Audio: Nia NYC – East Side Up (Sweet 16)

nia nyc[NEW YORK] Nia NYC makes her debut on NikkiSiixx.com with her slick track EAST SIDE UP (Sweet 16). Reciting a verse about brining New York Hip-Hop back over a J. Levy beat. Nia NYC holds her own. Sweet flow and dope beat selection. The Rapper/Songstress reps her Harlem roots (212) to full extent on EAST SIDE UP. Nia NYC is a force to be recon with. Don’t forget to press repeat and be on the look out for more content from femcee Nia NYC.



Audio: Charlie Domino – Sunshine

[HARLEM, NEW YORK] After a bit of a hiatus, Charlie Domino makes his return on NikkiSiixx with his single SUNSHINE. Spending his life in the inner city of New York, you just look for better days until you hear them gun shots. SUNSHINE definitely provides hope through a terrible situation. Charlie Domino had spent some time in Atlanta and as an artist and as a person he was able to reconnect with his soul. After debuting his first solo project Slay Dat Beat Vol.1, Charlie is working hard in finalizing his second project entitled Domino3ffect. The hook is crazy and insanely catchy. You can hear through Charlie Domino’s voice he’s speaking from the heart. And listen to his story through SUNSHINE.



Audio: PlayBoySwag – Aight Yeah!!!

playboyswag[NEW YORK] PlayBoySwag brings us his track AIGHT YEAH!!! This track is meant for the ladies, PlayBoySwag targets the toughest of woman and make them fold with his witty charm. AIGHT YEAH!!! brings that upbeat, giddy type of sound that fits perfectly with House Party 2 mashup with Hotel Transylvania, and don’t forget a rest stop in Vegas with a hangover. PlayBoySwag may seem like any other artist but as an independent artist he owns his own incorporated company called PlayWorldMusic. Currently, the most notable penned record is CHOPPA DOWN performed by French Montana. AIGHT YEAH!!! is PlayBoySwag’s second single after his chart making track “Cant Call It”. PlayBoySwag has come to far to stop; his fan base is growing, the pressure to succeed is mounting, this New York, cannon ball rapper has entered the industry with a achievable end game in sight. He is the Triple H of Hip Hop, and The Rock can smell what PlayBoySwag is cooking.



Music Video: SM – RaisedOnMXB

SMXB[HARLEM, NEW YORK] Hip-Hop Artist SM released his latest visual RAISEDONMXB straight off the MalcomXBlvd EP. SM vision was taking us to the basketball courts in Harlem. Where we see a young teen boy playing basketball by himself. SM joins the kid in a fun game of one on one. RAISEDONMXB was directed by Throw Down Films. MalcolmXBlvd EP was mixed by Juro “Mez” Davis and Andrew Krivonos. Mastered by Mark B. Christensen. Produced by Seco Scott, Jay B., DJ Naydee, Majestic Drama, Tone P., and Feb 9. Scratches by DJ Mel B EZ. Additional vocals by Rey Fonder and Danay. At the end of the video SM gives the kid his kicks. I had to ask SM what’s the significance to him doing this in RAISEDONMXB?

SM: It was to motivate the kid. Show him that it meant more to me for him to have it then for me to have them. Looking out for the youngin’s.

If you’re feeling SM good vibes you gotta take a look at his MalcomXBlvd EP and don’t forget to follow him on all his social media links : WEBSITE | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE |


Freestyle Friday: Charlie Domino – Life’s A Bitch

Charlie Domino[HARLEM, NEW YORK] For This Freestyle Friday we’re providing you with a visual of Charlie Domino’s freestyle LIFE’S A BITCH. Charlie Domino decided to take on NAS’s Life’s A Bitch to see how he can flip it. Who can’t relate to moments in your life where it can be the biggest bitch ever. When times like this occur we intend to do what we like, if it’s smoking blunts or getting company from a woman. The visual takes us to Harlem where Charlie Domino is chilling on the block with his homeboys. Hanging out in front of their apartment buildings, bench on the basketball court, and on the side of the street by the convenient store. A1A Productions are behind capturing the vision for LIFE’S A BITCH. Be on the look out for his upcoming mixtape Domino3ffect. [LINKS] TWITTER || INSTAGRAM || SOUNDCLOUD ||


New Music: Charlie Domino – Addicted To Life

photo[HARLEM, NEW YORK] Charlie Domino drops his latest single ADDICTED TO LIFE, off of his upcoming Domino3ffect mixtape. One thing I really like about the track is the production. Since it’s so mellow, Charlie Domino takes it easy and expresses himself with his verses. Catchy Hook: We’re Addicted To Life… That Kinda Life That Made That Man Cheat On His Wife, That Kinda Life That Everything Got A Fucking Price, That Kinda Life Where People Never Think Twice…” I feel this kind of lifestyle wouldn’t make you completely satisfied because of the stress you have to endure with the consequences of all three. I’m in love with the sample used in the middle of the track. I feel that if everyone was rich off life than everyone would live a happier one. Apart of the sample says “Possessions make you rich? I don’t have that type of richness, my richness is life forever“. Be on the look out this [FREESTYLE FRIDAY], where we got another dope freestyle by Charlie Domino.


Freestyle Friday: Charlie Domino – “Kenny Loften” In Studio

photo(1)Charlie Domino takes us in the studio for his Kenny Loften freestyle. While chilling with the other members of The Los3rz, a hip-hop group that Charlie Domino is apart of. Living in NY and the rest of the group in Atlanta, Charlie decided to release his first solo mixtape project hosted by Mr. Pay Attention. This mixtape shows Charlie Domino’s going to be one of the hottest mixtapes of this summer called Slay Dat Beat Vol. 1. Charlie Domino discusses how working on making things happen in his career and managing a relationship. The difficulties in managing both. But you know Charlie gets through it since he stays working. Follow up with Charlie by his social media links : @Charlie_domino || YOUTUBE || FACEBOOK || INSTAGRAM


Freestyle Friday: Charlie Domino – Affirmative Action

For this Freestyle Friday Charlie Domino brings us another dope one. With Affirmitive Action; Harlem Native Charlie expresses the hustles of being an upcoming hip-hop artist. Working to get his name acknowledge and trying to keep his life in tack. Charlie Domino’s flow on this track is on point, and it shows Charlie can take on any beat. Press Play and enjoy Charlie Domino’s Freestyle for this Friday. Stay tuned for future freestyles & project Domino3ffect.



Freestyle Friday: Charlie Domino – 50 Young Niggaz

Upper West Side Harlem Artist Charlie Domino added with a dash of southern hospitality by living in Atlanta. Everyone has to deal with the struggles in life, but currently being a young black man has been extremely difficult. Due to high numbers of Police Brutality against them and feeling their backs up against the wall. Charlie Domino expresses his pain, love, and his stories throughout his music. This Freestyle Friday track we’re featuring is 50 YOUNG NIGGAZ by Charlie Domino. Currently, Charlie is in the works on his upcoming mixtape DominoEffect. Be on the look out for more music by Charlie Domino.

Talk to the mind, heart, and soul. Music Not always to turn up to, but to feel, smile, understand, relate to the struggle.


New Music: SM – Cruisin’


CRUISIN’ is the latest single from Harlem, New York Artist, SM. The concept of the track is relevant to riding around and enjoying the moment. CRUISIN’ gives that feel that we are riding down the streets at night. Enjoying the scenery and the listeners company. “I need an Aston Martin for my Gina

Born and raised in Harlem, NY; my story is not a tale of a former drug dealer or a troubled kid. Instead, it is a true story of determination, fortitude and talent. I like to describe my sound as soulful with a feel good vibe. – @ClassicSmalls