Videos: How Deadpool Spent His Halloween

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 11.54.06 AMOn Halloween Deadpool is trying to reconnect with the X-Men, but he comes along a full group of kids dressed up as the entire team. Characters like Storm, Cyclops, Magneto, Beasts, Mystic, and Wolverine. Deadpool’s harsh, vulgar criticism of his new team is just hilarious. This is great! I actually watched this video couple of times. That’s one hell of a Deadpool outfit, you can see all the details on it. Ryan Reynolds has brought the true character of Deadpool to life. What a great way to promote Deadpool’s official movie which is set to release on February 12th 2016! Another epic thing was the kids response to everything Deadpool was saying. They were even messing with him too! Saying he must be drunk, they wish his mouth was still sown shut, and talking about their super powers.


UNBOXING: NikkiSiixx Opens October’s Super Geek Box “CHAOS” Theme

super-geek-box-chaosNikkiSiixx unboxes Super Geek Box subscription box that brings a monthly box of awesome geek and gamer gear that is not only EPIC, but true to the theme, and offers the best bang for the buck! Super Geek Box connects our subscribers to the best companies producing gear, snacks, toys, art, and many other fantastic merchandise. Each month they assemble a mystery collection of 5-8 items, all of which are kept secret until the boxes are delivered! This time NikkiSiixx Opens Octobers’s CHAOS Theme! See what she got and don’t forget to comment, like, and share!

Also, here’s my Super Geek Box Link! Get ready for November’s Theme “LEGACY”:
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New Music: Jinxxx – Elevation

CMMztW4N_400x400After a hiatus, JINXXX released her track ELEVATION, right in time for halloween. But I finally was able to review the track today. And I got to say that this Baltimore Maryland Female Rapper, JINXXX… Is a pretty dope emcee. She goes hard on this track and it definitely compliments the production. While growing up Jinxxx was inspired by her brother’s freestyle abilities and couldn’t help but embrace the culture. By developing her own style and devotion in improving her craft, JINXXX was born.

I am a femcee that lyrically can give the beat a beating but also relate to the events and struggles of everyday people. I come off as a hard nose but really just a weirdo who is trying to make her way in the game being as authentic as possible. -Jinxxx

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Willie J. Jr. Featuring Tripz Traxxx- The Sickness (Download/Listen)


While Halloween is quite some time away, we’re here with a scary ode to being sick. Chicago rapper Willie J. Jr. drops off The Sickness. Featuring Tripz Traxxx, these two rappers trade frightening bars over this super trippy beat. There seems to be a Hopsin and Tech N9ne vibe while zoning off to this one. When you want to let someone know just how sick you are, this is definitely the perfect theme song.

Connect with Willie J. Jr. @WillieJJr


Download: Kap Kallous & Optiks – The Zombie EP

Kap Kallous and Optiks released The Zombie EP back in October. The vibe of the EP fits well since the release was on Halloween. Love it when a artist and producer collaborate on projects. This showcases what two masterminds can whip up. And from what I see they’re about to take over with a Zombie Apocalypse! Zombies are on the rise of popularity, with more Zombie related Television Shows and Video Games. Hey, who wouldn’t be a fan?!

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