and took her to get tortured. Here’s what happens on episodes Fourteen and Fifteen:


Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 1.44.48 PMWe start off on the rooftops of Gotham. Where we see a man setting up another man in a chair to the edge of the roof. The man sees the height and starts panicking, here’s where the other guy who put him there start listening to his heart beat with a sythescope. Then ties a noose around his neck and lets him hang off the building. Maroni and Penguin are celebrating Fish Mooney’s demise. All of a sudden he gets interrupted by a phone call. The person on the line was Fish Mooney. Fish tells him what happened with Penguin that he’s been working for Falcone. Maroni invites Penguin to go upstate to discuss opportunities. Nygma lets them know that their was an incision in the abdomen which leads him to believe the killer was looking for something not sure what. Nygma says he needs to take a closer look but Sarah told him he can’t since that’s not his job and that the medical examiner has already complained enough about him. Gordon goes to Barbara’s house to leave his set of kids. He finds Selina there and wants to relocate her. She admits she told him that she didn’t see anything and she lied about seeing the Wayne’s murderer. Selina escapes and Jim goes to visit Bruce to follow up with him. Bruce believes that Kat is telling the truth and tells Jim that he no longer needs him to investigate the murder. Maroni finally brings Penguin to a secret location. Where Maroni takes him to get a confession on Penguin’s loyalty. He test him with asking him how weird it was his old partner was stabbed to death in a gun fight. Penguin doesn’t feel to safe it feels like Maroni is messing with him. Bullock gets a visit from someone who knows the victim. She is a sponsor for a fear group where they talk about they’re fears. The victims fear was heights, which leads Bullock to believe the killer might be apart of that group since he’s targeting their fears. Nygma is in the medical examiner office with the victims body. He sticks his hand in the body and discovers something, but Sarah and the Medical Examiner come in and Nygma gets suspended to further notice. Bullock and Gordon get a lead on a possible location and they end up finding the next victim who was surrounded by pigs, his biggest fear. There was also a man torturing him with a pig face masks, where they shot him because he was going to attack them. He still alive but he is traumatized. Nygma visits the office clerk to let her know that he was suspended and won’t be seeing her again. She tells him she wish something could be done to reverse that. Nygma with a smile on his face, also returned a pencil he borrowed in which it was close to the eraser from how much its been used. Back at the cabin while Maroni gets some logs for the fireplace while Penguin takes Maroni’s gun from the bag and hides it in his jacket. Maroni comes back and wants to play a game about revealing secrets. Maroni ends up talking about Fish is alive and if he was playing him as a fool. Penguin reveals he has the gun and threatens Maroni with it. Maroni reveals the last secret to be the gun is filled with blanks. This shows the truth about Penguins trickery.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 1.45.11 PMGordon meets up with Dr. Thompson and ask for some forensic advice, but she thought it was going to be a dinner date. Gordon gets a call the victim woke up and said there was 2 people who abducted him. Bullock is at the fear therapy session, he went to talk about his feats in the group meeting. Ask to be apart of the session and meets the killer unknowingly at the coffee table. Nygma goes into the police department’s locker room and was picking someones lock. Bullock reveals to the therapy group of his free of dying alone. Here is where Todd comes and talks about him fearing failure and how it can possibly be passed on to his son. Penguin is stuck in a sticky situation. Maroni put Penguin in a car where he was going to get crushed and convince the technician to stop or Falcone was gong to come after him and his family. Penguin was able to get away. Bullock realizes the sponsor and todd haven’t came back yet and puts two and two together and realizes Todd is the killer. Now, we see the medical examiner open his locker where bunch of body parts pour out of his locker. Officers came in and saw this. Bullock gets a lead where she was possibly taken at a pool community center up town. Then we see Crane at the pool center where he threw her into the pool, since her fear was drowning. Luckily Bullock and Gordon got there in time. Bullock dove into the water and saved her. While Gordon chased after Crane but he got away. Dr. Thompson comes back with details that the adrenal glands where missing. Gordon offer her a possible new job position as medical examiner since the previous one was fired from stealing body parts. Gordon wants to kiss her but is scared to, he threatens him not going to dinner with him if he doesn’t kiss her. They have a passionate kiss that everyone in the department saw. Nygma visits the office clerk and tells him his back and she just tells him he still owes her a new pencil. Fish Mooney hears a disturbance aboard the ship. Captain charges in and tells her I can put you in a safe spot and then he gets shot. Fish is confronted by a man that looks like one of Victors men. Here’s where they charge at one another and then here comes the end of the episode.


Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.43.21 PMWhere we left off with Dr. Crane escaping. Now we see a man who comes home late and its dark. The lights won’t turn on and he gets kidnapped by people dressed like zombies. Fish Mooney awakens in a dark dungeon looking place. Two men approach Fish as if she was bait. They want to rape her but since the first guy usually gets jump by a second man to finish the job. But Fish put them straight in their place to not mess with her. Lee and Jim just finished eating dinner and Gordon wants to visit her apartment but it can’t be tonight cause she needs to get rest for her starting a new job. She’s going to be the new medical examiner. Gordon is on the case of the victim who had his adrenal glands removed. They just wonder what he can possibly be doing with the glands. Now we see what Dr. Crane has been up to. He is making some type of serum that puts him against his biggest fears and he trying to overcome it. He sees a woman coming down the stairs and it’s getting caught on fire. She asks for his help and he’s freaking out. Bruce decides to take his yearly father hike but this time alone. Alfred insists on going but Bruce tells him no. He rather do it himself. Penguin meets up with Falcone at Mooney’s venue. Falcone doesn’t really care what Maroni did, he just wants Penguin to renovate the place since its a mess from the last altercation there. Falcone tells him that the venue makes a lot of money and influence on the city. He also said Penguin is now on his side publicity and gave him the venue. We’re back in the dungeon where Fish Mooney is being kept, she finds out there’s a superior person within. He takes for dibs on the food that’s offered then passes the remaining to the other 30 people there too. Gordon and Bullock visit the university where Crane used to teach at. They discover that he provided a full report on his fear tonic. Nygma is helping out with the break down of the report. His trying to cure his fear. Also, theres a PERSON B involved.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.43.32 PMCrane feels like it’s working and he wants to cure his son of fear and give him his treatment. Falcone and Maroni are having a stroll and discussing about Penguin. Maroni is going to kill him regardless. During the renovations Penguin receives his personalize invitations to tonight’s opening. Fish visits the boss in the dungeon. He’s boss because he has the only knife. She acts for his protection and she’ll help him out and be useful. Penguin goes to the GCPD looking for Gordon to invite him to his grand opening, Nygma stalks him and gives him a riddle. Then gives him a remark about male penguins. Penguin tells him to back off and Nygma leaves. Then he finds Gordon, but he rejects the offer. Crane gives his son the first dosage of the fear tonic. Bruce makes his way through the hiking trail where he takes rocks with what his dad before. Just an emotional moment hard to deal with the lost of his father. Falcone negotiates with Maroni to spare Penguins life by giving him someone he’s been wanting. Done deal. Bullock discovers that Dr. Crane wife was killed in a house fire and not in a car accident. They locate the house and on they’re way. Bruce fell down a side of the hill, and broke or sprained his ankle. Struggling to get back to the trail. Fish Mooney talks to the boss and he says he will protect her has her sit on top of his lap and he called her baby. She said never call me baby and stabs him with his own knife. Killing him instantly. Now Fish rules down in the dungeon. Crane gives another dose to his son Jonathan but then gets interrupted by the police. Crane gives him a massive dosage that gave him massive fear that makes him horrific things that make him scream horrifically. Crane has no fear and goes into a gun war with them, after getting shot once he still went after it. Getting shot again he finally went down. It looks like Jonathan is having a seizure. Bruce finally makes it to the top and find Alfred with a camp fire. Bruce couldn’t believe he was there and didn’t help him out. He’s like I didn’t get you down there. He thinks his ankle is sprained, he’s tired, and hungry. They decide to stay the rest of the night to watch the sun rise in the morning. At Oswald’s it’s a terrible turnout only like 3 people showed up. Maroni stops by for a visit and lets him know that as soon as Falcone is dead he’s going to kill him. Lee invites Gordon on a date to the circus. But you can feel the tension, regarding them showing Public Displays of Affection. Back in the dungeon Fish announces things are going to change. Then a prisoner comes back with her eyes missing, they took her eyes. Gordon goes to the hospital to check up on Jonathan, but according to the doctor he is in a constant state of terror. He sees what he fears most. Which seems to be demonic scarecrows.

This concludes my recap on episode Fourteen and Fifteen of Gotham! Don’t forget on Hulu with a plus membership, you’ll be able to catch up on all episodes of Gotham. I highly recommend you do so. 28 days left to Gotham’s return for Season Two this Fall September 21st on FOX! Next Monday, I’ll be reviewing Episodes Sixteen “The Blind Fortune Teller” and Seventeen “Red Hood”.