[ARTIST ADVICE] Getting Featured On A Music Blog: Tips For Success

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Years ago, all you needed was a good magazine review and your album would sell like hotcakes. In fact, the review didn’t even really need to be good; the only thing that was important was the size of the magazine’s circulation. However, times have changed, and most people don’t even see magazine reviews anymore. All the information they need is on the Internet, which means that music blogs are becoming increasingly more popular. Stereogum and Pitchfork are two of the current big ones, and they can help a new artist get a following fairly quickly. It isn’t always easy to get featured on one of the big blogs, though, but smaller blogs can be instrumental to a beginner’s success.

How do you connect with a blogger? The truth is, you have to go about the process in the right way if you want to be a success. The following five tips are crucial in helping you get the attention of a blogger.

1. Study The Blog: Before you do anything else, you need to look through a blog you are interested in to learn as much about it as possible. When you contact the blogger, you need to be familiar with the site and showcase that you have that knowledge.

2. Comment: As you are looking through the blog, comment on posts that you find interesting. Don’t say anything about the fact that you are a musician yet; you simply want to provide interesting commentary so that your name looks familiar to the blogger.

3. Reach Out: After you spend time looking through the site and commenting, and you think the blogger has had time to recognize your name, you can contact him or her and talk a little about yourself. The blogger should be more willing to listen to you if he has seen you making valuable contributions on his site.

4. Ask A Question: Bloggers get a lot of emails, and they simply don’t have time to make personal contact with everyone. Increase your chances by asking the blogger a question about your music. This may inspire him to get back in touch with you, particularly if he knows you are a regular on his site. You can follow up as well, if you don’t hear anything at first.

5. Give Information: Don’t try to “sell” the blogger on your work. Just talk about what you are doing and why you are doing it. Hopefully this advice helps you. It comes from a blogger that often hears from others in the industry, so it is valuable information.

6. Engage in Social Media: If you’re starting a music blog, then sort out your social media. Set up some accounts, add some followers and some likes to them and then start placing your content on them regularly at the right times and watch as they grow.

These tips will help you create and grow a good music blog that will give you and your tastes exposure.



NikkiSiixx’s Do’s & Don’ts: Getting Booked For A Show


What’s up ya’ll? I’ve been asked non-stop from artist if they can perform at one of my shows or even advice of how to get booked. From the experienced I’ve gained from throwing shows for an entire year. Averaging from one to three even four showcases a month. These are my Do’s & Don’t of how to get booked for a show.

-If you are an artist that’s eager to rock on stage you MUST be patient. It takes a lot of time to get a showcase of artist together and that it will all suit well.

-Must be presentable in person and online. The venue might need to check to see what artist the promoter puts on. This makes it easier for us when you have a website, twitter, facebook, soundcloud, bandcamp, etc.

-Attend the show just to see if your music will fit the vibe of the venue.

-Meet with the promoter so you can have a face to face meet and greet. Remember your not the only artists that’s contacting the promoter.

-Show support and attend more then one of their shows. The more I see your face the more ground you stand on. Become a familiar face.

-Once you do get the opportunity to rock, YOU Need to promote the event as hard as possible. You wanna know why? It’s because you target your fans immediately. I don’t have access to who knows you. (Promoters notice who really promotes the event and if you did a poor job at it… expect yourself not to be in another show)

-If your on a DIVA type of attitude, we seriously don’t deal with persona’s like that very well. Be humble and respect others.

-When the venue does have Sound check, at a specific time. You as the artist have to be there. For one, we’re checking out to see if the mics and sound are on point. Every artist has a different tone to their voice. If you sound like shit later don’t be mad since you didn’t make sound check.

-Don’t EVER harass the promoter. If they feel this way they will let other promoters know not to work with the artist since they harass. That’s why I mentioned earlier you need to be patient.

-When the venue only allows 21 and over. There’s a huge chance they will not let anyone under the age limit. But for some cases you might be able to as long as it’s brought up to the promoter and venue’s attention. We might be able to work something out and if not we at least tried.

-If your running late and you don’t notify the promoter, that’s not a good look at all. I know sometimes things get in your way or someone else is making you late. TELL THE PROMOTER YOUR LATE. Regardless we think your not going to make it at all and your messing up the entire set. Don’t think of yourself you need to think about everyone else who’s apart of the show.

-Don’t ask for more people on the guest-list. If they are providing only one or two. Accept it. Say your set has another artist to perform with you or a dj. You must let the promoter know this because we’re only assuming the act and no one else. If you acquire a guest-list you can always work something out with the promoter. This must be done prior to the day of the event. Any unexpected guest can cause tension, due to we were not advise.

I hope that these guidelines can help you get on a show sooner than later. If you have any question feel free to contact me via twitter. NikkiSiixx