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#27 Heavy Set (I Do This)

Check it out! Over here at NikkiSiixx.com we’re voting for Heavyset for Jazze Pha’s Facebook Fan Page I’LL LISTEN Contest.HeavySet is a hip-hop duo consisted of lyricist LBeS and MoeBeast. After thousands of music submissions, Jazze Pha’s team and himself have narrowed it down to the last ones standing. And HeavySet has made the cut and we voted for their track I DO THIS.

From here on out, you will only be allowed to vote once AND must do the following:

1. Must have a Facebook profile to vote.
2. Must comment underneath the video you are voting for (located in the timeline on jazzephafanpage); Your vote and the comment must match.
3. May then vote via the poll (may only vote once).



Audio: Lucille – Social Media

In these days where we feel the need to share our lives online it feels to hear it be addressed in a song. Lucille gives us this soulful single that speaks of what really goes on in the world over this Pure Quality Jay track. I felt like she was singing directly to me seeing how my last relationship ended because of drama brought on by social media. I guarantee you many ladies will find this song relatable from the point of view that Lucille is singing and many of the guys will feel as I did. Many of people put up a social media façade nowadays to cover up what is really going on and to hide their feelings. The lyrics of this song paint such a vivid picture of just that. She even went into detail of what she was writing on each social networking and the types of photos she posted. I honestly think this song deserves a great deal of attention and promotion because it’s something that everyone can relate to. I definitely will be checking out her EP “Birthday” based on this song. Check it out below.

Connect with Lucille online

NikkiSiixx Do’s and Dont’s: How To Promote Your Music Through Social Media Outlets

Social Media has taken the internet by storm, it’s not the same as 10 years ago. Social Media outlets are websites that offer ways to interact with others, they might be friends or family and possibly with people you’ve never met.. The most popular out of these social outlets are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and the list goes on and on. I would like to go over the proper way to use Twitter and Facebook since these are the media outlets I use the most. I consider these more like guidelines.


[x] When promoting your music via Twitter do it best on your timeline. This will reach out to you’re followers, if they like what they see they’ll click the link because they are interested.

[x] When someone asks for more links to your music, send it through a DM. (DM – Direct Message) You’re followers don’t need to see you blasting your own music to others.

[x] HASTAG # RELEVANT TOPICS! Obviously genre, location of artist, and key words related to your song or content.

[x] Overload you’re timeline with content. This will bring you people who are interested.

[x] Spam everyone with a link to your track saying LIKE AND SHARE — First off… how can you LIKE a tweet? You’re in the wrong outlet. Especially when you spam everyone with the same tweet it gets ridiculous. When we’re using Twitter we don’t listen when we receive these type of tweets.

[x] DON’T DM with links to your music, especially when the person didn’t inquire to hear your music in the first place. This is when you can actually lose a potential fan or get reported as SPAM.

[x] DON’T EVER ALTER tweets to give you the benefit of the doubt.

[x] Say if you’re waiting on a blogger/brand to get back to you on a submission or an inquiry. Don’t tweet them publicly, this will put them on the spot on why they haven’t gotten back to you. You must understand by doing this, this will reduce you’re chances with them even working with you. Best way is either through a DM or an email. I find email is more private and you’ll have more space to talk about the situation.


[x] Best way to promote your music via Facebook is to have a Artist Fan Page. This way any personal stuff doesn’t get shown to your fans.

[x] Promote – New Music x Projects x Collaborations x Photos x Music Video x Event Recaps of your performance x Any upcoming shows you have.

[x] Follow Facebook Guidelines! Such as posting photos of drugs you’re using or any type of nudity. Facebook does not play when it comes to these offenses. They’ve been reports of police departments going through pages and finding people posting them using illegal drugs. You just gave yourself away. There’s no need to promote it!

[x] Copy and paste the same promotion to everyone that’s a friend of yours. Either on a wall post or through a message. I find this to be inconsistent. When sometimes everyone is a friend of a friend and see you left them the same comment. Where’s the exclusivity? Why should I listen? Do I have time to listen? All these questions pop off when people get these notifications.

[x] You’re content on other people’s walls. Who gives you the right? I know it may seem like a great idea at first. But what if the person doesn’t like you pushing your music on their wall or doesn’t like your music at all. You wouldn’t like another artists to do the same on your page.

[x] Tag People on photos of your cover art. Unless they had something to do with it. If they made the cover art, produced the track, was featured on it. These should be the reasons why you’re being tagged in the first place. When I see images I’m tagged in that I have nothing to do with I just remove my tag.

I hope you were able to use some of my pointers in properly promoting you’re content via social media outlets. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me via Twitter @NikkiSiixx

Ohini Jonez- The Prelude Fre(EP)



Birthdays are cool, many would agree gifts are even better. Mr. August 26th, aka Ohini Jonez took his special day to give us The Prelude. A brief seven tracks, all self-produced, includes a remix to his birthday song. There is one emcee featured on this and its none other than his brother from another mother, Ray Dawn aka our favorite law school drop out. We’d like to officially introduce Ohini Jonez of the Ingenious Bandits.

Ohini Jonez is a producer-emcee hailing from Brunswick, GA. Determined to let the world know real art has no boundaries, he along with his crew Ingenious Bandits plan to show the world what happens when hip-hop meets super saiyan smart kids.

Despite a bit of a break to regroup, Ohini’s been rather silent, until recently throwing himself  back into production. Though his southern rap inspirations are evident, his progressive sound combined with strong lyrical content and delivery is all the reassurance a returning producer-emcee can hope for.

Stream/Download The Prelude: OhiniJonez.bandcamp.com

Connect with Ohini Jonez: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

International Flavor: Half Past Never Band from Finland

I’ve loved a lot of different types of music. Here’s a little insight: my mom is a music lover and my dad a former percussionist and DJ… Taste for good music is perhaps in my genes. Anywho, I’d like to introduce to you a funky, soul band from across the water! Half Past Never Band is a finnish band who got lost in checking out music on our site, and figured we’d like them. Well, they were right. Sounding like what The Roots could sound like if they have an Amy Winehouse or Joss Stone type singer with them all the time, this three song EP is enough to make you a fan.

The band, equipped with an emcee and a fantastic soul singer by the name of Fatima Koroma is a band from Helsinki, Finland. Their music is a combination of organic sounds, black rhythms, Balkan flavors and eastern atmospheres. All in all, trying to define Half Past Never Band’s music precisely is not easy, but music draws influences from several genres including jazz, hiphop, funk, soul, afro and eastern rhythms.

Here’s a video preview of the EP:

You can head over to their website by clicking the artwork. The music is able to be played from their site.

To purchase the EP click here

Connect with the Half Past Never Band: Facebook | Soundcloud * Make sure you let em know the gang at NikkiSiixx sent you.