New Music: Ron Slyda – Focus

FOCUS is the latest track from Miami local artist Ron Slyda. This track is a preview to what Ron has in store for us with his upcoming project #BlueSummer: Recollections of a Poetic Drunk. Production from Jay B. Ron Slyda’s vibe is laid back, filled with soul, and you definently get a southern feel to it. You feel that same vibe when he performs too!

FOCUS title suits well with the concept of the track. Since Ron Slyda is trying to prevail from temptations that maybe good at the moment but once you take a second look it only caused you harm in someway or another. Dealing with being critize from bloggers, and women dilema’s. I also feel that since they added that Chopped & Screwed Voice effect at the end, it’s calling Ron and letting him know Don’t Let It Stop You.

“Keep My Mind On Money, Money On My Mind! Keep My Finga On The Trigger, N***a Hand On My Nine”