New Music: The Cool Quest – God (Mixtape)


The Cool Quest is on a search for just that, the cool, and so much more. A young emcee out of Brooklyn, Cool Quest is coming correct with his third full offering in the form of ‘God’. Never short on confidence, Cool has long claimed his stake alongside the modern heads of hip-hop through his always-entertaining Twitter. ‘God’ does a lot to bring some credibility to that statement. Don’t even take this blogger’s word for it; do yourself a favor and check out the tape. Even if the rhymes don’t stick, The Cool Quest makes it easy to find a silver lining in his production prowess and sample selection.


Although the rapper has aspirations of grandeur and the swagger to follow, he still has room to grow. On some tracks he seems to struggle to define his voice and is still developing flow schemes. That being said, his intelligence comes crashing through in waves and his rhymes have shades that are distinctly New York. The combination of influences helps paint this project with a broad brush of influences. West coast vibes laced with New York braggadocio and a voice that lies somewhere in between. Sometimes the missing ingredient is only time.

There’s a theme throughout ‘God’, and you need to make sure you catch on. The Cool Quest borrows from the best with his sampling and production, and puts in work to stand toe to toe with the classics. Cool takes the recognizable and respectable songs from some modern heads and manipulates them to leave his distinct fingerprint. He’s long claimed his place next to the critically acclaimed, and he makes it apparent that’s no joke with his words and styles. It takes a bold man to stand beside a mixtape titled ‘God’ and The Cool Quest might be the next to make the ascension.


On a mixtape laced with quality tracks, there are a few that really stood out as a cut above the rest. “Dalai Lama” has the juice, the swag, the soul, whatever you want to call it. The Chance sample was perfectly on point and the flow was golden from start to finish. “Top of the Hill” and “Mother” came from a place of pain. Cool speaks with wisdom and understanding beyond his years and uses his ‘broken home blues’ to leave his listeners with an open letter to his upbringing. “Uptown Freestyle” is another lyrical banger and “Good Lookin” puts his words on par with the best out now. From start to finish, ‘God’ is a solid, solid offering. If a you can make it off a mixtape, then someone look towards The Cool Quest for the next up. An artist that deserves more spin, respect where its due.


Beat Tape: IAMNOBODI – Elevated (Soulection) – Instrumental EP


From overseas, to be exact straight outta Düsseldorf/Germany. Producer IAMNOBODI released a ten track instrumental EP titled Elevated (Soulection). His music just rides out with a smooth up tempo beat. He takes us on a psychedelic trip. The beat Bubble Bath Dreams definitely has that R&B Soul to it. IAMNOBODI is diverse with his music, it demonstrates well on the EP.

If interested in working with IAMNOBODI you should look into his links below for the latest updates.


New Music: Stide Prince- Reasons

SPMiami’s own Stide Prince dropped off his single “Reasons” from his mixtape Journey To 100,000 Fans. He speaks on the reason why he believes he’s the best rapper in Dade county, why he works so hard, why he left school and a lot more. The production which was done by Robbie Anthemis smooth track. The chorus has melodic vocals singing as Prince catches your attention with a chorus that encourages listeners to enjoy themselves while listening to the song. He spoke on a subject that happens a lot in Miami, senseless murder. He did so my saying “It’s a reason my whole block done turned up, then ignant ass niggas with them choppas showed up”. Stide even spoke on missing the songstress Aaliyah and how listening listening to slow songs allowed him to realize he was missing a young lady. Check out the song below and download it you’re digging his style.

Connect with Stide Prince online

Download: C.Pitt featuring Rapsody- Simple Things



Here’s some super cool dopeness for you. North Carolina representative, C. Pitt teams up with Rapsody of the 9th Wonder led, JAMLA Records for this ultra smooth jam, reflecting on the Simple Things life has to offer. Produced by Tr4ck, the melodic track flows smoother than still waters.  Rapsody leads with rhymes, then C. Pitt takes us on home with no breaks, hooks, or bridges. It’s just rap. See, Simple Things. Personally, I live for nostalgic hip-hop such as this. This jam comes to us courtesy of C. Pitt’s latest effort, aptly titled  The Pitt Stop. Check it.


You can download The Pitt Stop right HERE.

Connect with C.Pitt: Facebook | Youtube | Follow @C_Pitt on Twitter


Download: Frantik – Project Warhead

Check out the latest release from South Florida MC/Producer Frantik! Project Warhead Dropped officially on on 5.15.12. The 21 track album is filled with graphic story-telling. When you really vibe out to what Frantik has to say it just leaves you speechless. You visualize everything! Frantik also produced some of the tracks and other producers such as Rada Tha RebeliouZ, El-R, and Decipher 73I. PROJECT WARHEAD music video was featured on a few weeks back.

SUDDENLY has to be one of my favorite tracks. I feel that Frantik was pouring himself into this one. The concept of the track involves losing a loved one and the reaction/emotions that comes after. He also produced the beat as well, very dope.

If your feeling the album Project Warhead as much as I am, don’t forget to get your free download by clicking the cover art above. Peace to the Gods


Download: Verbal Kush & Lex One – Black Jew

Finally got around to this! & I’m glad I did! Verbal Kush & Lex One collaborate on BLACK JEW. This is a great album from the two. 10 Dope tracks! I say my favorite three tracks are Freak​-​a​-​Zoid ft. Bredd of the Ground Hoggz (Prod. by Mike Beatz), Unorthodox (Prod. by Lex One), and 6th Floor (Prod. by Jota Jota). They’ve already premiered their featured music videos off of BLACK JEW, such as Resurrection & Give Thanks. Check it out for yourselves. The media player below gives you a complete listen. Dont forget to Download BLACK JEW by clicking the cover art above.

This Entire album was made at the End of 2009 In flushing Queens In The Span of two weeks. Shortly after making this album, Lex One and his group Wizard Sleeve Had a platinum record in the UK and left to tour leaving this gem behind. Straight out the GTPS vaults for 2012 is one of the most heart felt projects That Verbal Kush and Lex One have made to date.” –LEX ONE

Released January 5, 2012
Production by Mike Beatz, Lex One, Mr Burns and DJ Snips.
Feature by Bred of the Ground Hoggz.
Mixed and Mastered by Hazardis Soundz


Download: Eric Biddines – Southern FLA

Click Image Above For Free Download
Eric Biddines partners up with Polymathix Clothing in creating his second album Southern FLA named off his single Southern FLA. The mixtape consists of 15 tracks. Featuring artists like 1Hot, Muzik Jones Drew, A.K, Curtis Mayfield, 2SLABZ, IKEA Tatiana, and Neopopsicle. The vibe of the tape is laid back and makes you vibe out. Original Production with all brand new material from Eric Biddines.

This mixtape is dedicated to South Florida & the culture. Hope you all enjoy!” -Eric Biddines

Check out the promo video for Eric Biddines first video off the Southern FLA mixtape 100 % Cotton Video Trailer



Download: Brian Breach – Rap 4 Adults

Click Image For Download
Brian Breach releases Rap 4 Adults Definitely this tape is for Adults! The tape rides out through it’s 23 tracks. All tracks were mixed and mastered by @Hazardissoundz & Executive Producer LexOne

01. Welcome To Rap 4 Adults (Intro)
02. Listen Up
03. Ready To Blow
04. So I’m Cool Now ft @WizardSleeve
05. Game Over Freestyle ft @SeanPrice
06. I Want It All ft P Dot $ & @GARCIA
07. Right Path
08. Down The Block
09. Rap 4 Adults (Interlude)
10. Musical Affairs
11. Life Under The Scope Freestyle ft @LEXONE
12. Broward Smokers
13. Bodies Freestyle
14. Here We Go
15. Fresh To Death
16. Body Count
17. Pool Hall Stalkers – SKIT
18. From Afar
19. They Don’t Care ABout Us
20. Industry’s The Devil
21. I’m Gonna Make It
22. One Of Those Days ft @MikeBeatz & @LEXONE
23. Loved Ones



Download: S_Well – Morning Coffee EP

Click Image For Download
Check out the latest project from California’s own S_Well. Morning Coffee EP. The concept behind this tape is that everyone lives at fast-pace and never takes the time to sit down and recollect. It’s the mind state that we live day by day. We may be awake but were not at our full potential until we get that little push. “In some cases, people need Coffee to embrace that. So I’m the cream and sugar and its time to wake up the world@S_Well

The vibe of the tape gives off a soulful, coffee shop, wake up call. With great production from Anthony Valadez, TaeBeast for Top Dawg ENT, AiM Beats, & features from Chris Cash, Joon, @Lexyss_Jon, and BJ The Chicago. 5 AM was featured on my compilation mixtape series NETWERK VOL FIVE. Just A Little Lovin’ samples Carmen McRae. My favorite track from Morning Coffee is Feeling You it’s a track that both the ladies and gents can enjoy! & Lexyss Jon is killing it in the chorus. This is a great project and everyone should take a listen.

01. Good day, LA
02. 5 AM
03. Just A Little Lovin’
04. Take You Higher Featuring Chris Cash & Joon
05. Feeling You Featuring Lexyss Jon
06. Know Your Worth Featuring BJ The Chicago
07. Everybody Told Me



Download: Prince Golden – Dilla Still Illa

Click Image For Download
Prince Golden releases his second mixtape Dilla Still Illa as a tribute to J.Dilla and his fans. J.Dilla passed away in 2006 after losing his battle from TTP (Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura), a rare blood disease. Using instrumentals from classic tracks Prince Golden delivers his own input. The mixtape consists of 10 tracks. @DjQeys laid some cuts on Let’s Go. Had a few questions for Prince Golden and here are his answers:

NikkiSiixx: Since Dilla Still Illa Mixtape is a tribute to J. Dilla which track is your favorite and why?
Prince Golden: Hmm I would have to say a toss-up between Basement Rap and Have Mercy. Basement Rap, I was able to play with my crazy animated style and with Have Mercy the beat alone means a lot to me and I really wanted to let people know what I had on my mind.
NikkiSiixx: What message you want your fans to come across after bumping Dilla Still Illa?
Prince Golden: J. Dilla is a great producer and I am a dope emcee pushing myself to new heights

Dilla still illa because even though he is gone, his production kills most producers today!” – Prince Golden


Download: Mercy & Solidified – Heroes & Villains

Click Image For Download
@Mercy & Producer @Solidified released their comic book theme EP Heroes & Villains This project is a great reflection of are everyday life and all the challenges we have to face to get through life. From constant battles between good vs evil and choosing from what’s right to what’s wrong? The EP has other artist featured such as Bishop, JuGGie, KoJazz and Chief Toney. Great mini gift that comes with your download custom comic strips for each track, the original drawings were created by Mercy himself and check out the other marvelous artwork regarding Super Heroes and Villains.

“There’s a war coming, you sure you’re on the right side?”


Download: No Emotion – Jungle Fever 5000

Click Above Image For Download
No Emotion released his album JUNGLE FEVER 5000 ready for free download. Never seen without his iconic Gold Mask, “No Emotion” is what you call the antichrist of todays urban movement. He has one of the rawest flow-patterns and most definite set of controversial lyrics I’ve heard in a minute. With One Line Punchlines one after another, it’s filled with great entertainment. Check out the tracklisting below.



Download: Just Sincere – Just Muzik Vol. 1 “The 1st Chapter”

Just Sincere just released yesterday Just Muzik Vol. 1 “The First Chapter” Just Sincere is an up and coming artist from Queens, New York. The project is filled with great tracks. A few of my favorites consists of Unfortunate, Bachelor Pad, Unofficial, Daddy’s Got U, and Double Sided Love It’s filled with Hip-Hop, R&B, and Soul.

01. My Thoughts
02. Crossroad
03. 4bidden
04. Unfortunate
05. Bachelor Pad featuring G. Gardner
06. Regrets
07. Unofficial featuring Jsalmz
08. When It’s My Time To Go
09. Picture Perfect featuring Porcelynn
10. Daddy’s Got U featuring IQ X G. Gardner
11. B.O.N.G (Best Of The New Generation) featuring Aqua Island
12. Outro Bullshit
13. BONUS TRACK – Double Sided Love



Download: Lerix – Audio Arcade

Click Image For Download
Lerix releases his highly anticipated EP release Audio Arcade. Lerix is a hip-hop Artist from Brooklyn, New York. Has released two projects previously titled It’s a (W)Rap…Again! in July 2010 and then his debut EP New Heights in November 2010. Audio Arcade consists of 9 tracks produced by Daft Punk (MTO beats), Soopa, 831 Beats, Stompboxx, Bravestarr, and Lerix.

01. Press Start (Intro)
02. Last Laugh
03. I Got This
04. One Life
05. Lerix ft. Rickie Jacobs – Do Right
06. I’m No Good
07. Fur Elise (Interlude)
08. Catch up with ya later
09. Passion of Mike



Download: Art Morera 12:00AM

Art Morera’s Debut Mixtape 12:00AM is finally here! Upload above. Great vibe for the entire tape! It rides out from beginning to end.

01. Wake Up
02. Ambitious Featuring J5
03. Jordan
04. Dominate
05. Technology Remix Featuring MAYDAY
06. SprayPaint And Ink Pens Freestyle
07. For Now
08. Man On The Moon Freestyle
09. Devil In A New Dress Freestyle
10. U Shoulda Binaire
11. Lockjaw Freestyle
12. The Movie Ends

If your really diggin’ the tape, please comment below with your feedback! 🙂



Download: HIPHOPKARMA Dont Be Afraid Of The Light (Hybrid Mixtape)

Click Image For Download
HIPHOPKARMA is a hip-hop artist from Oceanside, CA. He released his second mix-tape off of his San Diego Label Pacific Ocean Records. All the beats are originals with heavy and smooth samples. This tape has 17 tracks. Great amount of music. By the end of 2011 Karma should be releasing his album.



Download: The Brown Bag AllStars – Brown Bag Season Vol. 1

Click Image For Purchase
Brown Bag Season Vol. 1 is a double disc project featuring rare & unreleased material from the Brown Bag AllStars on the first disc, and remixes by Juno Award Winning producer / Canadian DMC Champion, DJ Brace on the second disc (with instrumentals). The double CD is available now worldwide!

Since you do need to purchase Brown Bag Season Vol. 1 here’s a music video from them to show you it’s worth it.



Download: GhostWridah – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Jack Move

Check out the latest mixtape project released by GhostWridah titled My Beautiful Dark Twisted Jack Move. Which is a tribute to Kayne West’s LP My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. This project has left his fans wanting more and leaving us with anticipation for his upcoming album American Alien which drops this month on the 25th.