Artist Advice: Avoid Being Just Another Soundcloud Rapper

NIKKISIIXX: This time around I had artist SM to bring his point of view for this week’s Artist Advice Article. SM is also a new contributor here at NikkiSiixx.com. SM’s topic of choice was AVOID BEING JUST ANOTHER SOUNDCLOUD RAPPER. Take it away SM –

Inside_Recording_Booth2So can we all agree that damn near everybody and their uncle can rap and that all of them with access to a computer are most likely recording a mixtape as I write this? OK, now that we agree on that let me give you an example of a scenario that plays out much too often. Let’s skip pass the small talk and fast-forward to the day the rapper’s project is actually here. This is the day all of their friends and family receive that “Check out my music” text or email. The day complete strangers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram get hit like an Uzi with the rapper’s music link. Often times begging us to check it out or my favorite line, “Click on the link in bio.” The music is uploaded. The cover art is uploaded. While everything seems ripe and ready for the rapper to catapult to stardom (in his or her mind), the Soundcloud numbers are saying, “Don’t quit your day job!” And from that point on, all this rapper seems to do is promote his or her project on Soundcloud. Why stop there? Why let your career stall and lose momentum? I’m going to tell you a few ways you can avoid being just another Soundcloud rapper.

Let’s be clear, Soundcloud is a great platform for artist; however, it takes a lot more than that to be successful. For instance, shooting a music video is a very important part of promoting your project. Per day, 1.5 million views on YouTube are for music videos alone. Artists are now getting signed off the buzz and number of views from their YouTube Channel. Songstuff has a great article online you should check out called “Tips For Making a Music Video”. People want to see you, so get in on this action immediately.

social-media-dataAlso, you need to hire a reputable publicist or music promotion company to help get your project out there. Your occasional tweets, posts, and status updates are not enough. Put your project in the hands of people with experience and you will see much better results. To learn more about the benefits and what to look for in a Publicist, check out David Robert’s article “9 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Publicist“. Another thing I suggest is getting your project out there offline. That means getting off your ass and off your computer or off your mobile device and actually network with other human beings face to face. Press up physical copies of your project and give them to DJ’s, you know the drill. Let’s not pretend like we don’t know how to operate without the Internet. Of course there are more ways and ideas you can use, I’m just scratching the surface. If you have any ideas feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll take a look. Ultimately, it’s all on you the artist to make good music and get it out there.

SM is an Author and Artist from NYC currently residing in Atlanta, GA. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.


PreciseEarz.com Presents #SOUNDSONACLOUD – NikkiSiixx Edition Powered by @5StarVintage

PreciseEarz.com has reached out to NikkiSiixx.com to combine forces on his #SoundsOnACloud Series. We’ll be presenting the best we found on Soundcloud via both sites. Soundcloud is one of the biggest platforms for independent artist to stream their music. Also, the coolest way to find people you’ve never heard before too. @Mighty_Million presented me with these three artist tracks to review and I gave him three for him to review on his site. I’ll also be discussing a piece from 5StarVintage at the end of what I thought about his choices for this week’s #SoundsOnACloud

tommy swisher@TommySwisherTM with ROCKSTARS! This track is on a whole other level. Just love the production by @MoneyMontage + @RichFrvr they’re all about to fuck shit up. I just love that slow trance like sound Tommy Swisher is able to portray in ROCKSTARS. Tommy Swisher expresses that just be you regardless if they like it or not. Being able to stay true to yourself you can really be you in what you want to do. I would recommend this track for any up and coming artist to get that inspiration.

jobee@JoBee slows it down with DISTRACTIONS. This track is filled with so much soul and love. JoBee has an amazing voice over this very sexy mid-tempo production. JoBee expresses how he would love to wife up his girlfriend but unfortunately his dealing with temptations that might hurt the real relationship. DISTRACTIONS is definitely a track for the ladies. Turn the lights down low and light some candles and bring out the incense.

g4shiG4SHI brings a EDM Trance Track that really hits a lounge feel with NEVER LONELY. Even though I feel like this track isn’t really hip-hop but I just feel good listening to this song. I can see this track getting played in a club on Miami Beach. Especially in the late/early hours. NEVER LONELY was produced by @itssuccessmusic. I can see this track making a cameo in A Night At The Roxbury. While we dance the night away with Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan.

Sounds On A Cloud Cover Banner

This concludes my part of #SoundsOnACloud and don’t forget to see what Mighty_Million has to say about the artist I chose. PRECISEEARZ.COM

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Download: J. Nolan – Distinction

Tracklist J. Nolan

Consider this a proper introduction to J. Nolan. This New Haven, CT native made his way to Atlanta a few years ago where I had the pleasure of meeting him a few years back. As a manager, you aren’t just a fan of the music. You become a fan of the story that comes with the artist. I won’t spoil any of this by telling you. I’m just going to say witnessing growth, as we just did with Lebron, leaves you with a tingling sensation. Woo! Distinction is the lastest full length effort from J. Nolan and its incredible. Nostalgic production equipped with a lyrical flow of a hungry emcee makes this a must download. This project was hosted by the lovely folks over at DJBooth.net. #DistinguishYourself

Distinction is available as a stream and free download via the DJ Booth hyperlink above or the deluxe edition can be purchased via Bandcamp.

Connect with J. Nolan: Twitter | Bandcamp | Facebook