Music Video: SIN – Dark Waters Interlude

SIN Photo[SOUTH FLORIDA] This just in, SIN released the first visual off of his Dark Waters EP. First music video is the DARK WATERS INTERLUDE. The visual was impressive for only being less than 2 minutes. It’s just SIN walking in an alley way, but the way it was shot made it so dramatic. With the focusing in and out. Leaving SIN blurry. It looked like SIN was walking behind a car while it was driving off. But I feel with SIN’s words made them come back when he stopped chasing them. The video was directed by CA$TRO, in which he provided the overall dark overtone that’s in the production brought to you by NUEZ. Take a look at what I thought about the The Dark Waters EP. I wonder if one of my favorite tracks is going to be selected to be his new music video release. My choices were 100MPH, Tiffany / Kiss The Ring, Shakedown, 16jabs, For The Homies, Vibe and Fork In The Road. [LINKS] TWITTER || INSTAGRAM || SOUNDCLOUD || WEBSITE