NIKKIJOMAZING: S1 EP9 with iLLustrious

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Video: Dante Luna’s East Coast Study Tour

Check out Dante Luna’s adventure! Road trip to the max! Dante travels up and down the East Coast. Take a closer look into this film maker’s journey. My favorite parts is when Dante hits my home state Florida. It’s pretty cool considering all the historic background we have with Ponce De Leon. Dante goes to Disney World at the Beauty and The Beast and catches their performance, and a crazy ride on an Airboat over the Everglades.

I studied a variety of different experiences along the east coast of the United States… I took 4500 miles of road and turned it to a 75 minute film of my experience that includes the house of Mark Twain, the house of George Washington, Metalmorphosis, Kinglsey Plantation, the Fountain of Youth, Disney World, Crossfit Pompano Beach, Everglades, the house of John G. Riley, Martin Luther King Jr’s church and gravesite, Ruby Falls, the original KFC, Ice Fishing in Erie, PA and the gravesite of Lucille Ball…