Mixtape Review: Caddy Pack – GOOD

As Caddy Pack makes her debut on NikkiSiixx with her visual to her lead single KANYE, I bring you an exclusive review on her GOOD Mixtape. The twelve track project presents us with different styles to Caddy Packs rhymes. She has the capability to rap fast and on beat. Caddy Pack’s GOOD Mixtape also has features from Waka Flocka Flame, Mello Charmillz, and Young KB. Caddy Pack has impeccable punchlines, that she presents her self with an innovative style to her flows. Caddy Pack should be considered a gem since its rare to find a female artist in her parts of the world. She is always opened to new ideas, especially when it comes to working with music producers from a different range of genres. Caddy Pack is able to write her own rhymes and you might even catch her singing a hook or two. My favorite tracks off the GOOD Mixtape are I Bet She Go, Money In My Pocket, Hustle Grind, Cookies and Bass, and KAYNE.

caddy-pack-websiteI BET SHE GO This track continues off the GOOD Intro. Caddy Pack brings that club-crunk vibe along side Atlanta Artist Waka Flocka Flame. She rips it with her fast rhymes while giving us something to bump to.

MONEY IN MY POCKET Is such a fun song! Caddy Pack goes in what she does with the money in her pocket. “IF I LIKE IT. THEN I ROCK IT. I GOT MONEY IN MY POCKET“..its super catchy. I even like how Caddy Pack adds the aggressive growl/roar to the hook. Who wouldn’t want to use their money on things that they want.

HUSTLE GRIND Caddy Pack was able to engage the trap sound that HUSTLE GRIND brings to the table. Also, on the track is with Switzerland Artist Mello Charmillz. I think they both should make more music together. I really like how the song came out as a whole.

COOKIES AND BASS Caddy Pack experiments in the world of EDM with the production that brings us some electronic sounds and some heavy bass. The electronic sounds remind me of an old arcade game sounds (8bit). Caddy Pack takes a witty approach with what she has to say. You can find the visual to this video on her youtube channel: CADDY PACK.

KAYNE represents the person you want to be, someone whose successful and truly believes in themselves. The Beat was produced by Tuny Chris and the video was directed by Marco Giglio. For the track KANYE, I find the hook to be very catchy! This song makes you feel unstoppable. This song is meant for the ones who are confident and are ready to take over the world. Watch now the music video for KAYNE via NikkiSiixx.

00 - Caddy_Pack_Waka_Flocka_Flame_Mello_Charmillz_Yo-back-large

Surprisingly, Caddy Pack is only 4’9 Tall but she can fill a room with her energy. Which will leave a fascination with the audience. She gets hundreds of people to call and response to her and her songs even though many hear them for the first time. Until now she has had shows over all Germany and is ready for her international breakthrough. Be on the lookout, I’ll be doing an interview with Caddy Pack soon. And don’t forget to follow her on all her social media links.


MUSIC VIDEO: Scatterbrain & Psychopop – Psycherhexic

scatter brain – psycherhexic from KATAI on Vimeo.

Let’s make one thing clear from jump, this isn’t for everyone. @_SCATTERBRAIN_ has been holding down the San Diego scene and making enemies worldwide for a little while now. His peculiar brand of acid rap is very experimental, and since linking with Psychopop it’s only gone further down the rabbit hole. The video for ‘Psycherhexic’ is bursting with personality. Director Tony Katai has done a supreme job of giving matching visuals to the vibes Scatterbrain pushes in his music.

If you dig these vibes, you need to be on the lookout for the album Scatterbrain and Psychopop have on deck. You can rest assured that I’ll be blessing it with some words and trying to expand the wave. These two embody the ‘I couldn’t give a fuck if I tried really fucking hard’ mindset and it comes through in their music. Again, it’s not for everyone. I highly recommend checking out Scatterbrain’s body of work, maybe under the influence of a couple of tabs. On the come up, their own way.

Download: Sleep City Crisis – The Akashic Records Vol. 1

There’s gotta be something in water in Florida. A really solid submission coming our way from Floridian producer Sleep City Crisis. The first volume in what’s sure to be a very good saga is titled The Akashic Records Vol. 1. This is something I’ve been really vibing heavy to.
Sleep City pushes the envelope with his electronic storytelling; borrowing and warping the influences from a variety of genre’s to create his unique brand of sound. This first offering in the saga has dark vibes throughout and draws inspiration from the occult and deep-seeded third eye visions. If you can get down with some experimental jawns, then I highly suggest giving this tape a listen. The Akashic Records Volume 1 is very well produced and evokes a range of emotions in the tuned-in listener. Follow the links, and don’t sleep on the Sleep City Crisis.


Download: 85 – Eighty Five EP

85 is a band that consists of three members. They are La Guardia on vocals, Devin Arne Composer/Musician, Alex Weiss on Percussion. Releasing their EP Eighty Five six months ago, I finally got around to reviewing it and I gotta say this is a great project. The EP gives you a feel like your watching 85 performing live in a small lounge setting.

My favorite tracks off the Eighty Five EP are HOVERBOARD, CLASSY, PURGATORY, and SEA INSIDE. The mash of genre’s is an amazing sound! From Hip-Hop, Rock, Alternative, and Electronic. Jamming to 85’s original production and vocals. For only having 7 tracks, this EP needs more! This is just a taste to whats to come from the group.

Released 07 July 2012
Music composed by Devin Arne
Music/vocals mixed and mastered by Devin Arne
Percussion by Alex Weiss
Lyrics/vocals by La Guardia
Featured vocals by Mozel + Jandra & Dana Alexander on “Hoverboard”
Graphic Design by La Guardia
Photography by Zindagi Studio
85 © 2012