MUSIC VIDEO: Eriiic J – Self Conscious

Eriiic J is quickly becoming one of the more enlightened men standing, literally head and shoulders, above the rest of the underground. “Self Conscious” is another self-produced, filmed, and edited gem that is blessing viewers with a cosmic knowledge that is thousands of years in the making. While he does borrow a famous line from Kanye West, he does it with a uniquely trippy twist that only Eriiic J can muster. He combines astral awareness and an expanded consciousness to create music that stands so thought provoking and enlightening that you can’t help but believe the message he spreads. Eriiic J is unafraid to speak on cosmic truths that have ostracized countless others. He remains sure of self with this ageless knowledge, and a flow that does not quit, in his back pocket. The man of a thousand truths strikes again, this time coming for your mind.


Music Video: Eriiic J. – Existentialism pt. 33

The big homie Eriiic J has been working passionately and humbly towards his vision, but you should know that by now. What you might not know is that he has a new FREE tape that you can download from his Bandcamp HERE. This most recent visual offering is directed and edited by Lens Flair Carruthers, and if you can’t guess, yes it is Eriiic J keeping the talent in his own camp. The video and audio for “Existenialism pt 33” pair perfectly to illustrate the empowering, love thyself philosophy that comes standard in almost all of Eriiic J’s music.

Each new offering, each new song, album, video from Eriiic is becoming a microcosm of his entire hustle. Everything he puts his name on and releases has time invested in it to cultivate quality and is overflowing with thought and passion for his craft. Truly multifaceted, Eriiic J relies on himself to produce unique and thought-provoking art. Yes, art. The dedication to knowledge and understand, the depth of ideas and philosophies, the attention to detail, all of this contributes to the evolution of Eriiic’s music into art. It’s only a matter of time before you hear Ab-Soul and Eriiic going bar for bar on the latest Hot95 banger.


Music Video: Ganja Goons – The Theory of Relativity [Prod. Eriiic J.]

I’m not sure about you, but I haven’t heard much good hip hop coming from the Carolina’s. Least of all some thought-provoking, independent, conscious rap. The Ganja Goons bring that and so much more to the table. Their production is almost always done in house by wunderkind Eriiic J., and the quality shows. These are some dudes that take their time and understand that growth isn’t instant. They’re in it for the long haul, for the art and soul of the movement.

There are a lot of crews in hip hop now, it seems that no one makes waves without the support and backing of an entire clique. Few groups come together with the cohesion and quality that the Ganja Goons do. Eriiic J and Traevon Martyr are brothers through and through, even if they don’t share a sibling bond. Their individual styles combine to create something original and daring. The sound the Ganja Goons possess pushes the envelope on thuggery and consciousness. It’s fitting that YouTube suggests Einstein video’s alongside Odd Future and Earlsweatshirt joints in the sidebar. There’s levels to this shit, and if you’re unaware then you just need to listen a couple more times. The Ganja Goons are coming up, and more importantly, they’re doing it their own way.