Music Video: Some Kosher Yuppy – Could Be Worse

[ORLANDO, FLORIDA] Some Kosher Yuppy is not just you’re regular yuppy. He is a talented artist that was influenced by his father and the presence of being around a professional studio setup. Recently, Some Kosher Yuppy released his latest music video titled COULD BE WORSE. The visual takes us where Some Kosher Yuppy and his boys are planning for a robbery. Not sure exactly what their trying to steal but all we know it’s going to be in a Louie Bag. some kosher yuppy could be worse You can tell Some Kosher Yuppy is contemplating about going through with this, but all he knows he needs to go through hell and high waters to get what he needs in order to provide for his daughter. Amazing quality, Perspectives and Angles by Director Ghost. Smooth panes go perfectly with production by Michael Shelly and Mr. B. Will Some Kosher Yuppy be successful with the robbery? Or will he suffer the consequences from his actions?