Nikki Reacts to The Flash Season 2 Blooper Reel

Just in time before the new season of The Flash returns to CW. Nikki got a request from a fan to film her reaction to the Season 2 Gag/Blooper Reel. Here’s Nikki’s reaction to the reel and expect many laughs! Stay tuned for more reactions by NikkiSiixx and prepare for Reaction Season for The Flash, The Walking Dead, and SuperGirl!



[PODCAST] Hail Havoc: Sidetracked – Episode 1

Stream: [HAIL HAVOC:] Sidetracked Podcast – Episode 1.
We’re here with episode one of the “Sidetracked Podcast” so for episode one we bring Gee Knox, he runs his own podcast on the site called the “9-5 Podcast“.
So sit back and ready for laughs from Sidetracked Podcast.

9-5 Podcast.


[AUDIO] SKIP – None Of Them

[MIAMI, FLORIDA] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, SKIP of WELOOSE brings us his latest single entitled NONE OF THEM. This hard hitting base track really gives you a trap night vibe. Skip presents us with funny and witty lyrics, he really goes in on certain type of individuals you might even know yourself.

When you know or heard when people are not true to their selves or to others, you just want to keep your distance and not even mess with them. Like in his second verse he brings up these women who claim to be “models” but in reality their just scandalous women coming to you at the club and trying to drink the bottle you paid for in VIP. That makes hella sense because why do they feel entitled to something you have when you don’t even know them.

Skip brings the truth on his latest track NONE OF THEM. Its pretty cool that at the end of the track they sampled a Chris Rock Comedy Skit. If you’re diggin’ this track from Miami Artist SKIP of WELOOSE, make sure you following up with him on his social media links below:



The Officially Street Podcast: ‘Tomato Emojis’ Hosted By @SyerSO & @JayomegaSO

In this episode of The Officially Street Podcast, Syer and Jayomega discuss Chiraq, Celebrity Beef (50 Cent – Vivica A. Fox) and Yeezy Season. Be sure to join the conversations by sending an email via officiallystreet@gmail.com and/or following their pages on twitter.
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Music Video: New Breed Nye – Stop Me

[ATLANTA, GEORGIA] With his latest visual STOP ME, New Breed Nye shows his not stopping by getting ready for his new project “Sorry You Doubted Me“. The project is set to premiere later this fall. New Breed Nye takes over the mall hitting up Toys R Us and Clothing/Furniture Store. New Breed Nye is outrageous and nothing can stop him. From riding bikes in Toys R US and then ending up in a baby’s crib? New Breed Nye brings a bunch of energy with this catchy track, how can you not press play. Be on the look out for more updates and new music from New Breed Nye.



Videos: How Deadpool Spent His Halloween

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 11.54.06 AMOn Halloween Deadpool is trying to reconnect with the X-Men, but he comes along a full group of kids dressed up as the entire team. Characters like Storm, Cyclops, Magneto, Beasts, Mystic, and Wolverine. Deadpool’s harsh, vulgar criticism of his new team is just hilarious. This is great! I actually watched this video couple of times. That’s one hell of a Deadpool outfit, you can see all the details on it. Ryan Reynolds has brought the true character of Deadpool to life. What a great way to promote Deadpool’s official movie which is set to release on February 12th 2016! Another epic thing was the kids response to everything Deadpool was saying. They were even messing with him too! Saying he must be drunk, they wish his mouth was still sown shut, and talking about their super powers.


Movies: Daddy’s Home Official Trailer #2

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are back with a comedy after their hit THE OTHER GUYS. They bring us Daddy’s Home. Will Ferrell plays the step-father and Mark Wahlberg is the father of the kids. The tension builds high and the laughs are non-stop. I can say they are the best tag team comedy duo out right now besides Seth Rogen and James Franco of course. Sean Anders and John Morris co-directed Daddy’s Home, based on the screenplay by Brian Burns. Daddy’s Home is set to hit theaters December 25th.


Video: Ladies of Rap – Gotham Sirens featuring McGoiter, Olga Kay, and Pimplywimp

We got the Ladies of Rap bringing us an epic rap battle between Batman villains Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman, featuring Brock Baker, Olga Kay, and Ryan Reyes. GOTHAM SIRENS video and song was inspired by the woman villains of DC Comics Batman. The other day we featured Castanet Creative Straight Outta Gotham. The Ladies definitely showed their skills on how they can rap and how clever they are to input the storylines of Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman. At the beginning of the video a guy gets his money stolen from him when the characters of the comic book come to life and inspired him to get a backbone. Getting a Joker Facial by Harley Quinn, Getting a Poison Kissed By Poison Ivy, and playing dress up with Catwoman.

Here’s a couple of screenshots from the video and don’t forget to press play:
Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 8.07.13 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 8.07.35 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 8.07.53 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 8.08.03 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 8.08.43 PM


Music Video: Tommy Swisher – Netflix & Brews

[ATLANTA/ST.LOUIS] Check it Tommy Swisher makes his way back on NikkiSiixx.com with his latest visual NETFLIX & BREWS. The concept of the video is that Tommy Swisher reminisces on his college days where you see his cleaning up the spot while his friends are still there, while his a waiting his girl guest to come over. I like how the visual gave us the sense of a live studio audience sitcom. With the audience laughing when he’s trying to get his friends outta there. Even funnier when his friend that’s asleep takes a while to get up. You see Tommy Swisher get his company some brews while they get comfortable to watch some Netflix. NETFLIX & BREWS was directed by TheGuyVeezy and the beat was produced by E.Wonder. Tommy Swisher has been busy since he recently got off from opening up for TDE artist Sza out in Dallas, Texas.



Video: Saturday Night Live – Avengers News Report

Wanted to share with you a skit from Saturday Night Live featuring Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Iron Man (Taran Killam), Bruce Banner (Pete Davidson), Nick Fury (Jay Pharaoh) and Captain America (Beck Bennett). THE AVENGERS are being interviewed after defeating Ultron on live TV. I just love the overall excitement from Thor, hilarious. This was a great laugh! Love this skit. Here some of my favorite screenshots from the video:
Thor Iron Man SNL Thor Bruce Banner SNL Nick Fury SNL Thor Captain America SNL Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 10.03.49 AM



Videogames: GCNGamingSins – Everything Wrong With Batman Arkham City

I wanted to show you guys this video I came across youtube. It’s from GCNGamingSins video series going in on nitpicking the hell out of video games. This video is on Batman Arkham City. With the release of Batman: Arkham Knight, GCNGamingSins thought it’d be a great idea to revisit its predecessor and arguably the best game out of the Arkham series, Arkham City. This game is awesome, no doubt about it. But like all games in existence, it’s not free of sin. And its got quite a bit of them. Find out how many sins they find in Arkham City. I really like the narrators whitty commentary on obvious matters. He’s like the common sense, Jimmie Cricket, type of narration.

Here are some of my favorite screenshots of commentary being said:
Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 2.43.41 PM
Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 2.44.25 PM
Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 2.59.51 PM
Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 3.28.29 PM

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And of course, don’t forget to check out The Originals (and superior) CinemaSins.

NikkiJoMazing: S1 EP13 – Behind The Scenes Recap

NikkiSiixx x JojosBlock x Womazing brings you NIKKIJOMAZING a weekly hip-hop show brought to you by these four strong women in the hip-hop community. We bring you a recap and behind the scenes on our set NIKKIJOMAZING. Tune In every Monday 4PM Eastern for a new episode of NikkiJoMazing. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on twitter @NikkiJoMazing.

Video: Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart Ride a Roller Coaster

The other night Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show brought on actor/comedian Kevin Hart for the ride of his life! Jimmy takes Kevin to Rockit Rollercoaster in Orlando, FL Universal Studios. Mind you Kevin has a huge fear of roller coasters. Love this skit! Hilarious all the way through! Enjoy!

Movie Trailer: The Interview with Seth Rogen and James Franco

Just saw the teaser trailer with this iconic duo Seth Rogen and James Franco with this fall THE INTERVIEW. The people who brought you NEIGHBORS & THIS IS THE END are bringing you a crazy concept and bringing it to life. The trailer shows that Seth and James are apart of a celebrity tabloid television show that becomes very popular. So popular that Kim Jong-un is a huge fan of the show. Seth and James thought it would be great to have Kim Jong-un on the show. Once the CIA finds out their intentions they decided to contact them and request that they will assassinate the dictator. Will the guys succeed with their mission? This movie looks hilarious and there’s even explosions! THE INTERVIEW is set to be released on October 10, 2014. Can’t wait!

Video: Ni**a Turtles Episodes 1, 2, and 3

This has to be one of the funniest parody videos I’ve seen in a minute. Based off the original movie from Ninja Turtles. itsreal85 youtube channel created Nigga Turtles. The voiced over the characters lines to their own crazy scenario. This is hilarious! I had to share with you guys! Shit Just Got Real with the Ninja Turtles. I had to watch this couple of times, just too funny!

Music Video: Emory Forbes – H.A.N (Hatin Ass Nigga)

Maryland independent artist Emory Forbes, releases his latest music video H.A.N (Hatin Ass Nigga). I thought the video’s concept was perfect, with what the song has to say. Emory is letting you know his a hatin ass nigga. But the reason why because he has that confidence. The music video is a rendition of an episode of MTV’s True Life documentary series. Title of episode ‘Im A Hatin Ass Nigga’. Emory takes it to the park to release his hate onto the world. I thought it was pretty funny! Especially the cut scenes away from the music. You gotta see it for yourself! Currently Emory Forbes is working on his second album ‘Jus Steven’. Stay tuned and follow him on his social media outlets, view links below.

PRODUCER: @johnnyjuliano
DIRECTOR: @allenmarcell


Netflix Movie Pick: Jeff Who Lives At Home

The other night I came across this movie on Netflix. I was a little bit unsure if I should watch, but I gave it a try. Jeff Who Lives At Home is a movie based off the character Jeff. Jeff is a 30 year old who lives with his mom with no job, no girlfriend, he really doesn’t have anything going on in his life. But he does feel the need to search for the meaning of life. Doing so he feels that there’s signs to life and you must go with instinct and it will lead to something more.

At the beginning of the film Jeff (played by actor Jason Segel) received a phone call asking for a “Kevin”. The person was really sure that the number he called was for Kevin. Jeff believes that there’s no such thing as wrong numbers, what if this is a sign? In a way Jeff stays focused on “KEVIN”. Trying to figure out why and what? During so his Mother (Susan Sarandon) calls and ask for a huge favor. Buy glue to fix a broken closet blind. For once in her son’s life to do something around the house. As Jeff leaves his house he’s on a mission for his mom. But find someone on the bus who has KEVIN on the back of his jersey. This must be a sign! Jeff goes and follows the stranger.

Things happen for a reason. If something happens and leads you into another direction, follow it. Jeff also has a brother named Pat (Ed Helms) is dealing with a failing marriage and is dealing with a mid-life crisis. Instead of investing and saving for a new home he spends it on a new Porsche. Causing more tension in the relationship. Pat decides to take his business meeting to Hooters where he receives a phone call from his mother Sharon. She begging him to help his brother buy the glue and install the new blind. Pat agrees to help, then realizes Jeff walking by in front of the restaurant.


Pat really wants to show off his new Porsche, getting a little hot headed he shows how he can speed and break all of a sudden. Terrible idea! Swerving through traffic and driving right into a tree. While negotiating with the owners of the tree. Jeff realizes Pat’s wife Linda (Judy Greer) at the gasoline station with another man. Story turns and focuses on the investigation is Lindy cheating on Pat? They follow them to a nice restaurant and over hears her reasons why she’s not happy. After that the plot gets crazier. I thought it was a great movie with a better meaning behind it. Also, it was pretty funny at some parts but at sometimes I got a bit teary eyed. But you can watch the movie trailer of JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME and watch it now on NETFLIX!

Videos: What Kind Of People Say These Things…

The past few weeks I’ve noticed these videos are everywhere on youtube. So many renditions to Shit _____ Say. I would like to share with you some of my favorite ones. They really got a laugh out of me. Shit Miami, Spanish Girls, and Abuelas Say. I can relate to this because I’m from Miami, I’m a Puerto Rican Girl & my Mom acts just like this abuela.

Shit MIAMI People Say… (TheWednesdayNite)

Shit SPANISH GIRLS Say… (SkittLeZ Music TV)

Shit ABUELAS Say… (IamIsmaluna)