Audio: Dubby of Team Loko – Rowdy featuring Dutch Money

cubby-of-team-loko-photo[SOUTH CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA] Dubby of Team Loko releases his latest single called ROWDY! Not crazy Rowdy, but more like a calm cool collect vibes. This track is meant to unite the 717 hip-hop scene with collaborating with Dutch Money. According to Dubby of Team Loko “I think anytime you bring multiple fan bases from the same town or city together through music, they appreciate each others music more whether that be fan to fan or artist to artist. I don’t know that it will fully unite the 717, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction“.

Lately, in Gettysburg hip-hop scene they’ve been working hard and it’s hard not to notice. Both representing Dubby’s hometown, this single is something to ride to and something that’s meant to be played at the club. ROWDY was produced by The Cratez. Very catchy hook, seems to stay on my mind. Be on the look out for what Team Loko Affiliates have in stored for Dubby’s release of his upcoming project Heart & Havoc.

Heart & Havoc is Dubby of Team Loko’s EP which is set to drop early spring on iTunes. There are a-lot of cool features on there including Choo Jackson who is part of Mac Miller’s Most Dope Label. Dutch Money and Dubby of Team Loko make some pretty fire music together, this collaboration is worth to see what else 717 has to offer.




[Gettysburg, PA] If the LOKO doesn’t ring a bell it should! Previously featured artist Dubby of Team Loko has branched out to creating his own lifestyle brand called Team Loko Apparel, as a result of the demand from his music followers and fans. The clothing line doesn’t give off as a merch item, there more style and thought towards each and every item. They range from items such as t-shirts, crewneck sweatshirt, tanks, crop tops for the ladies in pink and green, leggings, and snapbacks. Team Loko Apparel is where the culture of hip-hop intertwines with the simplicity of fine art. We provide not only a stylish product of instant attraction for both men and women, but a brand of apparel that supports the dreams of our nation’s talented youth.

The world is a crazy place. We encourage the crazy. Go loko or stay sane.
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Music Video: Dubby – Welcome To The Show

Attending a live show can really influence the listerner in becoming a true fan, just by you’re live performance. Dubby of Team Loko brings us his visuals for his latest release WELCOME TO THE SHOW, fresh off his Corpus Callosum mixtape. The video shows us how it’s exactly like when Dubby hits the stage. You can tell Dubby brings alot of energy into his performance and what about his project though? It’s definitely worth a listen. So far my favorite tracks from his mixtape are Room, Fixx, Vagabond, and of course Welcome To The Show! I find his music to be on another level. Starting with his choice on production to the concepts based right out of his actual life. Stay tuned for more from Dubby and don’t forget to download Corpus Callosum brought to you by an inspiring artist from a small town called Gettysburg.