Audio: Zulu Soul – Eutrepics

[NEW JERSEY/ST.LOUIS] Producers/Rappers Zulu Soul and DJ Fishbulb create a hip-hop duo. They created this track called EUTREPICS. This track was also was the first winner of the first Submission Sunday on HipHopSpeakeasy.com. EUTREPICS is a jazzy production by DJ Fishbulb and the calm delivery was from Zulu Soul. His flow is something to get use to, but he is able to deliver his message.

“What makes us unique is our lack of influence. We come from a place where very few people make the kind of music we make so everything we make is completely organic. The influences we do have are based on the music we seek out ourselves. We make honest music from our own perspective and we feel this is what makes people connect with music”. – Zulu Soul